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  1. Can quails get gapeworm?

    Hello, Im very wary about taking my quails to any form of vets even avian vets because I hear so many stories where they do more harm than good. Also even with friendly advice of people suggesting medication for me to administer gives me great fear because should I give the wrong antidote and end up killing them I will never forgive myself. Anyway answering your question, because of the above, I decided to let nature do its job. Of course if my quails WAS in distress I would consider self medicating. However as you said, like mine, despite gaping repeatedly she seems quite happy. Im happy to report she is still alive and happy, and still gaping! I do find cutting up her food helps the symptoms so I;m guessing if they seem fine apart from the gaping its due to them rearranging their crop. Im guessing most quails make no effort in this but like people, some find things easier than others. So unless you quail deteriorate in health, I would leave it be and perhaps make their food alittle easier to swallow Good luck x
  2. Just how loud are Quail cocks?

    When I bought my cock I had to drive 3 hours to get more females for him! No seller would sell females unless I bought another male (Can you see now how ppl desperately want to get rid of their cocks!). Thankfully I pleaded and told her of my sob story of being a novice quail owner that she allowed me to have 2 females WITHOUT another boy! I heard breeder often sell cocks for meat (feed other birds like hawks/eagles) as they don't know what to do with them. I would love to incubate my quail eggs but I fear for male quails!!
  3. Just how loud are Quail cocks?

    Quite loud! I dread this time as my male quail always crows at 4am (think I posted my insomnia problems last year). Seriously.. don't get a male unless you want fertilised eggs! I didn't know what I was getting in for when I bought my male but I love him now so the lack of sleep I have to tolerate. Thankfully my neighbours doesn't know what the sound is, they just think its a crow with a sore throat
  4. Possible Gapeworm

    Thank you for replying. I also contacted the breeded where I bought the quails from.. amazingly he never heard to gape worm?? but he suggested I shouldn't use a q-tip to swab her throat as the trauma could kill her. At present I haven't done anything..she's still gaping now and then but still seems very lively and eating. Obviously I'm not entirely happy as there is something not right for her to do this.
  5. Possible Gapeworm

    I have noticed that my quail is gaping alot. At first I thought she was just struggling to swallow food as she is old, then I thought she was yawning. However I noticed she has been doing this alot and stretching her neck (symptoms of gape worm). I will be using a small modified q-tip tomorrow and swab for gape worms tomorrow morning (too dark now). My question is... how do I deworm a quail of gape worm? Please help!!
  6. Quail lifespan?

    Hi I just wanted to know how long quails lived.. i had varied answers from 2-5 years? Anyone experienced a quail lving beyond 2 years? Mine has just reached 2 and 2 months... everyday I dread it now especially its getting colder and they seem more depressed. I'm just asking out of curiousity
  7. summer quarters!

    Oh no, just read about your 2 quails Its one thing of losing them to illness but another when they are eaten... i'm guessing so due to the feathers?? Keep going.. it proves these little birdies need our help to survive!!
  8. 1st egg...

    I bought Garvo but mine doesnt really like it!! So fussy eaters! I give them small chicken layers pellets, garvo, budgie seeds and dried mealworms... they seem to eat that last! Having said that mine have laid until mid august and started laying last month... I have 2 remaining females and both lay everyday.
  9. Quail died of illness

    thanks cathybc. Makes all the difference having people understand how precious these little birds are! My work mates were like.. death of a cat/dog/rabbit? I said quail.. a little bird.. they said..its only a bird... i was
  10. Quail died of illness

    Thanks Janty, It was my first quail to go so I just i didn't handle it very well!! I get too attached to them!! It's never easy.. I guess it was harder for you as you knew it was going to happen. For me it was a shock and I flet bad she didnt enjoy herself in the warmth. Got 3 left, I'll try and make them happy! How old was your old male? Are their life expentancy around 2 years? I read a few forums and it ranges from 2-4 years??
  11. Quail died of illness

    Just found out one of my quail died.. I cried so much in the office people thought something serious had happened! I thought my quail was ok (ruffed up feathers at night) thought she was just cold and she just suddenly died. We did change the cage last night before she died and noticed the flooring was very wet (now I guess it was quail wee) Does anyone know of any illnesses that quails can get? I want to try look out for early signs next time. I feel so awful that I couldnt save her, she wasn't even a year old
  12. Winter: indoors or out for quail?

    I have bought them in now. Its alot more restricted in tems of space compared to the eglu.. but i agree with beachchick that they have instantly become more active and they are eating alot more! Maybe its from boredom? Feel abit guity bringing them in but I would feel bad if they froze to death... my quails are dimmer than the average quail! I also had trouble getting garvo! I managed to find some online but the delivery was more expensive than the food itself! But I thought its worth a try as I want them to have something nice to eat.. they better like it!!! Should be expecting delivery soon.. will let you know if it has any impact on them.
  13. Winter: indoors or out for quail?

    They are quite sheltered, however they are on a slope (my garden isnt flat) so when it rains the floor gets very damp, with isnt good on their feet. This is serving quite a problem now as it seems to rain quite frequently. I have just ordered a bag od garvo so i hope that might help them lay.
  14. Winter: indoors or out for quail?

    My quails don't seem to move much..I'm thinking its due to the cold. I thinking of bringing them in. All my quails have completely stopped laying. Do you think it's because they are miserable? I'm thinking if they are miserable outside I may aswell bring them in. At least they will be warm and miserable instead of cold and miserable?
  15. A bad quail day...

    Are you quails in an eglu or the rabbit WIR when they got attacked? Really sorry to hear about that..its so sad I hope the wounded one will recover. All the best x