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  1. Thanks very much for the responses. My first comment to my OH on saturday was - I want a pm done. But come the afternoon when my emotions had calmed down a bit I begun seeing the logistical problems of that. Saturday was a warm day and sunday was meant (it wasn't) to be warmer. I felt a bit ill at the thought of keeping her body somewhere safe until Monday when I could get it to the vets, so I let the OH talk me into cremating her I know this isn't strictly correct proceedure, but we have an incinerator and it burns really hot with some pallets from work. If it had been a week day I most definately would have had a pm done. I do think your comment about contacting the flubenvet manufacturers was a good one though Snowy - I will do that. It may well just be a co-incidence but a friendly email just putting it to them couldn't hurt. If there is a tiny minority that do react to it they may know or want to know if not. I'm not sure the antibiotics she had last time she was ill made her better - or if it's the fact that she never completed the whole course of wormer. She only had 3/4 days worth not the whole 7 days as this time. Her symptoms were exactly the same. I guess I'll never know. I'm still missing her - had a lump in my throat last night as I shut them up as there was just 2 quiet hen houses. She used to coo at me from inside as soon as she heard me open the door to the WIR. Maybe later this month I'll see if my friend has any more Speckled Sussex available (I bought the hatching eggs from her last year) as my pair totally sold the breed to me. I've already got 2 Buff Columbian Brahma bantams on order, I think I may add a Speckled Sussex for Dumplings sister Murghi to pair back up with. If I have a response from the Flubenvet peoples I'll update you all. Thanks again
  2. Hello All, Yesterday I lost my favourite chicken of all time. My Speckled Sussex - Dumpling. She was only 17 months old and I hatched her out myself last year. I'm so gutted - she was the most interactive chicken I've ever known, and talked to me all the time as she follwed me around. She loved a cuddle. About 6 months ago I wormed my girls with Flubenvet as usual, and Dumpling became ill half way through the 7 day course. My Chicken breeder friend came to see her, noticed her yellow poo's and gave me some antibiotics for her from her stock, Dumpling was segregated from the others for this and so didn't finish her course of flubenvet by about 2 days. This time I wormed them she became ill again - about 4 days in to the course. She became a bit quiet & not her normal bubbly self, and when she did speak to me it was little moans. I kept an eye on her but her poos were normal and she was still eating ok. Sunday when I let my girls out Dumpling was clearly not right, she wouldn't talk, wouldn't eat a much loved meal worm and was just sitting there closing her eyes. She had put herself to bed alone in the spare house the previous 2 nights so I could identify her poo - and they were now a liquid brown. I cuddled her & even gave her head a little kiss I have to admit - as I feared the worst I put her quietly back in the spare house away from the other and kept checking on her. The damned wood man had come to chop down the dead trees behind their run so it wasn't as peaceful as it might have been. On my 2nd check I found her dead I had to just quickly shut the door back up and dash inside for a good cry before going back out later to remove her. There was nothing obviously wrong. All 10 of the others are fine. It wasn't until I texted my Chicken breeder friend that I remembered her being ill last time I wormed them. Has anyone else had anything like this or a sick chook after worming? I'm so sad to have lost her, and the thought that I may have inadvertly caused her death is making it worse.
  3. My little Wyandotte Bantams are the noisiest of my lot. They do the bup bup BUPAH noise as an alarm call frequently - even when a pigeon swoops overhead I guess being tiny they are on the lookout a bit more
  4. Well they look gorgeous! Here's my Cream Legbar - Lottie. She's a complete nut case. Or excentric as she would rather be called..... She lays gorgeous blue eggs. She's very flighty but I love her to bits She has quite a pronounced head tuft too....
  5. Sorry to hear about Bully xx I've had 3 girls pts over the last few years (2 had Peritonitus & 1 heart failure). The Euthanasia + disposal cremation cost £13. More if you want an individual cremation & ashes back. When I wanted a PM on one (as not classic Peritonitus symptoms) it cost £80 all together. The first Peritonitus case (my Ex-Batt Mornay) the vet did the PM for free as she wanted to make sure for herself & learn from it. Had a slight wobble about that - but decided if some good was going to come of her loss then I'd go with it. I was welling up with all 3 - but Benni, the last of my Ex-Batts particularly got to me and I burst into tears and had to pay over the phone the next day as I dissolved into a hopeless lump. Luckily my chicken keeping neighbour friend drove me there.... Vicki x
  6. It really is your worst nightmare come true isn't it So sorry for you. I too have been letting mine out to escape the mud in the WIR - I've been making sure I've been out there with them as this time last year I lost my Amber chicken (Amber) to a fox in the front garden in bright sunshine But saying that I had my heart in my mouth last night as I was slightly distracted re-arranging my new Quail abode and let the big girls go farther out into the horses field than I intended.... I heard a chook alarm cry and ran a full speed to the fence but it was only the Barn owl flying overhead that spooked them. My legs were still too wobbly with post adrenaline rush to squat back down and carry on with the Quails - I had to watch all my girls safely back within the garden and eyeshot..... I would as you say give them some tonic - I did after I lost Amber last year as they were jittery for a few days afterwards - even running when the cat strolled past. My thoughts are with you xx
  7. Quote: "This is a position your chickens, as flock animals, will naturally place you in as All-Powerful Giver Of Food And Chickeny Goodness" Love it!! And the bit about standing on your foot tugging on your trousers! My Speckled Sussex Head hen does this to me. Oh I want to go home and cuddle my girls right now after reading that
  8. OMG Wonder why she didn't jump off? Crikey glad she didn't bless her - doesn't bear thinking about!........
  9. I had 3 ExBattas as my first chickens... and it was this time of year 4 years ago (bit of a shock to the system for them! ...) I am very lucky - my mum loves to come & stay at my house when I am away for more than 2 days. She looks after the cats & dog as well as my girls She hasn't animals in the flat she is in and so looks on it as animal therapy Again very luckily (as we only have 2 neighbours - and they are both 500 yards away) one of my neighbours is also a chicken lover! So we look out for each others girls on the odd evenings & weekends. It's so lovely as we support each other and both being chicken keepers feel that the other would be more likey to notice anything wrong. I hope you find a neighbour as good as mine to help with your girls
  10. lovely - and I love the footprints too
  11. ! They are gorgeous!! I have 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes (Cagney & Lacey) - they are hilarious, and ping around all over the place
  12. My Bluebell was the greediest chicken I've ever had!... She kept getting sour crop despite numerous trips to the vets & courses of Baytrill, Probiotic yoghurt etc etc. The only thing I didn't do - which I have learned since was to give her white maggots. Sour crop was her undoing in the end She was a really sweet chicken though
  13. I love hearing of you younger members having the responsibility of looking after animals properly! Well done!!

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