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  1. Hi All, I have a broody chicken, she has been for about 2 weeks now. I have now seperated her from the other girls and placed a rubber egg under her. She has food and water. Any other advice?
  2. Mummy and Daddy chicken decided to put a thick blanket over our house and run and shut the door last night. Mummy chicken forgot to lock the door so we could still get out but we where good, we did not make any noise untill 6.20am. Looks like we are staying, we know Daddy Chicken was looking on this site about re-homing
  3. We had a little problem with our chickens yesterday, they decided to make loads of noise from about 4.30am!!! We were not happy. Last night I placed a thick blanket over the eglu and over the run so it was alot darker inside the eglu, the girls did not wake untill abot 6.20am Anyone else got any advice or any other tips- we are planning to lock the door tonight so that should help. Lorraine
  4. We had our mummy and daddy up at 4.30am this morning, Daddy came out to give us some corn ( mummy was hiding under the duvet) We think they are closing the door tonight to see if make less noise. We all blame Daisy
  5. thanks for the kind messages - we went and got two more on Saturday so we now have 6 chickens Poor Daisy who was the same age as Lily is really missing Lily and now the two more have arrived is making a right noise in the morning - woke us up at 4.30am this morning!!!! We had to seperate the new girls with the old girls so Daisy has less room - this is why we think she is unhappy. I
  6. Sad update Lily died last night. Hubby was trying to empty her crop but she had so much she chocked on it as it came out. She was a lovely chicken but she was 3.5 old so she has a good life. We are thinking of gettin another chicken at the weekend. I actually thought she might have been a dog in previous life as she could really jump really high for food and always under my feet.
  7. OK interesting, tried to get the product you recommended but not available in the shop, need to order it on line. Hubby is going to look at Lily once my little boy has gone to bed and check her crop
  8. Egluntyne, I am confused - does Verm-X worm the chickens?
  9. Hi Balti Yes Lily is the same as your chicken - normally the leader,stands still and closes her eyes a lot but Lily is eating
  10. quick update, just brought her in to the house to give her some weetabix and water, she has had some but not a lot. Presently sitting by my back window, having a little sleep. I can hear some gurgling from her at the moment. Any idea what that is?
  11. Hi, I went to try and buy some Flubenvet but not available so I brought some fast acting pouktry nutri drops, suppose to see a difference in 30 mins. Lilly has come out of the run and walking slowly around the garden and she is now taking water from me which is good. Her body looks better so here's hoping! thanks for the advice
  12. Breathing, seems fine, no discharge, she's not eating or drinking, no straining to lay. Her tail is in the middle but she seems puffed up. Wormed, I use Verm-X, or should I use something else?
  13. Hi, Need a little advice, I have 5 chickens but I have noticed one of my chickens Lily is not herself. She is normally running around, under my feet when I am walking, one the first out of the run and jumps like a dog! Now she is just in one place and not moving. Lillyis about 3.5 years old,one of my first chickens we got from omlet. I have had a look on omlet and a have seen people recommending "emptied' her crop of fluid" - what is this and how do I do it? Thanks Lorraine

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