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  1. Thank you EVERYONE for all your amazing support!


    Today my mother very kindly bought me a bicycle of my own, for my twenty first birthday




    it doesnt have that thing on the back wheel the compartment and the seat is the lowest it will go but i am trying really hard!!


    its TERRIFYINg lifting my feet up when the bike goes down a hill and i havent quite mastered it, and i am doing it alone everyone else i know learnt when they were five :roll:


    if i ever have kids i am going to enstill it into them a.s.a.p


    its so much fun just pushing it along though


    expect a very enthralled post when i learn to ride it eventually


    how long will it take i wondeR?[/img]

  2. i will, i want to so badly when i see people on them my heart like, flies, i want to ride one so much and it looks like so much fun but the barrier up between me and the bike is so huge and its so irrational


    i think i will have another go tomorrow if i keep trying sURELY i can do it but it feels like i can never ever do it right now

  3. well at the age of 21 i have decided to learn to ride a bike, i have always had a strong fear of them for some reason


    anyway i tried today and i was absolutely terrified i am usually pretty fearless but for some reason put me within ten feet of a bike and i flip out :C


    i see other people riding them it looks like so much fun :C

  4. I think this is a bad idea because the eglu is a ~luxury~ item and probably these people dont even have the very basics, and it might be a little ridiculous to send them a plastic hutch we spent 300 pounds on when we could have sent them like, a doctor, or medicine, or shoes.

  5. you know what, I have a dell laptop and as anyone who has a dell will know they have all asian call centers, and it can be stressful at times but every time i have ever phoned, they have always sorted out any query or problem perfectly, my dad isnt so paitient, i feel its all a question of paitience,


    having said that if i get anyone scottish on the phone or in a restaurant or at a bar, i cant understand a word they say ever haaa!

  6. How do you all feel about buying organic produce?


    I was thinking about it and on one hand I would love to buy all organic produce for my home, and then I thought, but does it mean anything if there is so much cruelty in the world to animals, like is all the organic yoghurt doing easing my own conscience when I should be out fighting for cows rights?


    I realise that to buy organic produce is good because it encourages the marketability and may one day mean all products change to this standard but are we doing it for ourselves or for the greater good?


    any thoughts?

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