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  1. Adding some lime flour to her diet may help.
  2. Looks like a good lot of sudocrem is needed on those sore bottoms. I would say feather pecking but sudocrem would help if it is a skin irritation or pecking either way.
  3. Join Yorkshire Chicken Community on Facebook. Lots of folk on there with good homes. Sorry you are having to rehome them.
  4. Quite a few of mine just roost on top of the coop (it is in a covered WIR), how they are not freezing to death I don't know. They have 3 coops to choose from should they want to sleep inside. They are happy though so I just leave them to it.
  5. Yep been de-cluttering here too. 3 loads to the tip last week, garage still needs more organising and sorting through but I can fit the bikes in it now! Clothes, toys, books, furniture all set for the charity shop. Done hours of gardening too so on the next dry evening will have a bonfire. I can't believe I have let things get so bad.
  6. Not sure what egg drop is but it could be any number of things. It may be an idea to sit her on a hot water bottle - or something gently warming. I find feeding them honey water helps if they have become weak.
  7. Happened to an ex-bat of mine. Nothing would keep it in. Really sad.
  8. Maybe he has a free range farm and doesn't mind having non layers. Other than that I think he'd be offered money from the companies who buy chickens for food or by a charity looking to rehome them. Perhaps the latter offers him more than 50p a chicken so he'd make a small profit?
  9. What is boils down to is that some people are selfish and lazy. These are the same people who park in parent and child parking bays when they don't have children and park on double yellow lines to pop in the shop to buy a paper etc. I think some people have forgotten how to walk 10 yards.
  10. It arrived yesterday but it took me until today to get round to setting it up. I love it. Will make any size of cup I want and I have enjoyed the latte and cappuccino I have had out of it so far. Now I just need to order some more pods...
  11. Well after much decision making and several times deciding not to bother getting one at all. I had finally got it down to the Oster Prima Latte and the Delonghi Lattissima. Both are supposed to make a latte at the touch of a button (i.e. frothing the milk and putting it into the cup for you - how lazy is that ) .They could be purchased for a similar price too. If I'd been quicker the Oster would have been much cheaper in the sales at Currys but never mind. So eventually I have ordered a Lattissima. It does tie you into the nespresso pods but you can get clones and it seems more available than the Oster which I find reassuring. I shall let you know what I think when it arrives.

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