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  1. My Norman was bitten a couple of years ago on his shoulder. He staggered in late one night dragging his front leg, covered in blood. The vet was adamant that it was a fox as the bite was too big and deep for a cat but not big enough for a dog. The wounds had to be flushed out, antibiotics etc., and after a few days he was on the mend. He's quite a big beefy (well chubby) chap, but is often duffed up by the cat next door who is half his size. He follows her around like a love sick puppy and when she gets fed up with him she boxes his ears and sends him packing . Nicola
  2. I found a MAHOOOSIVE tick on my dog last night, right above her eye/eyebrow. Had to do the vaseline thing as had nothing else in the house. Freda hated having it smeared on her so promptly ran to the sofa to wipe her head over it and managed to rip the tick out . It came out with with all it's legs etc as it was wiggling them about, but can't tell if the mouth parts came out so will keep an eye that it doesn't get infected (have squidged some savlon on it this evening). Went to the vet after work to get the tick remover thingy just in case she finds another one. Nicola.
  3. As often as she likes.... My little Lily goes broody every month from about February to November, in fact she was off again at the weekend for the fourth time so far this year. Perhaps I could hire her out to someone who wants to hatch but doesn't have their own broody, as she seems so desperate for babies . Nicola.
  4. Hi Dolly I just posted on another thread to say that Gladys passed away this evening. She's had the implant about 9-10 weeks ago. She ballooned up again in the last couple of days and the vet drained her but sadly she collapsed and died just after we got home. When I mentioned to the vet that I had expected the implant to last longer she said that it's now thought to last only about 3 months. Nicola
  5. Just resurrecting this for an update. Sadly Gladys passed away this evening. In the last couple of days her belly ballooned up again and was clearly quite poorly. We went back to the vets and saw a great vet who is still training for her avian certificate, but was so good, knowledgable and went through all the options - she even discussed spaying her !! We settled on draining to give her immediate relief and then seeing how she went. But just after we got home she suddenly collapsed and died . I feel quilty that her last couple of hours were a bit stressy, but I know I tied my best for her and she passed away in my arms . RIP Gladys. Nicola
  6. Is it possible that she has ruptered her tendons?? I did this in me left ankle last August after slipping of the back doorstep, as I fell my left foot shot out and impacted against the wall of the brick shed just outside the door. The pain was excrutiating!! After half and hour of sobbing with the pain I realised I would need to go to hospital so phoned parents (I live alone). The A&E doctor wasn't really sure if there was a break, so i was plastered up and went back to the fracture clinic a few days later who re-x-rayed and said def no break so took the plaster off and gave me some sort of strappy on brace thingy. I had to use crutches for a few weeks and the pain lasted quite a while, so saw my own GP who thought I had ruptured the tendons and said it would just take time and I needed to do 'foot exercises' to strengthen and lengthen the tendons as they re-attach (they can apparently be really tight when they first re-attach) . Even now I still get an ache mainly at the back of the ankle, but it doesn't really cause me any bother. Don't know if this helps you but it may be another this to get the doctor to check for. Good job you are there for her and I hope she feels better soon (my parents stayed for a few days then went home so I was on my own - and no downstairs toilet for me !) Nicola
  7. Just googled the show and it's the first Saturday in September (3rd). Nicola
  8. Me too *waves*. Tracyann - There is a guy in Basildon, who has his own poultry forum, who has run auctions in Hullbridge for the last couple of years. And I'm sure I read in the local paper a few weeks ago about someone who is going to start an auction in Grays (I think) soon. Stoice - I've not been to a country show yet (didn't know of any that were reasonably local) but learnt about the Orsett Show last year - then managed to break my ankle two weeks before it so I'm looking forward to going this year. Nicola
  9. Hi Dolly It's interesting that you say that. I have two girls with the implant, the first was 1st Feb and the second 4 weeks later on 1st March. The vet said that they should have a huge moult once the hormone reaches a peak in their systems, he wasn't sure how long it would take though. So far, neither have started to moult. I was worried that the implants were not working but both have lost their swollen bottoms and are back to normal and both seem completely healthy. I suppose it just varies Nicola
  10. One of the girls from work saw a notice in the window of her local grooming parlour when she took her little Westie in today, so phoned me thinking I would want some more chooks. She took a photo of the sign and sent it to me, but all I can read is -'Free range, egg laying chickens', then her name and number (which, of course, I won't put on here). The shop is in Billericay, Essex - if anyone wants the details, PM me. (and I do want more chooks but all coops are filled to capacity at the moment )
  11. Hi Joanne Yes, sadly lost a few over the last 5 years. Mildred, Mavis, Myrtle, Frank, Eric and Dave were all ex-bats who went with either peritonitis or kidney failure (that's what the vet thought it was) and he also said that he felt that they were the most common cause of death for ex-bats as their systems are so worn out. Stan is the last surviver of the 'Frank, Eric, Dave and Stan' group who came out around June/July 2009 so I hope she makes it to her 2 years of freedom anniversary - and beyond. Nicola.
  12. I hope little Henrietta does well with the implant. I'm sure she will. As I mentioned in your other post, two of my ex-batts have it and are doing really well. The swelling went down really quickly and they have been completely normal since. I have noticed that their combs have shrunk and gone pink (natural, I suppose, as they are no longer laying), and that they both go to bed a little earlier than their housemates. I've also noticed that Stan's legs have turned slightly yellow, she has had the implant 1 month longer than Gladys, . The vet did say that they should both go through a major moult as soon as the hormone reached a peak in their system. He couldn't say how long it would take but it hasn't happened yet. Keep us posted and we'll have to compare notes . Nicola
  13. I so pleased for you that you've found a fab chook vet and I can whole heartedly agree with everything you've said. Two of my ex-bats have the implant. Stan had hers about seven weeks ago and as we caught the peritonitis really early she was not too swollen, and within a week her bottom had shrunk back to normal. Two weeks ago Gladys' bottom was huge and she was quite poorly. The vet drained a lot of the fluid off, she had Baytril and Metacam and the implant, and again, in about 10 days her bottom was down to it's normal size again and she is back to the best of health. My vet is really knowledgable and keeps chooks of his own, and certainly sees chooks as an animal worth treating (I've met a couple of vets who don't and have the 'why spend a lot of money on a bird you can replace for just a few quid' attitude ). I know that the implant is thought to only last six months but I do think it's worth it and the early signs are really positive. Best wished to you and Henrietta and I hope she continues to improve. Nicola.
  14. X rays or an internal exam would not be necessary as you can diagnose peritonitis just through feeling their bottoms (my vet is a great chook guy and that's all he needs to do) so Donna would not need to go through stressful proceedures just to be diagnosed. As Gladys' bottom was a lot larger than Stan's was, and it was obviously uncomfortable for her I asked if he would drain some of the fluid as that would give her instant relief, as well as injecting the implant. He then gave us a few days worth of antibiotics just in case of infection. There was an immediate change in her, she was slower than the others, stood around a lot with her bottom very low to the ground and her tail feathers were right down, but now bottom and tail are up and she is back to her lively self and keeping up with her mates (and her bottom is nice and small again). If Donna is at the waddling stage I would guess she is quite large so draining will give her some relief, but do bear in mind that the fluid will build up again, so it is usually just a temporary relief. I opted for the implant as well as this would stop Gladys ovulating and will prevent it building up in her again. I can't yet vouch for the implant long term, but a month down the line with Stan the signs are looking good. Hope the info and my thoughts are of help. Nicola
  15. I forgot to mention. I had another, older ex-bat fitted with the implant exactly four weeks ago. Her peritonitis was caught earlier so she was not as swollen as Gladys and did not need any fluid draining. Stans bottom has completely gone down, and I took her as well this afternoon so the vet could see how she was doing and he said that 'it feels like a perfectly normal chicken botty now'. I was so pleased , and then Stan promptly pooed on his hand as revenge for being groped . The implant doesn't last for ever, it's still in the 'experimental' stage with chooks at the moment and it is estimated to last about six months when (a) you may need another implant, (b) the hen may have stopped laying naturally by then and may not need another, or © with the laying bits having been 'rested' for a few months they may come back into lay again. This is the info the vet gave me last month, but so far (from seeing Stan) the implant def seems to be working. Hope this helps. Nicola
  16. With what you've described it does sound as though Donna has peritonitis. Have a feel of her bottom, below her vent, to see if it is swollen, soft and fluid filled. Also feel to see if the area is hot, as that may mean she has infected peritonitis. You have two options really - do nothing and make her last weeks/months as comfortable for her as you can, and have her PTS when you feel her quality of life has gone, or take her to the vets to see if they will drain the fluid from her. I was actually at the vet this afternoon with exactly this same condition, and the vet drained quite an amount of fluid from Gadys' belly, and then injected her with a Superlorin Implant, which is a type of contraceptive and will stop her ovulating, so should prevent the fluid from building up again. 4 years is a fantastic age for an ex-bat, so she's quite an old girl. Glady's only came out of the cage last November so hopefully has a lot of life ahead of her so I felt that draining and the implant were def. worth trying for her. I'm sure others will be along soon with various experiences and opinions which might help you weigh up the options. Nicola.
  17. The auction ended and the chair didn't sell (three watchers but no takers) so at least it means I won't have to package it up and post it to Hong Kong n Nicola
  18. In my mum's eyes, anything in my life is her business . I don't think she was jesting, but now I've explained my feelings on the matter I know she won't mention it again Nicola
  19. Rest assured, it was quite clearly (and firmly) explained to her exactly what I thought of that idea . Nicola.
  20. We were talking about ideas to fox proof the garden and I was explaining a few ideas that I had, when she said................ Wait for it.............. "This hen keeping hobby is getting very expensive....isn't it time you gave it up and got rid of them" Nicola.
  21. Well, everyone has been checked thoroughly in daylight and I can see no obvious cause for the blood. I'm pleased in a way as it means everyone is OK but it's still a puzzle . Just one of thing I suppose that I'll never get an answer for. Nicola.
  22. Just went to tuck every one up and collect eggs and noticed a dozen or so fairly large splodges of blood on the roosting bars. I've hoiked everyone out one at a time and checked them over. I've checked combs/wattles/face, feathers, legs/feet/toe-nails, and vents. There is not a spot of blood on anyone, admittidly I have checked them by torch light, but everyone seems fine and happy. There was a tiny drop of blood on the egg, but as I said, bottoms seem fine. I'll give them another look over in the morning but It's a puzzle as to where the blood has come from . Nicola.
  23. Good idea, will do..........how do I do that??. Nicola
  24. Thanks for the advice, If they find the desk and ask the same question I'll just type a big NO . Nicola
  25. That was my first thought actually, but I didn't want to seem rude (perhaps I'm just too nice and polite ) I just don't see why someone in Hong Kong wants to pay out to courier a chair, surely they sell chairs in Hong Kong . Nicola.

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