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  1. Hi guys. Do any of you know if bay animal housing is still trading??? If not. Who are you guys buying your walk in runs from.... And are they any good and who troubles have you had with the company?? Gary
  2. Hi All Mabel one of our original omels chickens is ill. It started yesterday when we went to let them out and all she done was sit in door way and not move but had very laboured breathing. Took her out and put her in quarentine so others wouldnt pick on her. All she done was sit in courner and not move. When I came home from work she was still in courner but had moved a bit as there were a couple of yukky poo's (grren white yellow). I picked her up and plonked her in from of a fresh bucket of water which she gulped down and she seemed to pick up a bit. I had to go back to work for rest of afternoon/evening but my wife got some white maggots for her to have just in case it a crop problem. ANyway. she went back to bed with rest of the girls last night but this moring was in the laying area not doing anything again. Again this morning we have quarentined her and given her another dose of pultry tonic and left her on her own. Im not sure what to do with her now. Do i take her to the vets or do i give her some antibiotics i have from last vets visit do i do i do i......... HELP.
  3. Thanks for that. Yes thout our run would need extending. The 9x6 and the 4x3 under the cube would make it a bit tight. Just need to think if we want more chickens and if we want a bigger WIR..............
  4. Hi guys How many chickens would you put in a cube? We have been given the chance of 2 chickens but we already have 6. Didn't know if that was going to be too many for our cube. Also, do you think that a 9x6 WIR with the underside of the cube as well is enough space for that lot. Was thinking of making the WIR bigger at a later date, but think that might be moved forward somewhat..... Cheers Gary
  5. Sorry fort jumping in on this. But how do you empty a crop. One of our new chickens has been making funny sounds most of the day. I think she has got something stuck in her crop. I cant be sure as ive not been in all day but ,my wife says shes not seen her eat since starting to make the sounds, but she did eat some veg that was put in......... Is it a bad move for me to try and massage out the crop???? Dont really want to go to the vets on a bank holiday as will cost a fortune.......... Yes I know mean ol me. But as much as I cant see suffering I cannot justify paying a callout fee for something that cost me a few pounds. OK, I know i sound like a right ol git and a horrible man so I apologise upfront and now for my comments. Gary
  6. We got 2 light Sussex on Easter weekend too. And ours too did not eat much if anything. Our food was in an Omlet Grub..... That was the problem. They were only use to eating off the gorund or out of one of those metal food containers that all chicken farms seem to have. Lucky for us we had one so put food into that and hey presto. They eat, and they eat well. Our only problem is putting them in with the original 4 Omlet hens...... We have put them in for a 10min period and christ did they go for the new girls. took them out and done same again later that afternoon for 10 mins. exactly the same. Today we put them in and left them to it. feathers everywhere. had to spray the new girls with anti-pecking spray which seems to do the trick but the other giels just go in with claws now instead of beak. we left them in for an hour and it was mayhem on and off. Whats the trick for introducing the new girls in to the orignal flock. I know there is going to be fights but hell, that was like watching tyson in the ring............ Gary
  7. I think it might be worth a shot and a trip out to get some frontline. Oh by the way we are off to the poultry show on sunday so might see some of you there. Gary
  8. Well. I done the 'Run round the WIR' thing chasing the chickens earlier. All 4 of them got a powdering, some more than others. Mabels neck looked fine today but still got a good handfull on that. all the other 3 girls looked fine on their necks so thay just got a covering when I could get hold of them. Bad daddy. they know to keep away from me now.................. Any others used frontline on chickens?? where do you put that as have never used frontline at all. CHeers Gary
  9. Hi All Having a spot of bother with what we think are lice (could be mites). Have read about the lice etc on one of the other sections of this forum and know to treat with mite powder. But. We want to know what is the best way of applyng the powder to the chicken withour causing to much stress. And how much do we put on. Cheers Gary
  10. This sounds exactly like our chickens. Mabel has had it in the past and we thought it was mites, se we tried our best at getting mite powder onto the front of her neck. It worked and the feathers went back to normal, but it has happened on a couple more occasions. Anyway, the wife was checking mabel at the weekend and found what she said were mites near her vent. so with that we mite powdered around that and done the other 3 chickens to as a precaution. But today when i get in from work and go anc heck on them all 4 of the girls are showing signed of wet feeathers on the front of their necks, but mabels is by far the worse. Im at a loss as what to do, or what to treat them for?? Any ideas?? I will try to post some photos of them tomorrow as they all gone to bed now. Cheers Gary
  11. Yes, Thought we could use that space at a later stage if we introduce others to our girls. But for now thay have the space under the Cube. Funny thing is they all rather go lay under cube than lay in run lol..
  12. Yes the run is from Chirpy Coops, But it has been modified a fair bit from what they supplied to me. Gary
  13. Hi All After a few months of work (seems like forever) here is our effort. Hope you like it. (there use to be a greenhouse on this site) (Making some progress) (this is the hard and boring part) (nearly there) (taking shape, just about to get the sand in ready for block laying) (this was the first attempt at laying the blocks) (this was the second attempt at laying the blocks) (this was the third attempt at laying the blocks. Whoooo, and the final one too) (just finishing off cutting the blocks) (the finished article) (now for the WIR) (taking shape) (looking good) (all done, just got to put the Cube on the end) (it took me over 6 hours to get the Cube fitted to the end of the WIR, long time, but it does look good) (the residents are in and having a look round) (what do you think??) (just showing the curve so the roof can still slid) (inside the WIR) (another inside shot) (Liking her new home) I hope you all like my new home for our 4 girls. Next on the list is to get a remote webcam thats going to stream 24/7 live on the internet. Oh, and get the garden back to how it use to be as it looks like a war zone at present. Totally under estimated how much stuff we would need for the ground works, Ordered 1 ton of type 1 gravel and need to buy 2 ton more and needed 2 tone of sand in the end. Took around 750 block pavers and 8 railway sleepers as well. Anyway, let me know what you think. Cheers Gary

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