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  1. I have very similar symptoms to you, I sneeze terribly in the mornings too. I also get horrible fluids running out of my nose.


    My doctor prescribed Nasonex which you can not get over the counter.




    it is primarily for allergies but as it is an extremely low dose steriod it helps to shrink nasal polyps, which I suspect is the problem.


    One spray of this a day in each nostril and my symptoms disappear. Stop using it and they come back rapidly.


    It takes about a week or two for the spray to kick in. I woud recommend it highly.

  2. Unfortunately some misinformation has recently appeared which may have compromised your trust in Herbal Essences. Rather than trust wrong information here are the facts:


    * Herbal Essences products are not tested on animals. Full stop. Nor do we ask any supplier or contract lab to test them on our behalf. All messages implying Herbal Essences or any other P&G Beauty product was tested on animals are a wrong!

  3. Try high intensity interval training as mentioned above,




    Your metabolism works better when it is not bombarded with chemicals. try to buy as much organic produce as possible.




    keep a food diary online, i use daily plate. you will be surprised how much you actually eat if you dont count calories for at least a week.




    finally, find out your basic metabolic rate to help with how many calories you should be eating.



  4. when i was little i hated having my hair brushed i found it so painful

    i usually get my hair done once a year because it is so excruciating to have it done at the hairdressers. does this happen to anyone else?


    i always feel like the hairdresser thinks i am a huge baby but the pain is terrible! even brushing my own hair is painful.

  5. You can no longer keep yourself completely invisible.

    Friend requests can either be set to friends of friends or everyone. And tho people can not search for you if you have a mutual friend they can see your main display picture.

    I think the settings are really rubbish.


    The man who added you could either have been a spammer or a random person who just likes adding random people.

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