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  1. I'm am doing the very same thing! I am going to take the roosting bars out and just fill the space right up to nest height with bedding (hemcore), keep the door closed for a few days, putting the water and food inside .
  2. Yes, me too! I got my first 3 hens from Hens Made Easy and also got 7 hatching eggs, 6 out of the 7 hatched all fine chicks. I agree though top end of the price range!
  3. Awww they look very nice and so does your WIR (love the colour scheme)
  4. Ah! Easier said than done!! Now she has it on she just keeps shaking her head as soon as I go near her!!
  5. I am not sure how (must have been a fluke) I managed to get a bumper bit on my chicken, but now I want to remove it. My chicken is eating and drinking but seems to be losing weight. I was wondering if anyone had any tips/hints how to get if off quickly? She seems to keep moving her head and I can't seem to get it back off!
  6. If you can see this, it's a picture of my two cream legbars that i hatched last year and they were both boys
  7. Does anyone know how high is the Eglu Cube from the ground to the start of the ladder?
  8. I have three chicks hatched on 4.4.11 two started to lay last year , but the Wellsummer still hasn't laid an egg yet
  9. Would anyone know the smallest size a pop hole could be in a WIR? Bearing in mind I have a Orp! Thanks
  10. What happened to the discount code at the bottom of the page? Does anyone have a discount code for Omlet??
  11. Oh thank you - so no need to worry then! I will be patient and wait for the lovely brown eggs - she is so beautiful she looks so lovely just brightening up the garden with all her pretty colours in her feathers.
  12. What do you think is the latest age a Welsummer would lay her first egg? I hatched three chicks and two of them (one Leghorn and one Orpington) are well into laying eggs most days, but none from the Welsummer (hatched 4th April 2011). When do you think I should give up hope of her laying an egg?

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