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  1. Wow wow wow, I never knew chickens produced so much waste, my lawn is covered in it I expected some but not quite this high volume. I guess there is nothing to be done about it but to fence them off rather than giving them the whole garden which is shame Long shot but are there any tips to address this? Many thanks
  2. Hi, I have recently taken ownership of 3 hens (Light sussex, rhode island red and Welsh summer), I have a few concerns. 1) I am only feeding them laying pellets. About 1 ½ handful each per day, with an extra couple of handfuls of kale. I have since heard lots of people mixing there pellets up what should I be doing? Really looking for some exact guidelines 2) I have the water and food in the hutch – should it be in the run if so what will they snack and drink at night? Many thanks
  3. How big are Orpington's how big does a poop hole need to be to keep them(mine 13" by 10")? I am think of getting 2 hens but not sure my hutch is big enough.hutch 3ft by 2 1/2 ft egg laying area 1 1/2ft by 2 1/2ft run of about 8ft by 2 1/2 ft.
  4. Hi, I am just starting with chickens, I want to get 2 friendly big cuddly Hens which are not nosy (wishful thinking?) I just got a coup with a 13" by 10" poop hole, hutch 3ft by 2 1/2 ft egg laying area 1 1/2ft by 2 1/2ft run of about 8ft by 2 1/2 ft. They will have the run of the garden most days I love Cochin and Brahma but I guess they are to big for me ? Also I like orpingtions are they to big to? Any advise on other breeds which are big and friendly which will fit in my cope? Many thanks

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