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  1. Curtain disaster, any advice welcome

    Have you tried hanging them on the line in the sun? The sun is good at bleaching. I once got tomato soup down a white t-shirt and washing it didnt remove it, but hanging it on the line did
  2. Fox attack, all gone UPDATE

    Our previous tortoise used to have a thing for wellingtons
  3. Fox attack, all gone UPDATE

    Hello, the guineas are fine and enjoying being out in their very expensive Omlet run. Humphrey tortoise is very naughty. He has developed a head butting habit and head butts everything. But he also is loving this weather
  4. Fox attack, all gone UPDATE

    Well we are 14 months on and I decided against more chickens. Re-reading this has given me the shudders all over again. Over the Winter we have had a couple of visits one from a healthy looking fox and one from the scrawniest thing I have ever seen, but that was it, twice in 14 months. I know that doesnt mean they are not about, but they are not like the last one. So despite people telling me that if we despatched it we would just get another one, we haven't so far. I am far more relaxed, I leave my guineas in the omlet run and go out, although I never leave them in the evening. The tortoise is trotting around, and I am so glad I didnt rehome him, but I did think long and hard about that. But I will never have anymore chickens sadly, they just encourage foxes. I still love coming on here and reading about your chickens though and I look after my neighbours when she is away, so I do get my chicken fix and they get my leftovers Hope all your girls are well?
  5. Treatment for smelly ears....dogs.

    Its amazing stuff glad it worked
  6. Long time, no see / questions!

    What a lovely set up. Your girls are lovely. I cant help with the other questions as have never had those breeds. I have seen your fox deterrent post, good luck I hope it works. Sadly I have never been brave enough to start again, so I am chicken free and miss them still
  7. Much excitement!

    Oh they are so gorgeous and what a lovely home they have gone to, lucky girlies. I love my piggies too
  8. Elderly cat woes

    I haven't been on here for a while, so really pleased to see your new addition. Does he now have a forever name?
  9. Fox attacks - a list of what happened?

    Whats that saying 'you have to be lucky every night, the fox only has to be lucky one night" So glad you girls are all ok Olly
  10. New era

    She is beautiful I love hamsters I had several Syrian Hamsters like her and then I had two Russian hamsters, called Doris and Lottie. My vet said they sounded like a couple of pensioners on a day trip
  11. Piggy at vet

    Im so sorry, they are little creatures with big characters Run free little Glen xxx
  12. Places to buy pure breeds

    Thank you
  13. Fox attacks - a list of what happened?

    We were going to reinforce and get more but the fox just came back night after night and day after day until finally we had it despatched. If I only had chickens then it wouldn’t have been so bad but I was terrified for my guinea pigs and tortoise so I was just glad to see the back of him and am too scared to encourage another one
  14. Places to buy pure breeds

    Bells Plantation is the same place as the Poultry Centre at Towcester. I would recommend here https://www.minimeadowsfarm.com/stock-for-sale/ It belongs to a friend of mine, I know the hens are really well looked after I dont know why its not a live link, anyone help?
  15. Blasted rat !!! Video added

    I'm definitely on the rolling eyes side of the fence.