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  1. Thanks for the reply. I've decided only to let her mix when I'm there with a water pistol. I did have a look at safety's neck and there wasn't any damage to the skin,just a little red. Fingers crossed.
  2. Hi all I raised a new batch of babies last September. I had what I thought was 4 boys and 2 girls. The boys went back to the farm that I got the eggs from and the girls have been meeting my big girls in the day via tunnels linking their greenhouse to the walk in run. They have been getting chased less and less so last night the spent the night in the run. Molly has suddenly been attacking my little bantam( who up until yesterday would peck her a little). She or he is chasing her until she or he can grab the bantam by the scruff. I've separated them again for fear that the bantam will get injured. All of the boys crowed from 7-10 weeks. Had pronounced feathers at their necks and very red combs. I thought Molly's comb was red because she is getting thoughts of laying. She dosnt crow. Never stood up tall with the boys with neck feathers up. Could she just be a bossy girl all of a sudden or a late developer who dosnt crow?. I can't keep her if she is going to be that aggressive,it's not like the normal squabbles. P.s can't remember how to add a photo!
  3. Hi there Sadly the vet had to put him to sleep as he wasn't very well. He was doing well to start with but then developed problems. Really miss him but he was born at the wrong time of year and there must have been a good reason why he didn't follow his mummy. Thanks for helping kyleG. X
  4. Hi kyleG You work in the next town to me! I have sent you a pm. I really do hope we can sort something out as its so sad to see the poor little thing on its own. Xx
  5. Hi there We have a problem!, My daughter was riding her pony on Wed when she found a tiny duckling running around in the road. It is only a few days old as its egg tooth fell off yesterday. She knew not to just pick it up and bring it home but spent over half an hour looking for any sign of mum or ducklings. It was running around in the road near a dried up pond and 2 very hungry looking Labradors in a field who knew the duckling was there. She tried to put it out of harms way but kept going back in the road so she had no choice but to ride back holding it. We went back in the car but still no signs. To be honest I didn't expect it to survive but it has and it's doing really well. We hatched all of our chicks so rearing it is no problem but it's the fact that its a lone duckling that's worrying me.As a wild baby it should have been born in march.we are due to go away camping at our sailing club next week and although I have taken baby hedgehogs( I'm a registered career) and the chicks when they were baby's I am really worried that our little one needs other duckies. Much as we love the little one and we do have a small pond I hadn't really Intended to add a duck to our long list of animals. Does anyone have any words of wisdom. We are on the herts/essex borders not far from stansted airport. Xx
  6. why does berty lay flatish eggs

    Sorry I have no idea! Felicity lays sausages........... Oblong with points at both ends! Just to say it's nice to see another Berty"......... Ours is Norberta. Berty for short. X
  7. Hugh F W Veg everyday

    I have just received it as my 50th birthday pressy from a friend. It's brilliantt As a veggie who has an allotment and who is also a coeliac I love all of the recipes. Def one for the Christmas list. Xx
  8. Poorly new chicks with clear runny noses.

    Thanks for saying what I was thinking. I rather expected the breeder to offer that option yeaterday but I guess i will have to tell her tomorrow that i am not happy & I am going to return them. They are still just about getting their adult feathers & still have a few baby fluff here & thee so I hope that if they survive & are ok , she will be able to home them to someone else..........really dont want to think about what else she will do with them but she seems to really care about the rest of her chooks. I am totally soppy about all animals & as a retired veterinary nurse I feel I should keep them & try to make them better but for some reason I just have not fallen in love with them. I love my big girls too much to out them at risk. i will phone her & see what she has to say. I guess I am within my rights to ask for all of my money back? Do you think I should get hold of some virkon or something to clean out the area where they have been living. Its in my shaded greenhouse. One of my girls does like to go in there to dust bath,obviously the door is being kept shut at the moment. Oh groan I am dreading phoning the breeder & dreading telling my daughter even more. Thanks guys I will let you know what happens next. XX
  9. Hi There I have a tricky dilema & need some help! My daughter bought me 2 pekin chicks as a surprise for my 50th birthday. They came from a farm that we had been looking at a few days before with the idea that we would get 2 more to add to my girls. All of their flocks looked happy & healthy & were free ranging or cooped in the open. When I opened the box the little lemon one looked a bit shell shocked & was mouth breathing & sleepy. Later on she looked even worse & I was worried that she might not make it through the night. I put heat lamp in with them & they looked a bit better the next day. The black pekin is still a bit huddled, has a clear runny nose and isn't quite so active as the lemon who is now totally normal. "Beaky" (So named because her beak is so overgrown on the top that she looks like a hawk) has had her beak trimmed & re shaped & she can now pick up the food easier. Plus the fact that the flooring where they are at the moment has half slabs so she is wearing it down as she is pecking. I am saying she but every time I look at her I still think she might be a he! SO ............ The problem is do I take them back to the breeder as I am really worried about the health of my other hens, Beaky has a deformed beak & she might be a he. Or ............ Do I wait & see what happens? If I get it wrong I will upset my daughter by making it look like she has chosen grotty chicks!! I did ring the breeder yesterday & she said it was the stress of being moved & lots of hens have runny noses at this time of year. She did say I could go & get some antibiotics but I really dont want to have ill chicks in the first place incase it spreads to my other girls. We hatched my girls from eggs and I just could not bear it if I let them get infected with something that could have been avoided. Help.........what do I do???
  10. Taking the chickens for a day out?

    Hi There My girls were hatched by us so they went to the lottie with me from an early age. I fence off an area that I want them to have a sctratch about on & they seem to love it. I use the sort of fencing that could also be electric so its easy to push into the ground in any shape & easy to move. I dont take them there until everyone has laid as it does not seem right to move them until they have laid in their fav eglu! They are great at sctatching up weeds when you have cleared a bed but mine hate slugs!! I think you will have to see how they are about it.........my view is its not really any different to a show bird or one who is put on display for some reason except lottie hens get more to do on their vistit!! One other problem that we now have is that 1 of my girls is a fully mature brahma & at 9 1/2 pounds she isnt very easy to carry around. Luckily she is a real sweetie & loves cuddles. Good luck with the experement, just make sure they are safe from dogs & foxes. Luv Penelope.
  11. Safe to eat?

    As far as I know the only problem you could come ascrossis that the poo is too strong to use neat on the soil and it can damage the plants if it is not composted first. It make a fab compost activator and has loads of nitrogen. Makes fab huge veggies. Enjoy!
  12. simply take one ikea bench....

    Oooh another tip to remember! I've been giving fluffy knickers corn and mealworms as well as layers because she was off her food...... Strict prison food only from now on!
  13. Hi fluffy chick I guess they are only doing what comes naturally. If it was just the fact that I didnt have eggs from her for a while I could put up with that as they are pets first & egg layers as a bonus. I would just like to get back to normal with my 3 girls! I hope yours sort themselves out really soon x
  14. Ahhh thanks. I really don't think I could manage locking her up in the shed too! I am really glad we got the biggest wir that we could fit in. It's got room for 1 broody in a sin bin. 1 mummy and baby along 1 side of it & 1 very puzzled "normal" hen who is wondering why everyone has gone mad! I am going to have a stiff drink & ignore her now!
  15. Another stupid question! I have put her in the dog crate but it is in the wir but it is in sight of her eglu(where she nests) and she can hear the other broody in a sectioned off part with her new baby. Does this matter or should I put her in the shed on her own? It will be cooler & have more breeze in the run . Kids and horses are so much easier!, Thanks a rather stressed out Penelope x