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  1. My thing for 2016 was to learn how to knit in the round, especially socks! I found an online tutorial & bought the book to go with it. I took myself off to my local wool shop & squished the sock yarn. You start them on 3mm Double pointed needles, then switch onto a teeny weeny circular. It's very therapeutic & fun seeing the patterns appear in the socks. I've turned the heel (get me) & I'm now on the gusset. Really pleased with how they are going. Emma.x
  2. A wire coat hanger works well if you can source one & do old lampshades. You just snip off the bits you don't want with some wire cutters. You can bulk buy wreath rings online ( famous auction site ) or from a florist. Willow twigs work well when bound with twine. Emma.x
  3. I love the Johnna Basford books. I've got Enchanted Forest of hers which is lovely & I'm waiting on the Ocean one. I've done a Mandala on a sort of canvas bought for £1.99 from The Range. But my current colouring is Animorphia bought from The Works. I just love it. I use pencil crayons, as I like to shade & blend, but my mum uses gel pens & they look really good on her henna designs colouring in. Emma.x
  4. Thank you to my Easter bunny! I have 2 handmade bath melts ( hope they are bath melts & not candle wax melts) I also have a beautiful fused glass pendant on a cord & ribbon necklace. I have no idea how you make the fused glass at all, but thank you very much. Emma.x
  5. Not had any post today, so my postie best watch out tomorrow! Emma.x
  6. dead easy little pattern for Creme Egg easter basket. 3mm hook with sort of 4ply cotton yarn. Make magic loop / ring 15 trebles into ring, then slip stitch to join. Pull the tail of magic loop/ring to close the hole. 15 Half trebles into every stitch (back loops only). Next 3 rounds... 15 Half trebles into every stitch ( both loops). Chain 18 & slip stich to other side of teeny basket to form the handle. Fasten off. Insert Creme Egg or other similar sized egg. These are really quick to make & an ideal last minute gift. Look nice on an Easter tree. Could be adapted at Xmas ( yes I did just mention the C word ) & used as an advent calender / tree decs. Emma.x
  7. Hi - the only crochet hooks I buy these days are the Fleabubs by Lala ones. She moulds fimo ergonomically round the handles. They are fab for arthritis & other hand/ wrist pain. You can even have them custom made to your own designs. I have a piggy one, a mystical one that is black swirly with glitter & stars, a ladybirds one & a general rainbow swirly one. She does all sizes & there are different sorts of hooks including the Susan Bates ones. But I prefer the normal ones. There are different types of moulded handles to choose from to suit your grip. Really great they are & you get a chocolate heart with your order..a nice touch! I don't like bamboo ones & I'm not keen on plastic hooks as the yarn creaks & doesn't slip easily. Emma.x
  8. Mines sent! I am waiting in angst for my postie, as he's not been today. I feel a pounce coming on! Emma.x
  9. I made myself a wet felted Willy Wonka hat from hand dyed Blue faced Leicester & Massam fleece yesterday. Emma.x
  10. Great stuff! I'll get my broad beans & parsnips in then. Could I sow some carrots too whilst at it? Will warm the bed with the fleece first like you said & leave on for a while after too. Thanks for your help! Emma.x
  11. Can I plant anything straight out to grow from seed at the min or is it far too early & cold yet? I have the polytunnel, but I also want to utilise a large patch that the pigs turned over for me that is well fertilised - so as to save room in the polytunnel for other stuff. I do have some fleece that I could drape over early outdoor sowings. Thanks... Emma.x
  12. Some nice places in Shropshire. In particular Bridgnorth & If looking round Telford, then The Wreakin area is the nicest. Whitchurch is a bit drab, as is Market Drayton. There is a lovely place called Whittington - that is lovely. Nice pub & a small castle. Another lovely place is around Ellesmere. Good luck with your searching. Emma.x
  13. How old is your daughter? She couldn't be going through a very early menopause could she? Has she had blood tests to check she has the correct hormone levels? I once upon a time had some blood tests to check for a hormone..I think it was called LPH hormone???? I have poly cystic ovaries & this can affect your overall mood. Might be worth a mention? Starflower oil capsules help a lot. I'm not a lover of this time of year. I hate January - I find it drab & a real sort of nothing month. Cold, dull, no celebrations, festivities over - decorations down. It is miserable. I try to be outdoors as much as my body will allow me before perishing, as I believe fresh air is good for you, but I like to huddle round the rayburn & fire once I am back indoors. I'm no sun worshipper, but I adore the beach. I love being able to stay outdoors until god knows what hour, I love floaty clothes & I adore flowers. Yes flowers.. that is what I miss in Winter...colour & flowers!!!! Wish I could hibernate for January! Emma.x
  14. Can recommend Liverpool Medical School! Was very high tech years ago, so must be wow now. Good place to study & great place for Student life! The canteen was good & The Everyman Theatre served good food affordable to students. Good luck to Rosie! Emma.x
  15. There used to be one called the feathers. I think it was round Mount Pleasant area. Emma.x

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