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  1. Can I just ask what you mean about sore hocks - and the ground? They were in a large wooden hutch/chicken coup, which had a ramp going down onto a large area of grass. The area in the eglu run is slightly smaller but is on the same grass. Is it the floor inside the eglu house that could case a problem for rabbits? At the moment they still have the chicken floor, with nesting box, and because of this have to have to door open all night to give them access to water. I took out the roosting bars when the chicks first hatched. Thanks.
  2. Can I just ask in addition to the note about medium sized rabbits, I have a Classic Eglu which currently houses a mother chicken and some chicks. We are moving her to a new accomidation, is this Eglu big enough for two Rex Otter Rabbits? Not mini Rexes - but full-grown Rexes? We will not shut them in at night and will also get an extension for the run - but will this be big enough for the two of them? Here are pictures of the two rabbits, for a size reference: http://www.freewebs.com/gerbilgirl22/apps/photos/photo?photoid=49333754 http://www.freewebs.com/gerbilgirl22/apps/photos/photo?photoid=72798611 Thanks, Becky.
  3. Shame I was too late for the competition, but if anyone is interested, here's a pic of one of my bunnies: http://www.freewebs.com/gerbilgirl22/apps/photos/photo?photoid=29027531
  4. It could be dangerous to try to introduce rabbits and chickens, as the chickens might peck the rabbit's eyes - they are shiny. The behaviour can also be interperated as fighting, so keep them seperate.
  5. Just to add to what has just been said, I agree with using the bath ! Or letting them run round the entire garden, if it is safe and neither has done that before (it worked with mine, I had the hosepipe at the ready in case they started fighting.) Wear thick, strong gloves when introducing them in the bath or the male's hutch, just so you can safely grab or calm one of the rabbits in the event of panic or figthing. Spaying would definetely help, but you might be able to introduce them without doing so, it's just a lot healthier and more comfortable for the female in the long-term (- how old is she?) See how it goes !
  6. He is definetely a boy, I have discovered, after testing out this theory on a spayed female and lifting him up quickly, to part his legs and look. I would never have guessed, quite honestly, he was such a happy bunny... Thank you for the advice, should I section off the bottom part of the hutch? It is a hutch for Giant Rabbits, and is high enough for her to stand up and has plenty of roaming room without the bottom floor - would I need to do this to make sure she keeps the babies safe and upstairs in the nest while they are young? Also, should I move the male and other rabbits away from her? She's not exactly in a quiet area as it is, but is against the house and foxes shouldn't come near her. Is there a site where I can work out the genes and try and predict what the babies are going to look like? The father's ears? The mother's soft fur? What are the dominanting features of each breed - will the babies be big like the mother, small like the father, or in between? Will they be black and fawn, with the Rex Otter pattern, as the mother? Or black and white, as the Dutch? Thank you, Becky.
  7. Was using a shallow dish for the food, a plastic lid about 7cm by 5cm. When they'd eaten the food, it got overturned and a chick was underneath when the mum stepped on it. She is fine now, but I know to supervise carefully! I have the water dishes, I was concerned because she hadn't taken them out of the nestbox at all and the oldest is 5 days. It was really hot today and I was worried that they wouldn't get enought to drink, so I moved the water dispenser into the eglu, on the space where the roosting bars used to be. I lifted a few of the chicks out, put them down, and watched them. The mother and the other chicks soon followed, and the mother started to show them how to drink and peck, although only two got the hang of drinking. She seemed to be pecking the chicks as well - is that normal? At first it was as if she was pushing them around with her beak, but then some violent pecking to the head and body started, knocking the chick to the floor. They are all fine now and sitting in the nest box, under the mother. There are two who haven't hatched, although she is still sitting on them and keeping the chicks in the nestbox, should I take them out ? It's 5 days after they were due to hatch, and 1 day after the last chick hatched. Thanks, Becky.
  8. 6 chicks !!! Have been holding them, loads fell out of the nestbox and couldn't get back in, so I had to carry them. They are CUTE Put some thick newspaper down so they could get back in, and a small tray of chick food. How do I get them water? Also, I gave them some worms I found in the garden, and put them in this tray in the nest. Should I take them out? Also, one of the chicks urinated in the food -??? Do I need to change it, it was only tiny. Why does a broody's faeces look and smell so..... disgusting? and strong? Also, the chicks are CUTE. When will they grow, I hope they stay this size for another week at least ! Also, just because this is amazing: Thanks, Becky.
  9. Thank you, I can and will use wood shavings, should I put some newspaper underneath it, to stop it slipping out the hole in the back of the eglu, where the roosting bars would fit? I can only watch the chicks from a distance, every time I get her off (which I did every day she was sitting on them) she will run back on almost immediately, glaring at me warily, instead of touching the corn or food. I have set the food and water out as you advised. The chicks are moving around and eager, can I put some of the special chick food in one of the half-eggshells still in the nest? Then they can have something to eat - because I'm fairly sure the biggest ate all of the lining in the other's eggshells. Also, yesterday the second to last one to hatch was kind of, lying down, still a bit wet, and rather bedraggled. She was the day before when she came out of the egg, and still is today. She's the only one not moving around, althougth she is still alive. Thanks, Becky.
  10. This may sound irresponsible, but I accidently let two rabbits meet in the garden and mate. (You see - one of them, the female, had escaped from her hutch at some point in the night. She's a huge Rex Otter, but it was still a miracle that she survived the night with so many cats and foxes out. I didn't realise she had escaped when I let another ''female'' out in the garden for her morning 10 minute run before school. I honestly had no idea that this was a male, who met the female, grunted, sniffed, wandered about, and then eventually they mated. They travelled for a while, mated again, and again. Only when they had finished did I pick up the male, a Dutch, and carry him back to the hutch.) The female was having a false pregnancy, and had already made her nest and pulled out fur, etc, and had been doing so for some time. She used to live with her mother and father, her father being neutered, but her parents were brother and sister. All 8 of my rabbits are resuced, and this breeding did not occur when I owned them, but before, with previous owners. The Dutch was originally from a pet shop, and the Rex Otter was from a breeder. The girl is a year old - have her pelvic bones fused, like in guinea pigs? She spends all her time in the bedroom/nest, eats lots, drinks lots, is sleepy, but grumpy and vicious. Is she pregnant? Also - what will the babies look like? Will they be OK? The mum, Dinah, is twice the size of the Dad! Here are some pictures, has anyone ever heard of this combination before? http://www.freewebs.com/gerbilgirl22/apps/photos/photo?photoid=72798612 http://www.freewebs.com/gerbilgirl22/apps/photos/photo?photoid=49333754 What do I need to feed her if she IS pregnant? Thank you!!! Becky.
  11. I have a green, custom eglu, and a Nankin Bantam who, when broody, was bought 8 fertilised eggs. 5 have hatched - 3 Sable Poots, 2 Gold Partridges. The oldest is 4 days old, the youngest is 1 day, while three of them are 3 days old. The oldest keeps running up the side of the nest box... and slipping down. It seems to be a bit high for them, should I add straw? Or what? Also, I'm worried about the drop out of the nest box, which, after I took out the roosting bars, is considerable and I'm not sure if they'll manage to get back in. Can I hold the chicks? Also, I found a heap of foul-smelling, brown excretion which came from the chicken, in the nest box. This would usually be black and white - is that a problem? I removed it quickly. We did have three chickens, but one died of a disease, so I seperated the last two and gave the broody the eggs. When can I re-introduce them? When do the chicks need to start feeding? They have special chick food. Also, the mother is very, very protective, even when she does leave the nest, she runs back, squawking, when I open the door to look at the chicks. Loads of questions! Thanks, Becky.
  12. I love that hutch! How many rabbits do you have in there?
  13. 1.) Name? Becky. 2.) Hair colour? Light brown. 3.) Pets other than rabbits? 10 chickens, 7 gerbils, 3 hamsters. 4.) Date that you got your rabbits? 2 were 2nd August 07, can't remember the other 8. 5.) Hobbies? Pets. 6.) Likes? Pets. 7.) Dislikes? Err, people who think gerbils are disgusting/or call them rats. 8.) Favourite music? Not sure? 9.) Favourite TV show? Don't watch much? 10.) Favourite food? Pasta? 11.) Fears? Drowning, I guess? 12.) Dreams? Erm, that myxie will be cured 13.) Anything else we should know about you? Nope. 14.) Favourite Film of all time? Not sure? 15.) Favourite Book of all time? Noughts and Crosses. 16.) What book are you reading now? The Wintersmith. 17.) How would you describe your personality? I think I talk too much about pets...
  14. Hya, Just have a few questions to ask: I have a Nankin Bantam who is currently broody, today we got her 8 fertilised eggs for her to hatch. Will we need to remove the roosting bars in the eglu we've got? We have the original/normal one, and just wondered if the chicks would be able to walk across the roosting bars to get out of the eglu. Also, should I put more straw in the nesting box so the chicks are higher up and can climb out easier? We bought some special chick feeders, and special chick food, but I've never raised chicks like this and can't find much information. We took the other chicken out of the eglu, and put her in a rabbit run with a house, however, she seems to hate it in there. We put her inside (via some tasty corn, and tactful shepherding) but she is constantly flapping, hopping up onto the feeders, and trying to get out. We got her in about 2 hours before roosting time, the run's definetely big enough for her, and tall enough for her to flap around (she's a Bluff Plymoth Rock, Bantam.) But she hates it ? Also, I'm concerned, because when we lifted the Nankin off the nest to put the eggs under, she was sitting on two eggs already (laid by the other chicken) and had been broody for 2 weeks. I used gloves to pick her up, and put her down on the roosting bars, but she seemed to be on her side? She didn't complain, or stand up, just lay there rather awkwardly. I picked her up and put her on the nest, on top of the eight eggs, and she seemed fine, moving them around and adjusting them underneath her. We recently lost the third chicken in the trio, to an un-known illness - coughing, not much air getting to the crest, then suddenly dead. It has been a week, and we have assumed that the others are not in danger. Should we have taken more caution? Also, will the Nankin now stay on the nest for another 3 weeks, even though she has already been broody for 2 ? Thanks, Becky.
  15. I'm not sure if it's meant to be in the feed? But to give the chickens maximum stimulation, I like to sprinkle it onto the ground so they have to forage and look for it. It's also interesting to watch and enduces natural foraging instincts. I try to give mine some a handful every day, if I give it more often than that, then they leave it.

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