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  1. We cable tied the ramp from our old wooden coop to the ladder, they now all use it much more elegantly, they were a bit like airplanes trying to make a runway to run jump and fly into the cube, very funny to watch, and a few 'frank spencer' moments
  2. Salt is just as bad as antifreeze, you must make sure you rinse your dogs feet after walking as when the dogs lick their feet when grooming they ingest the salt and as we all know too much salt is not good for anyone and can be fatal for dogs.
  3. Oh wow! I've got a 3yr old spur-thighed tortoise, which we got when he was a year old. I would have loved to have got one from a baby, but we were looking when there weren't any hatchlings available. What fabulous pictures
  4. OH's cousin lives near there and even he's said how surprising nothing has happened before with the amount of building works in the area. I naturally hope the number of casualties is low, especially considering the time of day it occurred.
  5. Hi, me and my children watch it on the Sunday showing as it suits our routine better, and must say that although I found it a tearjerker of an 'episode' this week my 8 yr old daughter just said 'ahh the poor baby elephant' and we heard a lot about it earlier in the week on the radio and tv so we were in effect 'prepared' for what was going to happen. My 12 yr old son, just said 'at least humans don't do that', regarding the birds. I think with any nature program you have to expect it isn't always going to be lovely things and there will be sad things and death.
  6. When we changed from the wooden house to the cube, my OH didn't like that the ladies were slipping down the cube ladder, so he took the old wooden ladder and attached it to the cube one with cable ties. Now even my little bantams can go in and out with no trouble. I'll try to get a pic later for you
  7. I think Dunelm Mill do door curtains, not sure how effective they are regarding thickness/weight though.
  8. I don't have any personal experience of one of my dogs needing this op but, I do walk a 3yr old Lab who had the double hip replacement op and although he is only able to go for 30 minute walks each day, he is extremely lively and if you didn't know you wouldn't know. As far as I know he had the op at approximately 1 year old and his recovery was quite quick.
  9. Mine have been sliding down the ladder too, but they have all gone in for the night, even Gertie who is getting on a bit...its a bit like starting again, making sure they are all ok and using it alright without problems. I've even shut the door and tucked them all in as we seem to be having big winds here tonight
  10. I got my new (second hand) cube from a forum member yesterday (thank you JohnB! ) and I love it!! My other half took the lid, back and sides off, oh and he wheels and we just turned it on its side and then lifted and put it in, he had built it by 8:30 this morning and dismantled my red mite ridden wooden coop! It took a total of 1 hr to do everything, and then the girls went in and we've had 5 eggs today and all the girls seem super happy. I hope you enjoy your cube
  11. I wouldn't focus on how old they are and that they arent laying yet... I got 2 new hens at the end of July and one still isn't laying, and one that I got in May only started laying a couple of weeks ago. One thing I would do is limit the amount of treats, they will always go for the treats rather than food so only give them at the very end of the day...my 8 girls are given a couple of handfuls of scratching seed mixed with a smal amount of corn only a couple of times a week, and sometimes get the odd cabbage or greens from the garden, depending on whats being pulled up in the veg patch. Don't worry too much
  12. I used Hypercal on my dogs hotspots once, and always have a tube of this in, you can get it from most chemists for only a few pounds...works wonders on all sorts of things, and I also use it on the rest of the family
  13. Hi Chuckmum6, I've been reading this thread with interest as I too have been suffering with my sleep and with bereavement... I lost my dad in Feb 08 to lung cancer and my mum in dec 09 to ovarian Cancer, my marriage broke down in the middle of all this and to be completely honest I have been such a mess with everything. I turned to alcohol to try and help me sleep and to chill me out...big bad idea, has cost me a fortune, hasn't helped the sleep thing at all (in fact has made it worse) and I have alienated a lot of people purely through my temper when I'v had a few. I've even been at the extreme where i threw myself into helping everyone i knew with stuff, but ended up being taken for granted and just worn out...that didn't help either. Nothing helped with my sleep. I can be tired at 11, go to bed and be awake at 3am for a couple of hours then fall asleep and wake up again at 6:30 I realise now that the moods and the sleeplessness is more than likely down to depression, I've suffered in the past and had to have prescribed meds, which I didn't like, because I was taking one thing to get me up in the morning and then something else to switch me off at night. I can't go back to the doctor even if i wanted to get meds because of the drinking thing, so I shook myself and decided to stop drinking for good this time and i have been offered a job that fits in around the kids and gets me out in the fresh air, perfect for me as I honestly believe that the best medicine is often fresh air and a good dose of exercise. I worked for 2 days last week and ached at the end...I also slept for an extra hour each night I've also decided that I'm going to look into bereavement counselling and grief management, I spend so much of my time making sure the kids are ok that I totally forget to deal with me, so now its time for me to the right thing for me and sort out the jumbled up mess that is currently my head. The notepad thing is also helping me to clear stuff out before i sleep. Sorry I haven't meant to ramble on, but this grief thing is tough at times. Hopefully even writing all this down on here has helped me tonight
  14. How many feeders/drinkers do you have? I recently got some new girls and had to make sure I had 2 lots of both, just so it gave everyone a chance...afterall 1 bully can't be in 2 places at once
  15. If you go to amazon and onto your account it should be showing as an order placed. you wont be recharged for re adding it to your kindle app... I'm always taking books off and readding them to save space. The amount of times that I've also gone to amazon and thought 'oh i like the sound of that book' to click on it and it actually tells me that ive already purchased it but i do read a lot of books each week (approx 5-10 depending on how well im sleeping)

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