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  1. Thanks for the info GillC I've ordered some Flowers of Sulphur and also some NeemAid from http://www.neemgenie.co.uk. It looks really useful and I though I could either bathe her, mist her using a spray bottle or sponge some on. They do lots of different products including a Neem 'Talc' which sounds like it might be a goodie too.
  2. Hmmm.... its the other way round with me
  3. Thanks for the pics, got a pair and Halford this arvo - had sent DH for some but he came back with the wrong type - doh! So back we went (with the same instructions I gave him earlier) for the correct pair. They were £9.99 and worked a treat as I have just fitted two more bumper bits this evening. I always feel so terrible doing it as they (naturally) hate it and I am always worried I'll get it into the wrong bit of their nostrils. Anyway, will see how they take it first thing tomorrow. Thanks for your help chaps.
  4. I'm so glad I found this thread (haven't been on the forum for a bit!) as I have one girl in particular who is very red and bald in the bottie region and also at the base of her tail and under her wings. I had thought that we have a feather pecker - and to some extent I think we do but I have 3 other girlies with similar bald bits without so much redness. However, rather puzzling I have 3 girls who are pretty much untouched, does anyone have the redness happening to just either one or a limited number of their little flock?
  5. Thanks Egluntine - I knew you'd be along to assist
  6. They have been mentioned a lot on the forum for helping out with fitting Bumper Bits. I think Eglutine has used them so perhaps she will respond when she has a mo. I too looked on Google but there seem to be so many types hence my question. I need something that will open the bumper bit by squeezing the handles so the noses of the pliers open. I think this is the reverse of how they normally work. Oooh, maybe I've just answered my own question - is there such as thing as reverse pliers me thinks
  7. I think I'm going mad but I can't seem to find the Circlip Pliers that quite a few of you have for help with fitting Bumper Bits. The only ones I could see in Halfords had the nose end open when the handles were closed. I thought the ones that have been suggested were ones where when you close the handles the ends open - which of course would be the easiest way to use them with the Bumper Bits. Have I got it wrong or are they just not in stock in our Halfords. Any extra info would be really helpful. Thanks a million - Helen
  8. Hi Prudance -How are your chooks poorly eyes? I have one girlie with a sore one too at the moment, hoping it won't be a vet visit but am using cold tea to soothe as recommended by several previous posts.
  9. I think there are a huge number of us Omleteers who wanted to use the 'Natural' option but have found that Flubenvent is much more efficient at treating girls who already have worms. I am sure others will agree, I started on Verm-X but have gone onto Flubenvet.
  10. Wouldn't life be lovely if everyday was a new big adventure like it is for Lillian
  11. No bugs here as its too cold its still well below zero even though the sun has finally come out. This is what made it so wet
  12. I too am drowning in mud to and have had to put pallets and various bits of garden furniture, planks etc in their walk in run as yesterday the whole garden was flooded and today what isn't under water has 2-3 inches of mud underfoot. My goodness its grim . I think I will have to do the slabbing once it has all dried out. My DH this evening said (whilst I was virtually in tears as the girls are so grubby and miserable) "don't worry darling it'll soon dry out" - famous last words eh! Trouble is, I think we are going to need a ton of gravel under slabs to give it a stable base as the heavy clay soil just puddles in the winter and dries to concrete in the summer, so am concerned the slabs will crack if the earth beneath it is uneven. What I'm really worried about is the health implications of them getting so muddy as obviously all the excess water has their poo and the wild birds' mixed in with goodness only knows what. Any suggestions on that one gratefully received. Sorry to hijack your post Sparkysmum but I'm sure you will be thinking the same questions too. Here is a link to the rubber mulch idea outlined in the mag. Have just gone out to check they have all made it back into the cube and to apologise for the quagmire. Amazingly we had 4 eggs today though, still, the nesting box is the nicest place to be right now!
  13. You can't blame her either as being cosseted by Sandy has got to be a winner for her well done Sandy for rescuing her Maybe the Purple Wheat will do the trick - you never know.
  14. I have two 'fancy madams' Gallinia who have laid during this winter and it's terrible weather, plus it's their first winter. Plus one lays and the other (who should, being a Leghorn lay a whitey ) so as you can imagine I am delighted. Just waiting for a or from my Legbar and my Speckled Sussex to start and I'll have 7 a day! So they don't (this time round) seem too affected by the shorter days. I do try to give them as much daylight as possible though so not sure if that helps? My original 'Eglu' girls like yours gave up laying after 2 to 2.5 years and went downhill quite quickly from then onwards even though they were very cosseted, as are all my lot. I'm hoping that my Bluebelle and Amber Star will keep young with having the pure breeds with them, well I'm hoping anyway.

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