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  1. That’s good. Wild boar???? Where do you live?
  2. Let me know how you get on, I would be interested as I also have a dog
  3. Sorry you need to borrow a gun. Feeding them will make it worse albeit I understand your thinking
  4. I hate foxes with a vengeance. Personally I’d trap and dispatch
  5. She looks lovely, some of them turn into such characters don't they? My Marigold was a real character, luckily she died of natural causes. Sadly my beautiful Orpington and Brahma were killed by the fox as were my two remaining ex-batts. When Doris, the ex-batt escaped, the people over the back came to let me know. They said we have tried to catch her but she won't let us near. My husband and I walked round with the cat carrier, expecting to be chasing her all over the garden. She was standing on the edge of their pond. I called her and bless her, with her little wings flapping she ran towards me clucking 'its my mummy come to take me home' I picked her up popped her in the carrier and my husband said if I hadn't seen that I wouldn't have believed it. Sadly little Doris became fox bait.
  6. I am so sorry It is truly heartbreaking and that must have been so hard to witness
  7. Hi I've had guinea pigs for 13 years now, obviously not the same ones LOL. I have always kept them outside. They cant regulate their body temperature so moving them inside and out is actually worse than keeping them permanently outside. I had a large shop bought hutch, but when we had the problems with the fox, my husband built me a lovely fox proof hutch. It is 7ft x 3ft. They have a bedroom compartment with a thermal lined cover that goes over the top of it in winter. I have two, but have had up to 3 before. They definitely need a friend. The only thing I would suggest if you are keeping them outside is you get them soon so they can acclimatise
  8. Yes he killed our hedgehog too, left him headless on the lawn
  9. A human friendly, fed fox is a menace. I could post a link to my thread that details what we went through with that bloody fox, but I wont because I dont want to upset you, but believe me a fox with no fear of humans is the worst kind. Yes I could keep my chickens safe, I could keep my guinea pigs safe, but what was I supposed to do about my tortoise? I very nearly rehomed him, and I am so glad I didnt.
  10. I had two headless and two with their chests chewed, horrible horrible creatures
  11. So sorry for both of you. I lost all my girls to a fox last year. He found a way in through small part that was chicken wire and not galvanised steel, in the gap between our fence and next doors and behind the compost heap. Must have spent ages working out how to get in. He killed them all but didnt take any. He came back night after night, and I was terrified for my guinea pigs and tortoise. I made the decision not to have more because of my other pets.
  12. they are all beautiful and those photos of your little girls with them are just lovely
  13. I had a cream leg bar, a Welsummer and a black Orpington. The cream leg bar was very flighty, you couldnt get near her. The Welsummer was nice laid beautiful dark eggs, but not for long and my vet said the darker the eggs, the shorter the laying time. My Orpington was beautiful, didnt lay for long either but such a lovely girl. I also had a Brahma, she was very broody. In fact the Welsumer and the Brahma were both very broody, but not the Orp.
  14. Have you tried hanging them on the line in the sun? The sun is good at bleaching. I once got tomato soup down a white t-shirt and washing it didnt remove it, but hanging it on the line did

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