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  1. I get water under the poo tray as well. I have hemcore in the poo tray itself so that's ok. I only give my eglu a proper clean out once a week too. Poo gets picked out 2 or 3 times a week It doesn't seem to cause a problem. I always dry out the eglu with an old towel after I've cleaned but I still get water when I take out the poo tray.
  2. I get layers pellets from here http://www.gjwtitmussshop.co.uk/acatalog/ALLEN_AND_PAGE_SMALL_HOLDER_POULTRY_DIETS.html my ex-batts are happy eating them but luckily they haven't had their beaks mutilated. I also get a bag of the super mixed corn to give as a bit of a treat. If you order online they only take a couple of days to deliver. I
  3. How about some ex battery hens instead?? You'd be giving them a happier life and it's rewarding to see them go from scraggy things to lovely healthy hens and you'll get the eggs.
  4. I have 7 who all sleep in the Eglu all snuggled up but I have a 12' x 12' run for them during the day when I'm at work and then at weekends and evenings they roam around the garden. I had a peep in last night and they were all piled up in one corner with still loads of spare room inside
  5. That's just so wrong. sorry to hear you have to let your girls go. I'd still fight it tho' if I were you and try and get them back.
  6. Thank you If I had room I'd have had more
  7. Gertrude and Mabel (RIP) were my first 2 chooks and I'd already thought of the names tho' I have no idea where they came from I inherited Daisy but she suits her name Ziggy & Stardust - need I say more?? Queenie and Lady are also named after 2 fave Bowie songs but shortened from Queen B*tch (can't be shouting that down the garden) and Lady Grinning Soul. Mavis is named after the mum of my friend who took me to get them yesterday. We thought it was funny (and so did my friend's mum, who was quite pleased)
  8. Yesterday I went to get 2 new hens (ex battery ones) and came home with 3 Queenie Lady and Mavis Poor Mavis has no feathers on her body, just scraggy wings, scraggy neck feathers and a few tail feather. I couldn't leave her there. She had to come home with me. They all seem to be settling in together, not much pecking going on but I'm keeping an eye on things.
  9. My 5 chooks have a 12ft x 12 ft run, which is 6ft high but no roof on it. I let my girls out of the eglu when I get up in the morning (around 5.15ish) and into the run and they stay there all day til I get home from work. When I get home then I let them out in the garden for an hour or so
  10. I've got an araucana/sussex cross - I re-homed her last August and she was already about 2 years old. I've had an egg from her almost every day, apart from over the winter but still had one or 2 a week. She's back laying almost every day now, lovely pale blue eggs
  11. Ohhh thanks for that Robinson Crusoe link....don't think I'll get much work done today I found a Vangelis version of the theme tune to download
  12. Haha...just been reading through this thread, it's fab. I remember ALL the Dr Who's I loved the Double Deckers but I especially loved Robinson Crusoe, it was always on in the summer holidays along with White Horses and Belle & Sebastian but RC was my fave and I love the music Me & my sister had some purple hot pants that my mum made and my brothers also had matching shirt & tie combos made by my mum. She made nearly all our clothes. Jackie comic with the Cathy & Clare problem page Disco 45 magazine with all the song words way before things like Smash Hits Cilla Black, Val Doonican, Lulu & Cliff Richard all had shows on a Saturday night Ohhhh I feel old - 46 in June
  13. I got one last September second hand and I had no problem with it. My 2 ex-battery hens were nice and snuggly and the door on mine stayed open as well. Maybe you could put a layer of something under the poo tray??
  14. My first 2 are Gertrude & Mabel - have no idea why, I just liked those names but I used to have a Great Auntie Gertie so maybe that's where it came from. Daisy was already Daisy when I adopted her My 2 ex batts are Ziggy & Stardust (no explanation needed I hope ) I really want a white one and if I do get one then she will be called Lady for short but her full name will be Lady Grinning Soul (one of my fav Bowie songs) or possibly Queen B*tch if I'm feeling naughty b/f said I should have called the 2 ex-batts Rebel & Rebel (as he can't tell a difference between them, even tho' I can )
  15. Just thought I'd say hello on here officially after our PMs

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