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  1. He didn't make it He got through the op but died in recovery . I know it was an accident, but I am SO,SO angry at myself as it was my carelessness that has cost Boris his life. He was a lovely boy, I hatched him myself 2 1/2 years ago and was so calm and placid and looked after his girls - he didn't deserve this. Sorry, I'm having a wallow - had to hold it together at work after getting the call, but now having a bit of a blub. Nicola
  2. My dog.......totally my fault & feeling SO guilty.... Boris (cockerel) sleeps in the brick shed next to the house (It's more sound proof than the coop for the early morning crowing) and gets taken out and placed in the run with his girls at 8am. This morning I did not notice that Rosie (new dog I've only had a couple of months) slipped out the back door behind me so as I lifted Boris out she went for him . I had to kick her off him (not too hard, just enough so she let go) and scooped him up, but Rosie had him round the neck and Boris now has a huge, deep skin tear round the back of his neck, and if you lift it you can see the tissue and muscle underneath. He has been rushed to the chicken vet, and left there for the wound to be flushed and stitched. The triage nurse was explaining about chooks and anaesthetic, shock etc - things I know but I suppose she has to tell me these things. I'm being hopeful, as he wasn't sat in total shock, was in fact quite 'interactive' at the vets, and it wasn't bleeding too much but it must hurt like hell. Just got home for a cup of tea to steady the nerves before I go into work. I'll let you know how he gets on, but please for him. Nicola
  3. Hi Jacquie, I'm 'next door' to you in Basildon . I bought some chooks from Smilers Farm about 5 years ago and was very happy with them. I went back there last year and was not impressed - I felt there was too many birds in too small a pen, and quite often young birds with a cockerel in with them (I assumed that was so he would sort out any squabbles and they were so crowded - though I could be wrong), they seemed very dirty and there were some in stables that were almost in complete darkness. I have not been back since so it may have changed now. I bought two bantams from Wheatley Farm (after walking away from Smilers) and they are fantastic birds. The place is great, clean (there are two Saturday boys who give all the pens a thorough clean out every week) and the birds are well cared for, and one chap there is really knowledgeable. I have been buying my feed there since then and have got very chatty with one of the women there and she jokingly moaned the guy who owns W Farm is so passionate about chooks he is letting the chooks take over the garden centre side of things, and I also noticed that the 'hen hotel' has taken off really well. I think it's good to see that this is a passion for him, not just an attempt to make a quick buck. I have been to Barling Poultry but only because they were taking in one of my cockerels I hatched. Didn't see the set up (it was dark by the time I got there) but the people were lovely. It's just my opinion of each place, but I hope it helps. Nicola
  4. I have had a set of Wahl clippers for the last 15 years and they still work brilliantly. They have the set blade with plastic combs, and about once a year I remove the blades and send them off to Wahl to be sharpened. Funnily enough, I use them on my Poodle and have never had a problem with them and her coat. Perhaps there are different degrees in the quality of Wahl products?
  5. I have worked at a Funeral Directors for 20 years, and can assure you that there is no legal rule/law that says you have to have a funeral service - only (as someone else has said) that your death is registered and you body 'disposed of' in an appropriate manner). You could consider taking out a Pre-Need/Pre-Paid funeral plan as on this you can state all your wishes and requirements for your funeral. The only 'problem' with these is that they are NOT legally binding and you have to trust that your family will carry out your wishes. Once you die a family member or close friend would have to go to the funeral diector to get them to carry out the plan (no funeral directer will automatically know that you have died - and there are other papers that would need to be signed) but they can change some of the details - eg changing the coffin, adding extra limusines etc - over the years we have had families who have said 'can we add.....' or 'we don't need......, don't include it', that sort of thing. I suppose you could have something drawn up with a solicitor and keep it safe where your family know where it is - but again you have to trust them that they would carry it out. Unless they told the FD's about these wishes they will not know about them and arrange whatever funeral the Next of Kin asks for. You could suggest to family that you do not want a service, just to be taken to be bured/cremated but they could arrange a memorial service. They could still have a full service, a minister/humanist to officiate, all as if it was a full funeral service but you simply wouldn't be there. It's a difficult situation, as the service is 'closure' for people and their chance to say their goodbyes to you, but if your wished differ, again, you have to trust they will carry them out. Hope this helps, Nicola.
  6. So glad to hear she is doing well . Thanks, but it was all down to my sister. She went into vet nurse mode and was brilliant - she googled and read loads of articles and watched you tube clips and just went for it . Left on my own I would have paniced and wouldn't have had a clue what to do.
  7. Just thought I'd add - we used a LONG length of vet wrap and criss-crossed it all round her body. We crossed it between her legs, up her chest, over her back, down and under her wings etc., in a kind of figure of eight all over her (it was something we saw when we did a google) as Henrietta managed to get out of the first few bandages we did. We found that the wrapping caused her to lose her balance so we kept her in the small box and after an hour or so she worked out to lean on the side to stop herself from falling over (we kept her wings 'out' so she could use them to help her balance). It worked for us so I hope it works for Twizzle (great name ) Nicola
  8. Thanks guys, but panic over............just checked e-mails and there is a message - yay. I know I couldn't probably go until the weekend but I was so eager to make the arrangements.......well, you know what it's like when you've got a PURPLE CUBE to pick up Nicola
  9. Oh, I didn't know that, thanks. Got to leave for work now but if there is no message from the seller tonight I'll try that. Thanks again. Nicola.
  10. Sorry....there's been a few ebay questions recently but I'm having a problem as a buyer. On Sunday I won a PURPLE CUBE !!!!! (very excited as you can imagine) but I'm having trouble getting hold of the seller. They wanted payment by paypal so paid as soon as I had won it, and 10 mins later had an email from seller saying 'congrats, thanks for prompt payment, this is our address and when do you want to collect etc'. I responded immediately but so far have not had a reply. I sent another message on Monday evening but again, nothing. At what point would you start to feel worried. Is it possible my messages are not reaching the seller - but then if I was the seller I would be getting in touch saying 'where are you' sort of thing . I have said in my e-mail that I can collect any day this week or at the weekend but I cannot collect next week at all. Any advice would be appreciated as I am so keen to go and collect and I'm starting to feel a little concerned. Nicola
  11. I had an ex-bat prolapse last november. My sister was visiting for a few days at the time and as an ex vet nurse knew what to try. We smothered her in Prep. H and kept a cotton wadding pressed against her vent to hold it in. We spent a couple of days trying different ways to tie the bandage but she always managed to remove it so decided to wrap her in all directions around her body in vet wrap so there was NO way she could remove it. It means she couldn't poo so every couple of hours we lifted the vet wrap to slip out the wadding, let her poo, made sure she was clean and then more prep. H and wadding back in place. Each time we did this the prolapse popped out but a little less each time. We did this all day and overnight she was left for about 12 hours without a 'toilet break' and in the morning we unwrapped her, she did the most massive poo you've ever seen (sorry if to much information) and it stayed in - yay . I kept her in the cat basket for another day to keep an eye on her and then put her back with her friends. She started laying again about a week later with no problems but then stopped at christmas and hasn't started again - which is fine by me as she is still fit and healthy. Hope this helps. I was so glad it happened when my sister was here as I wouldn't have had a clue otherwise. Nicola.
  12. Hi Maria Boris seems OK now. He hasn't been 'fussing' the spur and it has not bled since, he's not limping or standing on one leg so even though I'm sure it must be sore, it's better than the other day when it happened. Poor Henri, he wants to be outside with me if I'm out there but Boris stalks him - it would be funny if Boris didn't then attack him - but Boris doesn't bother so much when Millie and Freda go out. Can he tell that Henri is male and sees him as a threat - are cockerels that clever, or has Boris just taken a dislike to him . I just read your update on Florence, I'm glad she seems better -keeping fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. Nicola
  13. Boris had an accident yesterday Whilst chasing Henri (small dog) in the garden, Boris launched himself feet first, Henri ducked sideways out the way and Boris collided with the hen house and snapped one of his spurs off right down to the base. It bled like mad so I sat for quite a while with a wad of kitchen roll on it but it continued to drip for most of the day. Every so often I puffed some AB wound powder on it and it had stopped bleeding by bedtime. It must be sore as the 'live' inner part of the spur is exposed - is there anything else I should do or just leave him be now as it heals. I have dealt with broken nails before, is a spur just a 'bigger nail' that will heal itself over? Thanks, Nicola ps - I dont let Boris attack the dogs - I accompany all 3 dogs when they need to go out as Boris can be a "Ooops, word censored!", but on this occasion he employed stealth tactics and snuck up on us by sneaking round and behind the veg patch.
  14. How odd, but could she perhaps have been knocked over and sat on?? It sounds silly but it happened to one of my girls a couple of years ago. I found her in the cube with her legs through the bars, almost on her side. When I got her out she couldn't move her legs or stand but it gradually came back over 20 minutes and she was then running about as normal. I assumed that as she had been pushed down and was stradling the bars her legs had gone numb and 'dead' and once I lifter her out the circulation and feeling came back. Just a thought . Nicola
  15. On breakfast TV this morning they said that Richard Branson was going to start using 'glass bottomed planes' Not sure if it's their joke or his...
  16. I haven't used shampoo for about four years now. I need to wash my hair every day and just use a good conditioner, and I've found it cleans your hair just as well as shampoo (as well as conditioning at the same time ) Nicola
  17. I use this for my cat as ever the vet can't get a tablet down Norman's throat
  18. Oh Maria, I've only just seen this, I feel devastated for you . You seem to have had such a tough time of it recently. I know what your girls (and the boys) mean to you so I can imagaine how awful you must be feeling right now. Lots of love and TLC for the girls and for you. (((((((Big hugs)))))) Nicola.
  19. Thanks for the info, Chucky Mama. I had no idea that drontal was in so many other products. I'll have to get more organised and mark on the calender when they are due to be wormed. Looks like we'll stick to Milbemax then. ooohh, that sounds unpleasant . Millie wasn't ill as such, she had a kind of 'bad trip'. She spent the evening running around the house, snapping at the air as if she could see something buzzing about, and became quite frantic . Fortunately she wasn't distressed at all (I was though as I couldn't get her to settle or calm down for a few hours). When I spoke to the vet she said she had never heard of such a reaction, and the only way to tell if it was the Drontal was to give her another one but I certainly wasn't going to put her through that again so have stuck to Milbemax ever since. Nicola
  20. I have always been a bit erratic when it comes to worming the dogs, and usually get the wormers from the vets - not the cheapest way of buying them, I know. Can anyone recomend a good wormer I can buy on line without perscription (my vet charges £10 for the perscription alone) as I think I'll be able to be more organised if I haven't got to trundle off to the vet each time. I have used Milbemax over the last few years simply as my vet only seems to have that or Drontal and Millie had a weird allergic reaction to Drontal when she had it once, but I'll happily use any brand if it has a good recommendation/reputation. I hope the vast knowledge held in 'Omlet land' can help . Nicola
  21. And try not to breathe in the fine dust.........coz when you blow your nose............
  22. Got the Prep. H, and as my sister (who is a Vet. Nurse) has been here today she has helped me. Bathed and dried her again, applied the stuff and my sister decided to deal with the 'business' end for me and so far it has stayed in. Chookie layed an egg today, but I'm hoping that as she has spent just over 24 hours in the dark that there won't be one tomorrow .
  23. Forgot to say, tomorrow I'll get some Prep H. from the chemist and try to pop it back in.
  24. Well, not mine obviously but was just out tucking everyone in and noticed on of the ex bats had a prolapse and very mucky bum. Brought her in, washed and blow dried her and checked it over. It's a bit bigger than a large marble, and the surface was already scabbing over so she must of had it a few days (feel terrible that I hadn't noticed it before but we've had such awful weather I hadn't been out to them as much as usual). It did pop back in but then popped out again. I've sprinkled it with sugar but I only have 'splenda', will that work just the same?? She is in the dog crate in the shed tucking into a bowl of corn. She seems fine in herself, she certainly isn't bothered by it and luckily it doesn't seem that any of the others had been either. Off to read up on it in Poultry Health now. Nicola
  25. I really think I have, and I'll happily shout it from the rooftops - JOHNATHAN NURSE at Cherrydown Vets, Basildon is just FANTASTIC !!!

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