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  1. Reply again Spoke to Bosch who were really helpful and they said the battery is guaranteed for one year and the machine two years with a valid receipt. They too think its likely to be a battery problem and thought I should get petrol! The Bosch is good for smaller hedges? But hey I still expect it to last it wasnt a cheapo and I cant find the receipt. Anyhow today I went and tried a shorter stihl petrol and then the guy advised me to get the longer reach as the longer reach balances the petrol one, so it feels lighter. So far so good and it was £225 the chap threw in the 2 stroke, blade spray oil and some goggles. Fingers crossed it will be the right choice for me. I still would like a pole trimmer for the tops of tall hedges. Now for some sturdy ladders
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply. I spoke to someone today about the battery types apparently if the batteries are not used or go completely flat they can be ruined(despite my charger telling me it is charged and I did charge it up during the winter etc) I agree with you I think I paid £169 for the new lion lithium all singing and dancing and am gutted as it was working really well yesterday until I tried to recharge it. I am going to dig the receipt out as I only bought it last year. But the best hedgetrimmer we owned but was far to heavy for me the multi combi Stihl it ate hedges up! So I am going to invest in a lightweight petrol. I have seen one thats £200+ Stihl says its about 4kg+ which is still quite heavy but if it works and lasts may be a sounder investment. I think the battery ones are fine for small gardnes but I have quite a lot of hedges to trim up. I am going to a showroom in next few days to test my weightlifting skills. Thanks though.
  3. I am replying to my own post. Lovely day today got out the year old Bosch AHS 54-20 LI bought last year used about twice.Well all was going really well and I cut about 50 foot of hedge. I have put it back on charge and now it doesnt work.The battery is charging (so it says) but when I connect it to the cutter there is nothing. I am now thinking forget all this battery garden tools false economy and just go back to petrol. So more expense. I really need a pole hedgetrimmer and the shortie version. Am going to have to find a nice lightweight one though. I will ring Bosch and find out if I have done something wrong but have just read the instructions and cant see that I have done anything wrong. I dont know where the receipt is either
  4. Families eh! I do think you should get independent legal advice. If your mother is not sane etc then how can she make a rational decision. My mother left everything to myself and sisters. However for some reason an insurance policy paid out to her ex husband my father(it was in her name etc). We were advised we could contest this and take him to court but the amount it would cost would end up eating away at the lump sum and more importantly as we were all financially secure we could have lost, the agro was not worth it. If you are dependent on your mother or live in the house ie would be made homeless etc then you may be able to claim or contest. My aunt contested a will as her father had remarried and she got what she thought she was entitled to. The only other thing is to cut your losses and walk away. Please dont let money ruin your life, I have seen families break their hearts over money and the old saying "money is the root of all evil" does hold a ring of truth. Good luck and remember greed is not a nice trait too. Seek some advice, just dont spend too much.
  5. Yes mine just broke a battery one and I am dithering between heavy petrol or battery again. It has to be light The Stihl is a right mean machine but I cant manage it far too heavy but such quality etc. I am use to lugging horses around but Stihl just defeats me.
  6. If its actually under the toenail ie lifting it etc he will need to be seen(stating the obvious) they can sometimes if its underneath put a needle through and this releases the pus(by the way that bit doesnt hurt they heat the needle and it burns the dead nail, and it puts a little hole in the nail surface and the relief is quite instant). But this needs to be done by a nurse or doctor. Sounds like you are pretty much doing the right thing. The main thing is the pus is coming out. I would get them to check his blood sugar too. Trouble is feet are on the floor etc. Keep it nice and clean and plenty of tea.
  7. Am looking for a hardworking lightweight long pole type hedgetrimmer. Can anyone recommend.We sold our Stihl Combi as you had to be a weightlifter to manage it. (I couldnt but OH is a rugby player and he found it hard going but it was a right mean machine). It was just too heavy. Many thanks.
  8. ok I bet there is nothing wrong with your burner. The key to getting it going is to get it hot(sounds daft I know)! Buy some kindling wood and keep it dry. I have a metal bin outside the back door I fill it up with kindling wood but in winter or damp I do bring a carrier bag indoors to last a few days. Personally unless you read a newspaper every single day you need something to light the kindling with. So hence I buy cheap pre wrapped fire lighters (like the ones you use on the BBQ). I use to buy the old type but the pre wrapped are cleaner to use. I try to be mean and use one only.Dont over fill the cabinet and get the kindling really going well before adding a log (the smaller logs are better) then build it up. You can keep the vents open to get it really roaring a and alight. This may take 10 minutes+ It is trial and error until you get use to it. Wood burners are brilliant once they get going but they can take an hour to get going. You will learn how to do this. I know so many friends that have wondered why they got one in the first place and now wouldnt be without it. Good luck. If you have time I collect twigs throughout the summer and break them up into bags. I have loads of large garden sacks full of free twigs to get the fire going for this winter.
  9. Hi Am looking for a hardworking lightweight long pole type hedgetrimmer. Can anyone recommend.We sold our Stihl Combi as you had to be a weightlifter to manage it. (I couldnt but OH is a rugby player and he found it hard going but it was a right mean machine). It was just too heavy. Many thanks.
  10. Hi I did a 3 year service contract with Citroen which was good as I did a lot of mileage however we had an extra top Warranty with Land rover for our Freelander and it was an utter waste of time, we had a problem early on and they wriggled and ducked out of it, after initially saying it was under warranty etc. I had a company car Toyota Avensis and it had just been delivered. A couple of buttons disappeared into the dash board an hour after it was delivered brand new. I remember thinking if I had just bought this I would be very upset. One day I noticed the bumper un-clipped, I leant on it and it just popped back on. I found out that Toyota had cut back on the amount of clips they used in their cars. So hence everything popping off. Another friend had a major brake failure with her Avensis on M25 and was told she was very lucky to not have been killed. It was around the time there were lots of problems with the brakes. Otherwise I was happy with my Avensis it was a nice car. I think its pot luck mostly like most things. Yes been told it has to be ie whatever manufacturers it is parts. Most garages we use to buy in the branded parts etc. A bit like you we have a couple of trusted local garages with good reputations and I have used them for years a lot cheaper etc and havent been ripped off. Personally I wouldnt pay anymore out if I bought a new car. Most have a years warranty etc. Its no different to all the fridge/vacuum etc My cheap little citroen C3 diseal has been the best car I have ever had its on 90K and has been very reliable(Cost £8k brand new in 2006) Good luck though.
  11. Sat the UKCAT and he got a 697.5 which I think means some of the London ones may have a cut off point so they may be out providing he now does ok in his A2s. Boy I sound like a worried parent as he is so determined and I met another parent yesterday who said they are feeling exactly the same. Personal statement is being tackled today. Step by step. Hopefully we are getting there.
  12. Ah I love Cambridge and its historic buildings etc Oxford JR is lovely hospital but I still think PBL learning is the best way to become a doctor. Did ED get an offer in the end? I do know some students that got A*** at A levels and had no offer etc. So difficult. At Guys they showed a graph and in 2002 hardly anyone applied for medicine but the rise upwards rocketed and is still rising. In fact a doctor at the weekend was saying you dont need all these A* for medicine but I was yes you do! He was truely puzzled about it all. Oh good luck too.
  13. Thanks Lisa Ps daughter. We sound like we are pretty much doing what you are suggesting. I think its hard trying to stand out when someone is possibly sifting through the applications and yes gushing cringey is the thing isnt it? UKCAT is on Thursday so I think once that is out the way will sit down and concentrate on the next task to put a Personal statement together properly. We have a draft sort of and lists of what he has done etc. But until the UKCAT results are given ie if they are dire then we will look at other science degrees etc. I suppose being a mum its such a worry. But thank you very much I didnt expect to get many responses so its very nice of everyone to help.
  14. Yes I can realise how useful it is to see streetview as I have used it myself (hypocrite yes) but I think it was the back view of the house ie where our oil tank is etc ideal for burglars etc to look at doors and locks etc. I signed a form with the architect so I suppose I will ask him. But I bet a lot of folks are unaware as it seems to be a new thing. Good idea re ID and viewing at council offices as thats fine too. Just the online bit! Good luck with the house hunting.
  15. Thank you for all of this information and I will get us removed from Streetview. Seems so nosey. I will look into what I signed about taking pictures of our home. The guy did knock on the front door and was told he could take them so we obviously consented verbally. I just had no idea they were going on the internet ie was for in house use. But thanks again.

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