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  1. ooo I get it now, and can now join in too. Thanks
  2. The op appears to have gone well, she is bright lively and you would have thought that I have never ever fed her before! She has to have the collar on for 10 days and that appears to be upsetting her, she looks like she is depressed by it, not sure whether to leave it on, she hasn't gone to her bottom area at all. ummm
  3. Whilst she seems absolutely fine now we took her to the vet yesterday given that it is another bottom issue, he could feel a lump inside operation tomorrow.
  4. Yes but you have 68 and 111 respectively. I am in awe, and still without! OOO i now have 5 but how, what have I done?
  5. She is much better today, I could tell as soon as she came sitting at my feet looking for food and was tail wagging at the stair gate waiting for our son to come down. So I gave her 2 scrambled eggs this morning and she has kept that down. Not seen any evidence of very bad tummy. Phew. Thanks for asking too
  6. She is much brighter this afternoon but we've still not fed her, so technically she has nothing to be ill on, poor thing. She could have eaten anything, she is a real scavenger and frequently found with things she shouldn't have despite our best efforts - she doesn't go out out as such as we have an enclosed garden but there could be things in there as we live rurally so wild life gets in and our cats dump stuff. My son now has to take his school bag upstairs as she learnt when it was downstairs how to open the zip, get out the pencil case and open that to chew the pens and pencils!!! Honestly. She hasn't done that in a while though.
  7. I normally access the forum on my phone. Today I am on my laptop and have seen loads of changes and new features I hadn't noticed previously. What is a forum reputation? Why do I not have one, whilst a reputation is not usually something I aspire too, this seems to be a positive from what I can see, I am feeling left out and undervalued
  8. This will probably seem a daft question to many but I have never had a dog with a prolonged upset tummy, at what point does it become a vet issue? Coco is a shih tzu and about 6 years old. I would say she is healthy overall apart from the fact she was meant to have an op much earlier this year on her bottom. I cannot recollect the name of the condition, maybe a polop (sorry spelling) or something like that; you can sometimes tell that she struggles to go to the toilet and see a red thing. Anyway on the day of the op the surgeon recommended that we didn't go ahead, he thought the cons outweighed the pros and that it wasn't that bad. She has seemed fine since albeit we sometimes see the polop. Yesterday she ate her breakfast and within a short time was sick. Ever since then she has had an upset tummy which has got progressively worse. I was up in the night clearing up. She has also had a wee several times in the house which is unheard of. I haven't fed her, should I? There is water down. When she goes to the toilet now it is just liquid. She is curled up sleeping most of the time, but when she moves / we disturb her she seems relatively normal other than the toilet issue. Has anyone experienced similar, would you wait and see or consider an emergency vet? Should we feed her and if so what. Thank you.
  9. Yes me too, I find it very relaxing to just sit, watch and listen. I think therapeutic, Id like the time to have one but know I don't. Its beautiful.
  10. My husband went in, he was very diplomatic, he opened with that we want to know at what level our son should get to so we can help him achieve the best he can - we don’t aim for A’s if that is unrealistic. His year head said that he’s currently on course for B”s and that he has really started to put in more effort. Regarding their side of things, apparently the new head has “vision” and recognises they need to give the pupils a “more structured” approach. My son came home today raving about an inspirational lesson he had with the head today. At least that’s a good start. I can see that inspiration would get my son far, he’d respond to that and has by and large been coasting. Ironically part of that inspiration was about writing out a mind map, something I’ve encouraged my son to do for AGES, clearly I am not the one to teach or inspire him!! Moving him isn’t a feasible option. The year head is going to send us the details of work books. As we suspected he needs help with science. Feeling marginally less panicked about the whole thing.
  11. That may sadly rule that out too then, I had no idea it was so expensive. Boarding or fee paying anything is out of the question. This couldn’t really have come at a worse time everything has just really changed for us, you may recall I posted on here a few years ago about me changing profession, I’ve qualifed within the last year and am on a short term contract. My husband has just been out of work for 6 months and taken a completely different type of job at a fraction of his salary. Things in a period of adjustment shall we say! As you can imagine this is adding to a completely unstressful life.
  12. Well they finally got back to us, my husband is going in to see his year head tomorrow morning (without my son). Sadly time is not on our hands, as he starts year 10 and his GCSE's this September, it will then be too late to move him, hence the pressure I feel to get it right ( not that we think we can to be honest given the transportation issue). Its not that he doesn't want to learn, he does, he is just never going to do anything off his own back. He'll do as asked and no more. He definitely doesn't get homework, its very rare and he always does it when given. He'd be bothered not to do something he were given. He's bright and not going to get anywhere near his potential. The rating's I am talking about are beyond just the ofsted rated, it takes into account that as well as results, the overall progress of each child (which his school is rated as a negative number), outcomes etc. Im not sure who they are published by but every secondary in the country is rated. Bizarrely the school was rated poor by Ofsted and had a more recent inspection rated as good, it has really gone down hill since then and the ratings I am talking about have only just come out - they mirror our experiences as parents, many teachers have left and the head went a few months ago, the new one has literally just started last Monday. So too early to say what that will bring but I worry it will be too late for my son. If I had time to be a Governor, I'd have time to oversee him more. I have just changed the access code to the internet though so he can't use his playstation, haha, maybe he'll be bored into doing more school work. One of my husbands questions will be about the syllabus and those work books so we can set him work ourselves, and physically see that he is doing stuff. We also want to find out about tutors once we know which subjects we should be looking at, we suspect science as a starting point but we could be wrong. And you are so right snapdragon about being out of it, 5 mins once a year is not enough, particularly when we are so removed from everything (about 6 miles from the school and all his friends, and there is no-one nearer as we are very rural) plus the school give little in communication, the new head has said he is looking into some sort of portal to improve this so that parents can see progress and get feedback from teachers.
  13. haha the cynic in me would say that would entail too much effort from them, he doesn't get homework in general to do in a club!!!! Im sure if they gave homework the school may fair better in the results. Cats tails, I will take that advice, going to look into text books or syllabus books. My husband left a message for the year head yesterday, and today, about us going in to ask our questions. Still waiting for a response.
  14. Heres the plan so far. No matter how we try we aren't sure we can manage the logistics of moving him. We both work full time so cannot see how we would get him from a bus at 4pm from a village about 4 miles away. This may leave us little option. My husband has contacted the school so we can go in and have a conversation, about their changes and what we can expect, where he is at and more importantly where he could be. We will also ask them and others about tutors. We need pointers on what subjects he's not doing so well in. Regarding us supervising him, even if I did know what I was doing, and Im definitely no teacher ( I could help him with Maths but its the one subject he doesn't need help with) we are not around to do this, he comes in and does his work long before we get in. By the time we are in and dinner is done, it usually long gone 7, often nearer 8 and IMHO no time for school work. If i (or we) were lucky enough to be around to supervise him then we'd be able to get him too and from a better school. Hence my frustration as we both need to work. I admire those who feel they can supervise a teen or give valuable input to secondary work, I'd have no confidence about doing this at all, Im not sure where Id even start. Why can't it just be a better school. A friend mentioned syllabus work books... do they still exist, does anyone know if they are any good?
  15. Thanks. AndyRoo - we did try to move at the turn of the year, motivated by the school issue amongst other things. The house was on the market for a few months but we got to the point that we had to draw a line under it as we'd had no interest and realised it wouldn't happen before the start of GCSe's. We couldn't transfer school and to move as we would have been going about 65 miles away. In relation to tutors, do they have to be subject specific? Or can you get a general one? He likes Maths, English and History, but does also admit his teachers in that are quite interesting. I don't think he needs help at Maths. He probably does with Science though. Mullet hunter we had the talk previously, he know won't really talk as he knows we want to move him! When we discussed it previously we said he needed to pull his socks up, we now make him do an hours work a night. He does spend that time in his room but I have no real idea how to check if what he's doing is valuable or making a difference. A lot of it is on line. We went in to the school at the beginning of the year to see his year head, they didn't have any issue with him, its just us thinking he's coasting so we have seen no difference and they certainly don't send any extra work home. I find their communication bad, when he was off sick I asked for work for him to catch up on and got no reply! I know that perhaps I should chase but I find that hard for lots of reasons, not least it frustrates me they don't do their job, I do mine! The school have just appointed a new head, but will we see any difference and if we don't its too late for my son. I just feel they say what they think you want to hear and then change little.
  16. My son is in year 9 and goes to his catchment school by taxi (we live very rurally). We have never been happy with the school, his progress is going backwards - he is bright but will not do stuff unless he has to, he needs to be pushed and the school just don’t do it. For example he very rarely gets homework. There has been a shocking lack of permanent teachers and lots of supply teachers Now our worst fears are confirmed, in the most recent ratings the school was given 1/5 in each category and ranked 2871 out of 3088 in the country!!! We live in the country for goods sake not an area where other issues have a knock on effect There would be lots of hurdles to moving him. Firstly our son really objects to moving schools, he just says no - he’s very settled and happy. Would that make it a recipe for disaster? And is it a wise thing to do when he’s been where he is for 3 years and is about to start GCSEs Logistically it’s going to be a nightmare too, the next nearest, which is a relatively good school would mean a bus ride for him and us organising how to get him to a bus stop 5 miles away day in day out, so we need to be very sure. Im so scared to make the wrong decision. Can he do well somewhere so rubbish? I know there are many wise people on here who will provide me with food for thought. Thanks.
  17. Timewasters???? I think this may win an award... i live in a very rural property, with no neighbours but surrounded by fields and on a river bank. Thr first people that viewed spent AGES looking round, asked me millions of questions and seemed genuinely interested. After they had been here what seemed like forever, the wife asked me quietly whilst we were in our own “do you get creatures here?” She paused and then added in a hushed tone “like rats or mice I couldn’t handle that”. I’m a country property???? Really
  18. Ummm, whilst it’s a good starting point it does use generalised info that sometimes over looks common sense!! I am technically in a high flood risk area, that’s true I live next to a river on a flood plain. However, whilst this is hard to describe and visualise, my house is lower than the river - there’s a flipping great river bank between me and the river which is higher than my house. Every year they deliberately flood the river and it flows the other side, creating beautiful welney washes, and by doing so it protects the farms / land this side. Try explaining that to an insurance company! We do get insurance from sensible companies but we can’t use the online comparison sites. Do you live within 100 meters of a river, yes, how much higher than the river are you???? Computer can’t accept that we are lower and safe! Frankly if our side flooded half of east Anglia would probably be gone. Ive lived here 12 years without incident despite the deluges in recent years. Good luck with your search.
  19. Completely agree, we didn’t either but as we all know men like to multitask and may like that it’s a free sideline.
  20. Love ours, best purchase ever, even tight husband says the same. Cooking roast chestnuts as we I type, first of the year. Delicious
  21. Oh how disappointing It arrived this afternoon and is faulty. I have fully charged it and whilst it turns on, within a few seconds (literally) it turns off again. Doesn't matter which attachment or what you do, it turns off. Have already emailed them asking how I return it for a refund. Its very frustrating because it would only take someone a matter of seconds to work out this machine is not ok. I liked the machine though so it was a good choice in that way ... considering whether to buy it new now.
  22. Thank you for the recommendation. I have been keeping an eye on their website until one I wanted came up. Ive just ordered a vax, its a refurbished model so Im not too sure what to expect but it was a fraction of the new price. Your experience was good so I hope mine is too. Thanks again
  23. Can anyone give a cheap recommendation please. We have a handheld Dyson which we love and would recommend but am wanting a cheapy for my caravan. They seem to really vary in quality so I thought I'd ask to see if anyone has a good one. I'm not sure it matters if it's cordless, would be better if it is I guess but not if it adds too much to the cost. I hope you can help. Thanks.
  24. Wow Daphne I say lucky you having a brush that lasts 5.5 years. My electric toothbrush is a non negotiable luxury having had very bad gums prior to my son being born 13 years ago, and despite my care and love for my brush they have never lasted that long - I guess my longest is about 3 years. They usually die just outside of warranty!!

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