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  1. 1. it is my birthday today well in fourty minutes. i am 24 on feb 24th 2. all my best friends live in america 3. i work in operating theatres at a local hospital and handle human organs every day 4. the first thing i do when i know im not working for a couple of days is paint my nails 5. im moving out with my boyfriend very soon and am really excited about it 6. i read this forum every day and my boyfriend knows you all by username ha! 7. i have an online diary ive kept for five years 8. i really look up to my older sister 9. my dog bart died when i turned 21 and i miss him every day 10. when noone is in at home i put my favourite songs on and sing as loud as possible in the kitchen using a kitchen utensil as a microphone 11. i am organised honest and confident at work but that person disappears when i get home and i dont really know why 12. astrology aliens ghosts and things like that i love when i was little my parents had a map and i drew the bermuda triangle on it first chance i had 13. my favourite food in the world is so bad. just like cheeseburgers and hotdogs. i wish i could eat them every week 14. i always say i enjoy going for really long walks but about five minutes in i remember i hate them 15. my favourite music is hilary duff, hannah montana, fall out boy, mcfly and the beatles 16. i dont really care about shoes i only have four pairs but i have around nine million cardigansand counting 17. come dine with me really makes me laugh on channel four 18. where i would most like to go on holiday is barbados 19. i sometimes have sleep paralysis if i am feeling down it used to scare me but now i can control it 20. it drives me mad my boyfriend never has any vivd dreams to talk about 21. i am not competetive but i love playing uno so much and skip-bo two great card games i highly reccommend 22. i believe in aliens so much that i can not watch anything about them or hear it for fear they are watching me 23. i saw a ufo when i was younger and it scarred me deeply for life 24. i wish i got on with my mum better and hope i do when i move out 25. i have the noisiest stomach ever people always stop and say whos stomach is making that awful noise and it is always me
  2. ANH, I always read your updates with interest and think you are incredibly strong to go through what you are going through with your mother. I have scanned the thread but I can't find the answer, does she alzheimers or something similar? Or did she just turn out like this one day?
  3. yes thats a good point my local one would come from a farm me and my boyfriend used to go on school trips to when we were seven ( we werent dating then) so that would be nice
  4. you'll pick it up?!?! I wonder if they put that on the nursing prospectuses
  5. Yes its like an agency who work for the nhs to provide care support workers and it is dire
  6. Hi guys I was wondering how many of you if any get your vegetables delivered with a company like abel and cole? I am moving out with my boyfriend and I want to have a largely vegetable based diet and a weekly delivered box sounds fab Just wondering if anyone had any downsides to it or found it generally to be too expensive. Thanks for reading x
  7. Honestly I would advise you all to never apply to join this dreadful agency for working. I have been going through the application process for over a month and have to make on average at least eight phone calls every time I call up they are utterly hopeless!
  8. jess


    I am going to give up black tea and just drink fruit tea! It will be hard as I drink about five cups AT LEAST a day!
  9. we had a mongrel for about twelve years then we adopted another one. he was very small and naughty. our original mongrel sulked for WEEKS. sulky look on his face did not want to go out that sort of thing. so i think introducing them on a walk sounds like a terrific idea as i dont want to see your doggy sulking like mine did
  10. If you don't want drugs, what are you looking for? What is it you want from the doctor?
  11. One thing I would say to this be very careful they could not possibly find this thread. All hell would break loose.
  12. Well thank you for all this, I am doingmyresearch, the filter does sound likea good idea tobe honest, thanky ou for your advice sorry typing on a dodgy keyboard!
  13. Hi! I'm moving out with my boyfriend soon and would like to have a goldfish since we work full time and can't have anything that needs walking. I just want a regular goldfish, now when I had one years ago, it was just in a glass tank but now all the websites I go on are saying I need a filter and a light?? for a goldfish?!!? does anyone keep goldfish now and not have these things?
  14. https://www.getsnuggie.com/flare/next ill join the cult of snuggie with u!
  15. I don't have any advice but you must be feeling so frustrated at the whole thing I really do sympathise with you incredibly.
  16. omg this is so strange what a shame :C i hope shes ok :C
  17. Is this not the Brandsters? http://twitter.com/russellbrand And yes Claret, he was the first one I looked up no thats just a fake one there are tons out there. that is his official one
  18. http://twitter.com/rustyrockets thats russells!
  19. its http://twitter.com/Penguinmad

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