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  1. Went to the vets this afternoon with Mille, just for her booster. Millie is a min. poodle and is 16 1/2 years old. She is in fab health and still very lively. Whilst checking her over the vet casually asked me how bad her heart murmur was. Well, Millie doesn't have a heart murmur, so I told her so and the vet was 'practically every toy/min poodle has some degree of murmur by the time they are 10 or 12' She then got her stethescope out to check and the look on her face when she realised I was right was priceless - she apparently has never yet had an older poodle without a murmur.... (I, of course, knew she didn't have a murmur as I have this conversation with the vet every year we go) Anyway, here's a couple of pics of the old girl Nicola
  2. Thanks I have absolutely no idea what he is as I was given the eggs by a chap who had a mix of birds together so I assumed they would all be 'bitzas'. He is a def. a boy as he has been crowing for the last four weeks now. If Taylor94's chook is a girl perhaps we could get them together and start a new breed Nicola
  3. Here's my little chap..........sorry they are a bit out of focus but the little devil refused to keep still I couldn't get a shot of his spikey hairdo as he kept turning away just as I hit the button. Is it just me, or is there a very strong similarity between them. Nicola
  4. Ooooh, s/he is the spit of one of my 12 week old chicks - the colour, markings, even down to the slightly spikey hair-do. Mine is def. a boy as he's been crowing for the last 4 weeks. Can't help with the breed I'm afraid , the eggs were given to me by someone I met via freecycle and I was told they would all be 'bitzas'. I'll post a picture of him tomorrow as my camera is at work at the moment. Sorry, not really much help, I just can't believe the similarity. Nicola
  5. Just looked out into the garden as the light came on to see a skinny fox trotting across the lawn and before I could move to let the dogs out my cat, Norman, appeared from behind one of the coops, went straight up to the fox and ATTACKED HIM !! He actually jumped on the fox's back and had a real go at him !! I've never seen him do this before and when he meets another cat he's the one who usually gets beaten up. Fortunately the fox just ran for it and was off over the fence. Norman had a big cuddle and a treat for being such a brave boy, and he's now settled on the armchair looking very pleased with himself. Nicola
  6. Was in the local cemetery early this morning and noticed a strange little bird scuttling about. It reminded me of a quail in size and shape, but upper part of body was plain biege/brown, wings & belly cream with little red stipes, and a bright red bill and red legs. Never seen a bird like that before and took a couple of pictures on camera phone (not very good ones as I couldn't get close enough) and I noticed he scuttled away with his head down when I got too close, rather than flying off. Just looked as the RSPB site and he seems to be a Red Legged Partidge !! He was really cute and I'll have to look out for him again the next time I'm there. (This is not my picture, by the way, my camera phone is not that good ) Nicola
  7. Thought it was time for some more pictures, if anyones interested..... Chick 1 - girl - very scatty and doesn't like being handled at the moment (sorry for the blurry picture) chick 2 - boy - very cute and cuddly, and I love his huge beard/ear muff/ punk hairdo combo (doesn't show up to well in the photo) chick 3 - boy, and def. the one in charge and very fiesty when handled. chick 4 - boy - another cuddly little chap They are just approaching 10 weeks now and growing well. Shame the boys have to go, but not yet as the butcher says they should ideally be 15 weeks before being done so I hope number 3's crowing doesn't get too loud. Lily is still more than happy with them and I've decided to let her stay with them for as long as she wants simply because if the boys are all gone before the girl is old enough to be integrated into the main flock, it will leave her on her own - it can be a test to see how dedicated Lily is : will she still be with them in another 8 weeks ?! Nicola
  8. There had been no more crowing all week, but this morning he was off again. More of a def. cock-a-doodle-do this time, still quiet, no louder than a chook clucking. He carried on for several minutes so I pottered down and crouched by the run to watch them and it's no. 2 chook - the black fellow with all the 'facial hair'. I had been watching him and hoping he was a girl as although he has a little pink comb he has no wattles yet (the other two definate boys both have quite a nice set on them now) so was praying he was a girl - but this morning settled that question . So now it's def. 1 girl and 3 boys. Lily is still living very happily with them at the mo. (they are 7 weeks now), she still shares her treats etc with them all, but they are more independant when they are freeranging - they scatter all over the place and Lily seems happy for them to go off on their own, just calling them back occasionally if she's found something tasty. Nicola.
  9. Oh dear, I think someone is trying to crow. I heard a short, strange gargle on Friday evening, but this morning, at 7am, I heard a sound like someone clearing their throat - like a croaky doodle-do - three times. It was still pretty quiet, I don't think I would have heard it if I wasn't already awake. How long does it take them to go from the first warbly croaks to full blown doodle-doing Nicola
  10. The last one has a pink comb and little pink patches under his chin, though wattles haven't actually appeared yet - it's rather a poor photo I'm afraid but he wouldn't keep still for his photo to be taken
  11. You know, I've been looking at no. 2 for the last couple of days thinking 'boy', his comb has def. got pinker in the last couple of days. Funny, he was the one I wasn't so bothered about as being plain black he was 'boring' (sorry chook ) but he looks quite interesting now he is developing face fuzz. At the moment I'm thinking 1 girl and 3 boys. Nicola
  12. Just realised I haven't posted pictures since they hatched, they are now 5 1/2 weeks and sooooo cute. One def. boy, one probable, the other two undecided yet. chick 1 - still not fully feathered yet, slightly stubbley shoulders. S/He is black with the finest dark brown mottling (though it doesn't show in the photo.) chick 2 - bigger and developed quicker than all the others (fully feathered at 2 weeks). Black which shimmers purple/blue in the sun. S/He has feathery legs, the start of a punk hairdo and poofie cheeks and a beard (looks like he's wearing a ruff) chick 3 - defo boy - also has the start of a punk hairdo. chick 4 - lovely chestnut brown and black. He also has feathery legs, probably boy (comb growing and can see start of pink wattles though they don't show in his picture). Lily has been a great mum, she wouldn't bring them out to freerange until they were about 4 weeks old, but now they are out they are loving it and the big girls aren't bothered by them at all. I moved them into the spare eglu a couple of days ago as the broody house, run + extension was starting to look quite small for them. I have no idea on breeds, though I know that they are probably little mongrels. Chick 2 reminds me of a Faverolle with the ruff and legs, but do they have punk hairdo's as well ?? Nicola
  13. Thanks everyone for your kind words ((hugs)) to you, vicki. It's so sad when they go, all we can do is give them the best life possible, for as long as they have - and Stan had a great two years. Stan was top girl in her group and always had a close bond with Sylvie who was at the bottom, and protected her from meanie Glenda who would always try to bully her. Poor Sylvie has been picked on a bit today but hopefully they'll all settle soon. My signature is soooo out of date, but with the reduction in characters I'll have to cut it down considerably if I make changes. Nicola
  14. Stan made her final journey to the happy scratching ground this evening. She came out of the cage just over two years ago and has a long and fab life, but the last few weeks has been troubled with peritonitis. It hadn't affected her too badly, but this morning she wouldn't come out of the coop and was still there when I got in from work - I don't think she had been out at all. She clearly hadn't eaten or drunk all day, but whilst gently syringing water into her I realised that she was blind !! I kept checking her vision but it was obvious that she couldn't see and when I placed her on the lawn with the others the two Skylines kept attacking her. She was clearly distressed so I made the decision to be PTS. The vet said that she may have had a stoke, though her mobility was not affected as during one attack from the others ran accross the lawn - straight into the eglu run. R I P little Stan, you will be missed. Nicola
  15. I just realised I hadn't posted any pictures, so here they are Chick 1 - the wound on the side of his face has all healed up now. chick 2 chick 3 chick 4 Chick 1 will be 3 weeks old tomorrow, with the others having their 3 week birthday over the next couple of days. Chick 2 is really big compared to the others - almost twice the size, and had loads of feathers (inc. a tail) at just 1 week old - none of the others have tails yet. Chick 4 is currently my favourite ( don't tell the others) as he is a lovely mixture of chocolate and chestnutty brown. Lily is a fantastic Mum - she keeps finding earwigs in the run and calls her babies over to share them....
  16. Last night when Lily went to bed she wandered into the coop and left her babies behind !! I waited for about 10 mins thinking she would come out and call them in, but no, she settled down and got comfy. I had to pop them in as they haven't quite worked out the ramp yet. Tonight chick 3 worked it out and followed her in but I still had to help the others. I checked each chick over today and noticed that no. 2 chick has got a little fluffyness forming down his legs. As I am playing 'guess the breed' with these chicks can anyone tell me what breed that could indicate. It has been chuckin' it down most of the day so will try and get some more pictures tomorrow.
  17. Didn't want to put them an your thread where we are talking about your gorgeous chicks. My photo's are in the 'hatching' section - my thread is 'so excited - they are all hatched'. The piccies are on page 4. Will take some more now they are out with mum and put them on later .
  18. I've come in from work to find Lily out in the run with all her babies. I brought the food a water pots outside with them and the babies piled in - I don't think Lily could have taken them back in once they were out. They've filled up on chick crumb and are now tucked under mum for a snooze. I just sat on the ground and watched them for the last half an hour - they are so lovely I could sit there for hours. What am I hatching? Not actually sure as the eggs were given to me from a nice guy I met on freecycle and I forgot to ask what they were. I emailed him last night to tell him how we got on and to send piccies and I asked then, but he just replied with 'congratulations' and didn't answer my question. I'll have to keep posting pictures as they grow and we can all play a 'guess the breed' game as well as 'guess the sex' game
  19. Lovely pics . Can I ask how old they were before mum brought them out?? The last of Lily's eggs hatched yesterday, and as it's mine (and Lily's) first hatching I was just wondering how long before they venture out.
  20. All four of my eggs that have just hatched had a day in the cold. They all hatched OK, just a day or so later.
  21. They are all hatched !!! No. 3 was out this this morning - a beatiful golden colour, and no. 4 had hatched when I got home - a lovely chocolate brown . I suppose you'll want pictures....... Chick number 1 Chick number 2 Chick number 3 Chick number 4 - still finding his feet When I popped Lily out for a few minutes the change in her was surprising, normally she has a quick poo then wants to go straight back in but today she went to her dust bath and spent 15 mins thrashing about - as though now the last chick was hatched she could finally have some 'me time' Now thay are all hatched I've moved them from the raised nest, to the floor of the house and they are all really well settled I'm not sure if it's my camera phone, or photo bucket, butI can't seem to get the pictures any bigger .
  22. Number three is not out yet, but he's well on his way....I can see his little beak beavering away at the little hole he's made, which is bigger than it was this morning. I'll post some more piccies once he's out so you can see all three Nothing from 4 yet, but day 21 was only yesterday so it can have a couple more days yet. Shame, but you never know, fingers crossed , haha!!! yes andrew is so right !!! I had my first hatching from a broody last year since then I have had 6 lots of chicks thanks to my lovely buff orps that keep going broody , its very addictive I love it!! you little house looks amazing !! its all very rewarding!!! Good luck happy hatching!!! Your telling me, I've already thought that if I start earlier next year I could get two hatches with Lily .
  23. Egg 2 hatched in the night, another little black one, no injuries this time . Number 3 seems to be on his way as well. How did the candling go Gill, hope they are all fertile.
  24. Had five originally and numbered them all (1-5 obviously). Number 5 turned out to be infertile so removed it, and so far the others have been pipping in numerical order. Chick seems OK apart from his face. Fingers and toes are all present and correct and quite lively and vocal. Nicola
  25. She seems totally bemused by the whole thing to be honest . I don't know wether he hatched with this little wound or if Lily has pecked him a bit too hard. I've just been to Pets at Home and bought an antibacterial powder for poultry and given him a little puff of it. When I lifted Lily out so I could get to him I noticed egg no 3 has pipped as well. I must have very clever chicks as they are all pipping in numerical order . Nicola

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