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  1. I agree, but I didn't expect to find those feet on my bed, though she had wiped her feet as she didn't leave a mark on the bedding. No poos in the house either - clever girl Nicola
  2. Last Sunday was a lovely sunny day so had the back door open and one of the new ex-bats kept wandering in the kitchen and had to be 'encouraged' out . Later on, I popped upstairs and found her again....... She was so busy staring out the window she didn't even notice me come into the room to take her picture Nicola
  3. Just checked her again now it's lighter and she is still in the nestbox but she gave me her 'do you mind, I'm trying to lay an egg here' clucks . I did lift her out and place her on the roosting bars on the far side of the cube and she pottered back to the nest, then I lifted her out and put her in the run and after giving me a severe talking to for doing so she walking about OK. Phew......
  4. Got up extra early (6.30am) and rushed out and opened the pop hole with trepidation - and there was Lily sitting up, looking fine . I had put her back in the cube thinking she would be less stressed with her pals, and as she seemed so hot I thought bringing her inside wouldn't be a good idea. I took the nest box divider out and propped her chest against the raised bit the roosting bars sit on so she wasn't laying flat with her beak in the shavings - but this morning there she is sitting up, NO panting, and when I prodded her with my finger (much to her disgust) she stood up . I will check again shortly when they actually get up and out of the cube but at first glance she seems fine. I can't think what could have happened. The only thing is perhaps she was sat on and squished by her pals and perhaps her legs went numb due to being pushed through the bars and it caused her to overheat. Oh why do chickens have to cause you such panic , so relieved that she seems OK. Nicola
  5. Just been to tuck the girls in and found Lily lying flat on her belly and chest on the roosting bars with her legs dangling through, and she is panting heavily. I brought her in to check her over and found that she cannot stand up at all. She can grip with her toes but she doesn't seem able to spread her toes out to put her foot down flat. She is panting heavily but not 'rattling or rasping' at all and when you feel through her feathers her body feels very hot (and her breath feels hot - though I don't know how hot their breath normally is). Bottom clean, nostrils clear, eyes clear and bright - just legs, panting and hot. I've given her a couple of drops of Nutri Drops and then about 4 mls of water slowly dripped in her beak to ensure she is not dehydrated and she did try to move about and stand up after a while, but didn't succeed. Anyone have any ideas?? She was as bright as a button this morning and has been laying well through winter with no problems (laid yesterday but not today). Why do these things happen late of an evening?? If she is still here in the morning I will get to the vet as soon as I can. Nicola
  6. Hi You do sound much more positive today. It's amazing how just talking through your worries can make such a difference to how you feel about a situation. A kind of therapy perhaps . I hope that my local knowledge of the place you got the chooks from has helped you in deciding how to tackle them - or on the other hand, hasn't frightened you too much . Good luck with finding a solution. Nicola
  7. Thanks for the replies. I pressed F12 when it was trying to start up and went into 'diagnostics' and it would appear that the Hard Drive has become disconected. as it said 'no drive detected'. Fred, funnily enough I had said 'let's go to PC World tomorrow' - perhaps not now. M & D said they know a computer chappie who always fixes/upgrades etc for them so they will get him to look at it when they are back home in a few days. Hope it isn't too expensive as I'll obviously be paying the bill. Nicola.
  8. I don't think they deliberately lied, I asked the question as others were talking to her and she answered in a flustered 'oh, i think so, yes'. Perhaps they are the sort who don't worry/care about battery hens/eggs and do buy them generally - if so, I've learnt something new about this lovely couple who I've known for about 30 odd years. Nicola.
  9. I know some of you are quite computer savvy.... I've just broken Mum & Dads laptop, Mum had it on her lap, plugged in across the room and I tripped over the lead and the laptop fell on the floor with a crash. No marks on it and nothing obviously broken but it just wont work. The screen had frozen and it wouldn't respond, so I switched it off and back on again and now it just comes up with a black screen that says :- Broadcom UNDI PXE-2.1 v2.1.0 Copyrught © 2000-2006 Broadcom Corporation Copyright © 1997-2000 Intel Corporation All rights reserved. PXE-E61 : Media Test failure, check cable PXE-M0F : Exiting broadcom PXE ROM. We have fiddled with the cable and taken the cable out and tried switching it on whilst not being plugged in. Have tried 'Ctrl + Alt + Delete' trick, tried pressing the F2 (set up) key as it comes on, but it will not move on from this screen. Any ideas ?? or have I totally killed it ?? If anyone has any ideas we can try please explain them in words of one syllable as we are both computer numptes. Or, I may be buying them a new lap-top as a late Xmas present . Nicola
  10. I feel really bad and guilty now. Last night went to my parents neighbours party - it's a ritual every Christmas Eve with the same group of friends going, and they always make egg sandwiches which are really yummy, and everyone makes a bee line for them - the the extent that they don't bother making any other types of sarnies. I casually threw into the conversation about them being free range and was told yes, they were - but towards the end of the evening I saw the boxes in the kitchen and they were battery eggs. I can't say anything as Mum & Dad will be mortified if I made a fuss (and they don't really see what the problem is), and the hosts would be really emabarassed - but I feel really guilty now, so much so that I went out and apologised to my ex-bats this morning, how daft is that Nothing I can do about it now but wanted to 'confess' to those who would understand. Nicola
  11. I love Pam Ayres poems , but this one is especially poinient (spl?). Think I'll e-mail it to a friend who 'doesn't see the harm' in battery hens (even though she's seen the state of mine when just released). Nicola
  12. Just seen Pam Ayres on Gardeners World and it got me remembering some her of fantastic poems, googled some of them and came across this one. I know she's a patron of the BHWT but didn't know she'd written a poem to them. Enjoy Oh. I am a battery hen, on me back there's not a germ, I never scratched a farmyard, and I never pecked a worm, I never had the sunshine, to warm me feathers through, Eggs I lay. Every day. For the likes of you. When you has them scrambled, piled up on your plate, It's me what you should thank for that, I never lays them late, I always lays them reg'lar, I always lays them right, I never lays them brown, I always lays them white. But it's no life, for a battery hen, in me box I'm sat, A funnel stuck out from the side, me pellets comes down that, I gets a squirt of water, every half a day, Watchin' with me beady eye, me eggs roll away. I lays them in a funnel, strategically placed, So that I don't kick 'em and let them go to waste, They rolls off down the tubing, and up the gangway quick, Sometimes I gets to thinkin' "That could have been a chick!" I might have been a farmyard hen, scratchin' in the sun, There might have been a crowd of chicks, after me to run, There might have been a cockerel fine, to pay us his respects, Instead of sittin' here till someone comes and wrings our necks. I see the Time and Motion clock, is sayin' nearly noon, I 'spec me squirt of water, will come flyin' at me soon, And then me spray of pellets, will nearly break me leg, And I'll bite the wire nettin' and lay one more bloody egg. Nicola
  13. Ooooh, perhaps it was my parcel that Yodel insist they delivered but never did. I asked for it to go to my work address and apparently they delivered it to the back door and left it there as no one was in - yet you have to walk past the front door to reach the back and there are four of us in the office so there would always be someone in - Nicola
  14. Hi, are you too far for the Essex rescue ?? When I spoke to them yesterday they had loads of girlies looking for homes. Nicola
  15. Just put my name down for 4 girlies from the Essex rescue on 29th Dec. I was going to keep the empty eglu free for hatching again next year, but saving some of these girles is more important. Roll on 29th - can't wait . Nicola
  16. Nothing like that from this little one yet as he was the least dominant of the three boys, and def. the quieter one (though I'm sure he'll 'develop' now he is the only boy) but the ex-batts have kept him in his place today. There were only half a dozen little squabbles as he kept out of their way most of the time, but he has been eating/drinking OK, and he hasn't crowed once today (not that he crowed much before).......I think the move has shocked him into silence . I do hope he stays quiet as he is the pretty one I would love to be able to keep if possible. Nicola.
  17. That's my main problem, tin rings, and a water mark under the table-top dishwasher that leaked. That's what I was worried about. Spent the morning rubbing them down with the electric sander (hands are still tingling now) and oiled them. One tin ring has almost disapeared, and the others and the water mark are not so obvious now. I'll leave it a day and then oil them again so I'll have to learn to live with the other marks. Thanks chaps.
  18. I have been trying to sand down the kitchen worktops to get rid of some water stain marks. I was told to use the finest sandpaper as co"Ooops, word censored!"r ones wil score scratches into the wood. I've bought the '3M' branded sandpaper which is rated by a number from co"Ooops, word censored!" to fine so bought number 320 (which is the finest) but its not sanding down enough to remove the marks, so do I need a co"Ooops, word censored!"r one to sand slightly deeper and then finish with the fine one?? I did ask this question in the DIY shop but they didn't have a clue - and I don't want to use the wrong one incase I do scratch the worktop too much, so I wonder if anyone in Omletland would know. Thanks, Nicola
  19. Well, boy number two has gone to the butcher leaving the one little chap on his own. The one who has gone was getting very amorous with Lily and Doris (as they are the only ones still laying at the mo.) and very noisy. So I took the plunge and moved the last boy in with the 3 ex-bats in the . I didn't think it was fair leaving him living on his own and thought the ex-bats would be better as A) I think they have a bit more room than the six in the cube (both cube and classic have two extensions on them), B) the ex-bats are not as dominant as the big girls in the cube, and C) none of them are laying anymore so hopefully he won't be pestering them. He is a bit shocked and stunned at the moment, and they did chase him round the run so he went and hid in the house. I hope I've done the right thing and they settle soon. Nicola
  20. I'm pleased to report that Lily and girl chick, who I've christened Gladys (after a dear, old, lovely neighbour from a few years ago) have settled really well into the cube. There has been no pecking or bullying at all, it's as if they have always been in there (well, I know Lily was before). Noisy boy went to the butcher and came back weighing just under 3lb (not bad for a bird just 16 weeks old, or so the buther tells me). The butcher was so nice and reassured me about everything, especially the 'deed' itself. The two remaining boys are not as noisy yet and also have a deeper crow (noisy boy was very high pitched and shrill) so hopefully they can stay for a while longer. Today they all came out to freerange for the first time since Saturday and fortunately didn't try to maul any of the girls , much better manners than last time. Nicola
  21. Lily's babies are now 16 weeks old and when I let everyone out to FR today I realised that the three boys hormones had kicked in. Two were chasing their sister around the garden, leaping on her and being rather.....erm.....amorous (the other was trying it on with every one else ). The poor girl was terrified, constantly running away from them, at one point she found an empty plastic flower pot laying on it's side and tried to crawl in it - but unfortunately it left the bit of her that the boys were interested in poking out. So, I've taken the plunge and moved Lily and the girl chick into the cube run with the others, Lily was in there before she moved out to have her babies and she has wanted to go back for a while but I kept her with her chicks so I didn't have to introduce the girl to them on her own. Things have been quiet this afternoon, no pecking or nastiness, just uncomfortable stares and everyone keeping out of everybody elses way - I hope it stays that way tomorrow. The most dominant boy has discovered his voice as well as his hormones today - he was crowing before but not too bad, but today he has suddenly become really loud so he will be going on Monday as I don't wont to upset the neighbours. Nicola.
  22. ....whilst the girls were out freeranging I heard a couple of loud 'bocks', looked out and they were all standing in the middle of the lawn staring and the side of the garden (couldn't see that side from where I was) but there was no alarm calls or panicing from anyone so I didn't worry. 30 seconds later a fox crept round the veg beds along the very back of the garden. He was slinking around the far edges of the garden - as though he didn't want to be seen - def. not stalking the girls (though that's not to say that he wouldn't have done so if the dog and I hadn't charged straight out). Natrually, the girls went straight back in their runs, phew. Nicola
  23. Nicola O


    Tesco does - I used a £1.00 off PG Tips this evening without actually buying any. Got home and discovered - guess what - that I needed to buy t bags Nicola
  24. If Paxo is not crowing at 22 weeks I guess it's a goood sign that she's a girl as my chap started at 8 weeks - although I'm no expert as this is my first hatch and first experience with chicks. But you're right, they would make the prettiest of babies together . Nicola.

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