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  1. He has even been eating oats and bio yogurt out of my daughters hands today when she was sat cuddling him today
  2. Thanks guys I'd not heard of Lakenvelder before, his feathers maybe a little off coloured because I've doused him in red mite powder just to be on the safe side.
  3. I was told that this is a light Sussex but someone just mentioned it could be a Lakenvelder ?
  4. Thank you SJP I was expecting it to be a lot more drama than that. He has been with other chucks and other roosters. He looks as bit worse for wear and has a lot of battle scars on his comb.
  5. I have just rescued an adult light Sussex rooster, we have 11 mixed hens mostly ex-bats who live in eglu cube and a wooden coop. I have put the too in my spare eglu go and are keeping them seperate for the time being. I haven't had an adult too before as my young welsummer cock died from Marek's disease along with his two hens they were only around 4 months old last autumn. My question is at what point do I dare allow them to roam together?
  6. Sorry to hear it, but 3 years is amazing. xx
  7. well done that's a fantastic achievement for an ex-bat
  8. So sorry for your loss, i'm currently nursing one of my ex-bats that i got in 2010. She too is really puffed up and very depressed. she has had peritonitis for a few weeks, but is now getting bigger by the day, my vet says there is nothing more they can do for her. The terrible shame is that most of the ex-bats I have had seem to die like this. ((((hugs))))
  9. its disgraceful, i could understand it if there was an illness within the flock. they are complaining that the geese poop is likely to transmit e-coli in the water, yet they discharge human sewage and other pollutants into the water. I had had to laugh at one of their reasons for culling " an eye witness has seen the geese nibbling at the reeds"
  10. I've just found out that they are planning on culling the Canada Geese on lake Windermere. here is a link to the petition to stop the cull if anyone is interested. http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-cull-of-geese-in-windermere-this-spring-please-do-not-allow-the-mass-geese-slaughter-in-windermere
  11. I googled prodded rugs and found lots of videos on you tube. There are loads of websites showing different techniques. I havent tried the hooky rug method yet it looks too tricky for me just yet It is very addictive and its brilliant to do on a winters evening because it really does keep your legs nice and warm.
  12. Thanks, I decided to just draw a basic design for the chicken and the rest just sort of happened. i am surprised at how much material it used though. Poor old hubby lost quite a few t shirts and jeans

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