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  1. johnandkymberley


    Edited list, eglu and some other bits have sold ☺️
  2. johnandkymberley

    Eglu cube w. 3x2 walk in run,rain covers and extras

    Hi Claudia the eglu has sold, the other bits for sale and the walk in run is though ☺️
  3. johnandkymberley

    Another ebay rant

    Dogmother get a call back from eBay customer service and they’ll do it over the phone ☺️
  4. johnandkymberley

    Another ebay rant

    I sold a pair of shoes and received a message saying that the anklet (I had taken a picture of the shoes on my own feet) wasn’t in the box... seriously 🤨
  5. Hi So I am breaking down my set up (due to babies and not having enough time in the day!) and got the following for sale: MK1 cube spare set of roosting bars - like new - £15 Rocky peck toys - £10 for two Heavy duty walk in run shade - green - 2x2 - bought in August - £20 each or both for £30 Omlet 3x2 full height walk in run with 3 standard shades, - £350 MK1 Pink cube with pink 1 grub and 1 glug, scoop and food storage - £250 Chicken swings - £15 each or both for £25 4 x pink grub and super glug set - £15 each All pressure washed P.S my hens have been re homed already Collection only from Stapleford, we are between Nottingham and Derby Thanks ☺️
  6. johnandkymberley

    Walk in run

    Hi I have a walk in run for sale 3x2m 👍🏻
  7. johnandkymberley

    Eglu cube w. 3x2 walk in run,rain covers and extras

    Hi, yes this is still available thanks
  8. Hi for sale is the following Pink Eglu cube 3x2 full height walk in run two chicken swings two Omlet rocky treat toys 3 heavy duty covers, wind cover, clear front panel cover and smaller shade - not all pictured 5 grubs 1 glug 3 super glugs extra set of roosting bars 4 chickens - speckled, ginger nut, black rock and white star Expanding family is the reason for sale - we just don’t have enough time in the day Open to offers thanks ☺️
  9. johnandkymberley


    Hi, im looking for a full height walk in run 3x2 please east midland area thanks
  10. johnandkymberley


    Hi, im looking for a full height walk in run 3x2 please east midland area thanks
  11. johnandkymberley

    Going away and feeding fish

    Hi, Thanks for all your replies Those sticks don't have good reviews online do they?! I might see of my local pets at home has them! Anyone with any more advice on veg or herbs? Thanks in advance
  12. johnandkymberley

    Going away and feeding fish

    Hiya, Thanks for replying! That's interesting about the cucumber and peas! I could seperate a block but they are in that foil thing? So it's difficult? Do you know any plants? Or herbs?
  13. johnandkymberley

    The Eglu has landed!

    Hi can't see the pics lol We have not long got 2 drakes, in our classic... As I said in another post they are doing fine in their. We rescued them from someone who didn't want them tbh... P.s if your looking for something for them to bathe in when they are let out, ikea do a plastic white under bed storage tub but it's quite big and a good depth too... Just thought you'd like to know lol
  14. johnandkymberley

    Ducks quack quack

    Fred and George are doing alright thankyou guys. They are in the run but let out for a few hours daily and have to big under bed storage plastic tubs for bathing in... So funny to watch them clean lol It's a little awkward to clean but with a pressure washer no jobs to big or small hahaha.. They seem ok, we have shelter on the first bit so they can be covered and they seem to be happy. Was filling their baths up the other day and they were loving it lol standing directly in the water spray and puffing up to enjoy the water lol
  15. johnandkymberley

    Going away and feeding fish

    Hiya all, We have two little cold water danios in a 35L biube. Usually I only feed them every other day and when I do feed them it's only a few flakes as if I feed anymore than that they don't eat it and it just floats around the tank! We are going away for a week and we don't have anyone who will feed them! I've been reading up on putting live plants in the tank (or vegetables and herbs!!!) I don't want to use a food block as it will be too big for the fish to eat and then pollute the water. So I'm looking for advice on if anyone has used vegetables or herbs (!!!) as we have an unlimited amount of them? If so what kind of veg/herb/plants? Many thanks in advance for anyone who can help with this tricky question! J&K