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  1. Hi, I originally had three chickens. Our favourite personality suddenly died and the other two were skittish without her and because of this we became less tolerant of the mess they made all over the garden. I decided to buy two chicks and raise them and they'd be super friendly, the other two would come out of their shells again and we would live happily ever after. Sadly it didn't work out like that and the chicks became the most antisocial hens you could imagine. One was super timid and the other would seek and destroy anything and everything. The original two did seem to perk u
  2. Well, she died Thanks for all the help and support.
  3. Thanks, I don't mind you saying. I think we're going to give her until Monday though (vets closed Sunday). We just think that once your dead, you're dead and she might just get better with the medication - even if the odds are remote. She doesn't seem like she's in pain and suffering as in being alive is torture, she's out of it but comfortable and her body is on auto-pilot. Either way she isn't going to be like this for long so not really a quality of life issue, everything has to endure to survive so we're just hoping it pays off. Does anyone know if it might be bird flu? I'm wo
  4. Thanks. Checked on her this morning and she's still alive but worse. The worms I gave her are undigested in a liquid yellow/clear poo. She's got a thick clear mucus oozing out of her mouth and she sounds like she's struggling to breath. I tried dunking her beak to get her to drink but it no longer works, she just leaves it there. I was going to take her to the vet to put her to sleep but my hubby suggested maybe its just the antibiotics working? I then tried giving her some more antibiotics and got 2ml down her until she stopped attempting to swallow. We've put her
  5. Thanks, I did google about the pale faces and found out about moulting which they have all done recently. We did a heavy mite treatment just before winter as well as the worming, but I'll have a look. I keep lizards too and I remember being told once that you don't want them carrying infestations from the summer into the winter months because they are more vulnerable so I thought it might apply to chickens too. I'll give everything a good disinfecting tomorrow. Do you think I have to keep her separate from the other chickens? I keep thinking that if she is going to die and she want
  6. Thanks Daphne, Egluntyne and mimi. There wasn't any gunk around her eyes. They were very watery and a bit sunken looking... Her pupils are both looking down and forwards as if she'd be cross eyed. The vet thought perhaps the snot was a secondary symptom seeing that she is already very ill, but to us she just turned overnight. I've got her in the back porch on a nest of towels in a box and I'll just check on her in the morning. I just hope she either dies quickly or starts improving quickly. They are my first chickens and I've not lost one yet and she was the personality, the friend
  7. I forgot to mention her temp is 42 and her weight is the same as yesterday. I've got some more fluids down her but ill be surprised if she is still alive in the morning. I can feel the heat coming off her even though the vet must had given her some more temp control stuff and she seems to be gasping a little. She is practically unconscious
  8. Hiya, thanks again. Well I went out to check on her and I noticed one of her nostrils had green snot around it which wasn't there yesterday and also her eyes seemed very watery, so I took her back to the vet. She was more limp too, regardless of her pecking around when hubby saw her. The vet asked about her poo and I told her I'd seen some normal ones, but much smaller than usual. She had also left a yellow smear on a towel in her box which the vet jumped at. She had to go and read up because they don't get many chickens in but she came back implying worms or internal parasites or
  9. Hiya, thanks for the reply and the suggestions. She is just turning 3 and hasn't been laying over winter, but neither have the other chickens. I went to the chicken supplies shop yesterday and bought new food and corn just in case and I asked about things for sick chickens and they didn't have anything, do I get those nutridrops online or should a chicken supplies place stock them? Maybe I can try a different one. She didn't take food off me when I offered it to her just went limp in the box with her eyes closed, she seems to be more alert and active when outside but still clearly
  10. Hello, Yesterday my husband let the chickens out and he reported that they all seemed normal as in they all charged out but he didn't pay much attention. Just before lunch time I saw one of my chickens standing over the water and there was just something weird about her posture and eyes and then I noticed she was flickering her eye lids which is never good. As I approached she moved towards a step and fell right down it. When she tried jumping back up she couldn't make it. I offered her a worm but she was pecking next to it, so I scooped her up without much resistance and took
  11. Hello My chickens will be 3 years old in the new year and they're doing things i haven't noticed before so just wanted to get it checked with you guys. Firstly, Shirley. Earlier in the year we had an issue with Shirley where we had to take her to the vet with suspected egg bound. She stopped eating, was easy to catch and was generally sad. The vet managed to pull a deflated soft shell out and it seemed to do the trick. Since she has been laying very irregularly and often has eggs with very deformed shells, like painted rust. Sometime they are soft shelled too but the main diet is
  12. Hello There is a 4 acre field at the back of my house with an outbuilding and the man that owns it is a nice farmer type chap and he showed an interest in me keeping chickens and before long he bought about 12 POLs. Soon after his chickens were roaming all over the village, including in my garden, which i don't like. I don't like the mess my own chickens make and i certainly won't tolerate a whole flock of someone else's chickens. Plus i look after my chickens and these ones are a bit mangy looking. Luckily i have a couple of dogs who see them off. I spoke to him about the chi
  13. I'd guess that either she has some kind of digestive issue or she is just in the habit of "inhaling" air up her bum which then has to come out again
  14. Thanks for the replies We decided it was either death or vets so we took her to the vets. They checked her over and because we suggested maybe being egg bound due to the pulsing bum they got their fingers up there to see what they could feel. Nothing at first and Shirley made some very sad sounds but eventually she pulled out a deflated egg with a leathery skin. Then they gave her an anti-inflametory to stop her pulsing so much and also a bit of that chemical that makes them pass eggs. Then on my request they gave her some fluids under her skin. It only cost £20 for all of tha
  15. Hello, I could really use some advice as Shirley is suddenly very ill looking. She last laid an egg two days ago and it looked fine. Yesterday she seemed fine but I did notice a clear/white liquid poo but didn't know which chicken it was from and figured it was a one off. Then today I noticed her standing by herself and when I approached she didn't try to keep her distance like usual and with minimal persistence a caught her, gave her a stroke and released her thinking she was just chilling. I just went back out and she was by herself again but her head was resting on her chest as

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