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  1. Hi Guys. Just got in 6 Cobb eggs and my broody snapped out of it yesterday . Does anyone in my area have a spare incubator I can borrow/hire/rent (happy to pay) in case I can't get her interested again?
  2. Definitely I haven't been able to get hold of your Nutriment man yet (have been really busy the last few weeks and it did slip my mind) but will keep trying him as a lot of you seem to really rate Nutriment. I've also found a company in Basildon called Paws Pantry - I wonder if any of you in Omlet Land have tried them?
  3. Hi again - thought I would re-visit this with an update. About 4 weeks ago I took the plunge and switched Rosie to raw and it helped immediately with the poo's, as she now only goes twice, perhaps three times a day. We are still using the crate which she is more than happy to be in. She sleeps in it every night, but only has a couple of days a week in it when I'm at work so she has a couple of days to freely wander about the room. Apart from one odd accident she has been completely clean. She's currently eating Natures Menu and is looking better already. Her coat has improved and there is virtually no shedding now, and she has lost weight. It seems odd that she had such a small amount of kibble but was still quite chubby (though when she saw the vet when she had the runs she said that Rosie's intestines felt inflamed so perhaps it was bloating, not fat) and now eats more in raw food but is losing weight and is actually developing a waist (wish I could get one of them ) so I suppose it goes to show that the raw is suiting her better. All in all, very happy with the way things are going
  4. Hi. The crate I was given is a very large one so she does have tons of room in it, I meant more like wandering around the room She had a couple of spells in it today when I had to pop out - I gave her a couple of kibbles after she went in, and another before letting her out. I want her to be happy and comfortable in it, but she must be used to a crate already as she was not at all worried about being shut in it.
  5. Oh dear, we had been doing so well.......... In the last week of back to basics toilet training there had only been one indoor poo...but this morning I got up at 4am to let them out and there was two poo's, then got up at 7.30am and there was another one!!. I was fortunate to be gifted a large crate from freecycle, but had not set it up as we were doing so well, but now it's in the kitchen and Rosie has had a couple of 2 or 3 mins shut in it, and she seems quite happy and settled in it. I'm popping out for about 20 mins shortly so she can have a little bit longer in it. I'm happy for her to be in it overnight but what about during the day when I'm at work? I've never kept a dog in a crate before and worried that she wont be able to get up, stretch her legs and have a drink etc.
  6. Hi guys. I have been thinking of a raw diet (and was following the other post on here about it closely) as so may of you obviously rate it very highly. I did discuss it with my vet who thought it would be too rich for her and set off the projectile poo-ing again, but I gather from your comments that most vets don't seem to like it. I think I will give it a try, her coat is also poor (she moults constantly) so it should also help with that as well. If I introduce it very gradually into her diet......... Quickcluck - if you could give me the number I would appreciate it Dogmother - Cyrus looks beautiful, a real picture of health The training has been going well, only one accidental poo in three days so I think the kibble reinforcement is helping her to get the message.
  7. Hi all. I agree a cage seems to be the way to go so I will ask on freecycle/freegle, as the only friends with dogs don't have cages either. I hope the kibble treats are working, as today there was nothing when I got up and when I got in from work (though it may just be a coincidence as I've only been doing it for a couple of days). I'm really taking rosie back to basics, and going out in the garden every 1/2 hour, waiting for 'something' from her, give treat and back in. In a couple of days we'll go out every hour and slowly extend the time between toilet breaks.
  8. Hi LB. No. tummy/bowels are normal, I think what you have said is right - she has 'forgotten' to be clean. I was up this morning at 4am for a wee myself, so took the opportunity to let the dogs out to give her a chance to go, but after waiting in the garden for 20 mins - nothing . But fortunately nothing when I got up again later. I think a crate is a good idea but unfortunately don't have the funds for one at the moment.
  9. After her last bout of diarhea (spl?) I was told to put her on the old favourite of chicken and rice until it cleared up, but she continued being bad for several more days and only returned to normal when I put her back onto the Wainrights. And strangely, she is never 'ill' when she has the runs - she's as happy, lively, and still has the same huge appetite as normal. She's a bit of a puzzle, but we love her.....
  10. Meant to say also, that I agree she does seem to go a lot - a lot more than any other dog I've got/had but with her food intolerance/IBS I'm worried about changing her food again as it would probably set of a bout of the runs again.
  11. Hi. We did go to the vet as she had about 3 bouts of the runs (really bad ) and had loads of tests. She's had vit B (or was it B12) injection, antibiotics and anti-inflamatories in case of infection, stool samples checked, several blood test for all sorts of medical conditions and all came back negative so vet concluded it must be a food intolerance or IBS. She has been on Wainrights grain-free for quite some time and has not had the runs since she started it - apart from when I tried to change her diet to something else (on other peoples recommendations) and back came the raging trots, so really want to keep her on the Wainrights as it does seem to 'agree' with her. She has the appropriate amount for her weight and is mot overweight, but does seem to be permanently hungry and would eat till she explodes given the opportunity.
  12. Oh great and wise ones, I'm in need of some advice.... Approx 9 months ago I adopted Rosie, a 5 year old ex-breeding Scottie. A gorgeous, sweet natured girl who has settled in with us (me and two other small doggies) so well. She had lived all her life in a kennel so I new some serious house training would be required. This was surprisingly easy and she was completely clean within 3 - 4 weeks But recently, the last month at the most, she seems to have lost her ability to be clean (and I'm talking about no. 2's ) She still goes in the garden but, to give you an example, there was 2 deposits in the kitchen when I got up, she did nothing before I left for work (not surprising) and there was another when I got in from work, and she went again in the garden !! I'm doing the usual things of staying out in the garden and giving lots of praise when she does go (which is what I did before) but it is just not working this time. My next thought is to keep some of her kibble in my pocket and give her a couple when she goes in the garden as she is VERY food oriented, and see if this is more exciting for her than simple praise. I've had several rescue dogs over the years and most needed toilet training so some extent but this time it seems so difficult. Any advice or tips would be VERY gratefully received. Thank you, and sorry for the long post and having to talk 'poo'.
  13. from this........ to this..... to this...... SSSOOOOOOO yummy
  14. No, never tried yoghurt. I have the Yonanas one. I find 1 banana is enough per person plus a handful of blackberries, raspberries etc (whatever takes your fancy). I cut the bananas into thirds before freezing and put 1 piece through then a small amount of other fruit, then the next piece followed by other fruit etc, as this gives a much better blend between the fruit. I have a large blackberry bush in the garden so they are all picked and frozen, and I buy other soft fruit whenever I see it in the reduced section and put it straight in the freezer until needed
  15. Angie, don't panic , as technically it's not ice cream. It has no milk or cream or anything like that - it's just frozen fruit pulverized to make it like ice cream. And fruit is good for you so there is no guilt (that's what I tell myself)

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