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  1. Thanks for all your kind words It was definitely a fox, we live in suburbia, no rats or mink; the fox was around all yesterday evening sniffing about; hopefully it will realise that there's no longer any food. There are similar posts about hens missing legs - with no sign of a break in We had plugged the hole with the foam from a garden kneeler but the fox had pulled that out. I will be cutting up a plastic table mat and fitting it in the nest box - if I get any more chicken Similar sad tales http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=89064&hilit=nest+box http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=84158 http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=96945&hilit=Foot+Trauma http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=86789&p=1185704&hilit=foot+injury#p1185704
  2. +++++++Warning ++++++ read with caution That sounds very ‘news of the world’ but very sadly it’s true The most awful thing happened today, after 5 year of keeping hens and not having any fox problems today a fox struck. There was a huge really healthy looking fox in the garden this morning (7:30)sniffing round the cube. Hubby rattled the back door and it shot off. However, I noticed a lot of feathers, the thermal jacket was on, nothing had be disturbed but under the cube were loads of feathers and red – small bits of red. Both girls sleep in the nesting box so quickly opened the port hole – both girls looked fine. But all was not well, hubby picked up Peg and she was missing half of her right leg – I can only assume that the fox managed to grab it from underneath perhaps it was poking through the small vent in the bottom of the nesting box - just awful. Looked at Blackie and she too had been mauled but not as bad she had a missing toe and had a broken leg. We had to do the most humane thing and put them both out of their discomfort. Hubby spent this afternoon cleaning out the WIR and cleaning the cube. There is no damage to the underside of the nesting box – nothing no gnawing marks nothing. At around 5:30 this evening the fox was back it was quickly chased off but I’m sure it will be back. Now I’m worried about the cats being out in the garden. Today has not been a good day - bye chicky girls
  3. My little cat - 'little' in the sense that he’s the youngest - was hit by a car on 20th Feb; he had an op to wire his jaw on 21st and then had another op on 25th to redo the wired jaw (don’t want to go into details - other than to say a complaint has been made to the RCVS). Since the accident he’s lost just over 650gs in weight and is not eating despite various drugs to try and kick start his appetite. If he continues to lose weight the vet will have to insert a feeding tube – we go for a weigh in on Wednesday. We have tried cooked, raw, standard cat food, posh cat food; blitz, not blitz – but nothing. A couple of licks and then he’s just not interested - Do any of you have any ideas?
  4. Some lovely descriptions - show us your cakes! I made 7 cakes this year; all except one will be gifted - here are my photos Four 5" square all white with glitter and silver balls Two 8" rounds One 9" square Not sure what I'd have done without snowflake, holly and star cutters!!!??! wow these are huge photos - I have resizewd them in photobucket to 160x120 so am not sure why they are so large - sorry
  5. I have received my gift - being very good and it's under the tree; thanks very much secret Santa. I posted mine and the recipient has posted they have received. Parsley - thanks for organising the swap; Merry Christmas to you all - can't wait to see photos of your gifts
  6. ((Hugs)) Margaret I too have a blind chicken - but she seems to get on fine. We always ensure that her feeding bowl is large (usually an old ice cream container) and is always placed in the same place. She seems to know her way around now at first she was bumping into thing. During the winter we do give her private dining a couple of times a week (usually tuna and sweet corn) to ensure her weight doesn't drop too much. See what the vet says - it’s not a pleasant situation to be in.
  7. I'd say yes kickboard. Although, it would depend on how concerned you were about the bedding being on the outside of the WIR. The bedding will get through the mesh very easily, especially when the chickens scratch around.
  8. That could be her preening gland - on her back just near her tail As for moulting - my Gold lace is just starting to moult; she always looks really shabby just beforehand
  9. I try and wash and change the water daily but sometimes I'm a bad mummyhen. When I give the run and cubes a washout at the weekends I use Milton or similar to washout the grub and glug
  10. I have a 6ft x 15ft fully covered WIR on paving slabs and use 1 Aubiose bale each time I do a full clear out. I cleared out last at the beginning of jan and just did a full spring clean at the weekend and if by magic I filled 3 Aubiose bale bags!!
  11. Really really lovely - the colours are just beautiful
  12. not sure if will help CTRL+0 - thats a zero should take you back to 100% CTRL + - will increase CTRL - - will reduce Any help Someone more IT than me may have a better solution
  13. My two lemon orpingtons are broody - again!?!? Interestingly it seems that a year ago there were also broody http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=76650&start=15 They have been banished to the cages - but hubby came up with the idea of sectioning off the WIR (I can do that as I have an internal door panel) block off the cube at that end - it give them more room.

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