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  1. If you still want an eglu I am in Southend, essex and have one on ebay finishing tomorrow! It is my spare one and is taking up room in the shed If you are interested it is here; www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Omlet-Eglu-Classic-House-and-Run-Green-/261211896 I promise to sell it to the highest bidder and will protect it well tonight
  2. I will get her down there today - she doesn't seem any better so I think that is the only option. Thanks for your help.
  3. I hope someone can help. One of my girls has been poorly since last night. I came home to find her in the nest box looking unhappy. She was passing a runny poo like discharge and when I checked her over her abdomen was very hot and swollen. She went into the run with the others and was stumbling as if she had no sense of balance. When she was in the run the other girls started to pull her feathers out and peck at her. I took her straight out and put her in a cat basket over night. This morning she didn't seem much better but she did stumble out of the box so I have had her in a small run on her own for the day. Tonight she hasn't improved at all. Could it be an egg stuck or peritonitis? I don't know what to do for the best. Any advice would be really appreciated.
  4. My Mum and dad are there at the moment and everything is fine where they are
  5. I'm from Essex too there are a few of us on here!
  6. I have seen it twice. At first I thought it wasnt as good as the film but by the end it has grabbed you The first time I was in the dress circle where you get a really good veiw of the whole stage but the second time I was in the stalls where there is more of an atmosphere. So it depends on what you want. My Oh and teenage boys love it too so it isnt that unusual it is just that none of them will admit it
  7. They are gorgeous where did you get them from? I can feel my morehens disease flaring up again
  8. All of my girls have come from Kirsty at Hens4homes. They are great hens and one of my skylines lays I have always done slow introductions and ended up getting a spare eglu from eBay to make it easier. How is it going today? Let us know how you get on.
  9. The broody cage (dog crate) for 3 whole nights and days is the only thing that stops my broody it seems cruel when they are alone in a big cage but it is better than them starving and dehydrating. Good luck
  10. Sorry just read this properly. The garden centre in Battlesbridge is great and is next door to a horse suppliers who stock Aubiose - definitely worth a trip.
  11. I got some this week at Battlesbridge in Essex if anyone fancies a day out
  12. I'd guess that egg is Snowys. It looks exactly like my White stars. OH was disappointed that hers weren't china White but I still have a good range of colours Your girls look lovely - you will really notice the differences in their personalities. My White star is mad my bluebelle is docile and refined and my dark columbine is quiet and timid so they sound very similar. Good luck with them and have fun
  13. I would take her to the vet too Hope she is ok. Will be thinking of you both all day.

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