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  1. If anyone is interested, there's a fund raising page at http://www.justgiving.com/PHRichardHammond?page=1#donationtable to raise money for the Air Ambulance that took Hampster to hospital after the accident.
  2. A tent peg inserted into the ground to stop the bar moving whilst inserting the pin helps.
  3. An L-shaped run extension would be useful - because of the layout of our garden, I don't have room for the one available
  4. Mine eat rhubarb leaves too - they started before I wormed them and seem to have developed a taste for it since chomping through the rest of my veggies! Good job I have a number of thriving crowns! Niether hen suffered any ill effects... except for may be making them even more precocious
  5. I've not been anywhere professional for about 10 years - do it myself with clippers. They broke halfway through the job last month so I ended up using the dog clippers . Funnily enough, the resultant hair cut looked better than normal
  6. If I get persistant weeds I rub salt in to the leaves and that seems to sort them out - obviously fine if you don't have many weeds
  7. We shop at Asda, but recyle at Sainsburys as their store is nearer. http://asdacares.gpalm.co.uk/recycle06/ http://www.j-sainsbury.co.uk/files/reports/cr2005/index.asp?pageid=62
  8. I got a score of 30 with Barn Stormer
  9. I passed through Henley on Thames this morning Sarah - I took part in the Round Table Three Counties Cycle Ride (I did the 30 mile route) My legs are a little sore to say the least.
  10. Cute cat! I guess we're lucky scratch 'n' sniff monitors are yet to be invented though....
  11. I was woken by my thoughtful lad at 5:15am as he wanted to know if he could watch TV My neighbours then decided to have a domestic at 6:30am Same neighbours thought their lawn needed mowing.... at 7:00am So, as it was hopeless trying to get a little longer in bed I got up fed the children and animals, did some housework and went out in the lovely sunshine to walk the dog - after 10mins the clouds rolled in and soaked us Does anyone else have days off like this or am I just having a bad day? Enjoy you Bank Holiday All!
  12. I had to get a new collar for our cat this evening - his must have come off somewhere during the day. Might invest in one of those designer ones - he'll hate it

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