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  1. Thank you for your kind words everyone Means a lot! Pssstt... I'm Little Tail Chaser on TSR Small (internet) world eh? Embarassing isn't it? Still, had to start somewhere and I'm still grateful for all the good advice I received on here when I was a kid Will do! One of my flatmates went to the farm over Easter and had a really good time. She said the welfare of the hens was excellent so it should be an interesting experience.
  2. I don't suppose anyone remembers me? It's been a while! When I signed up I was a naive little 13 year old... now I'm a proper growed up adult of almost 20 (and still in denial about it)! Sadly I don't have the chooks any more, or any pets at all for that matter . My mother kept all my pets when I went away to university last September. My building now doesn't allow pets, nor do I currently feel like I'm in a position to properly care for an animal, but my flatmates and I are really keen to get a hamster next year. Sadly my old hens, Priscilla and Lucky, have moved onto the big coop
  3. Those are stunning! I honestly thought that the first one was a photograph!
  4. I've had exams for the past two weeks. I was on study leave, but I had so many exams that I only got one day 'off' out of school. They were only mocks, thank goodness, but I have four proper maths exams coming up in less than a month, which I'm not looking forward to We've been getting our results back this week, which is scary stuff They may be only mocks, but it's still pretty stressful. So far, I've got an A in RS (two marks off an A* ), an A in Science (again, two marks off an A* ) and an A in Maths. I wouldn't really say I'm happy with those, but I still have a year to improve
  5. Do you mean Bach's Rescue Remedy, the one in the yellow bottle? I think I have some of that in a cupboard somewhere actually, I'll give her a little bit if she still seems shocked after a while. Little update: We've put Lucky and Priscilla back in the garden, although they're in the Eglu run and not free ranging. Foxy keeps coming back, he must have been around at least 5 times today. I hate having to keep the hens locked up all day. The run has a 1m extension, so it should be big enough for two hens, but it still looks small. Being cooped up is just something that they'll have to cope wit
  6. Hi all, This morning we had a fox attack We managed to chase the fox off before he could kill either of my hens, but when we went outside he had Priscilla in his mouth We look both Lucky and Priscilla inside to protect them, Lucky seems alright but Priscilla is still very upset. We had a look and couldn't find any blood on her or any wounds, but she's lost a lot of feathers (not just where she was bitten), she's panting really heavily and she's really hot. We gave her a cuddle to calm her down a little, and fed her a few pipettes of water to try and cool her down, but it doesn'
  7. Wow! I thought my Rinny (who is a little on the fat side ) was big! That thing is HUGE!

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