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  1. I've not been on here for a while and spoke to Justine on a daily basis on facebook. I just said to Stu she hasn't appeared on my news feed for a while - I wonder if she has unfriended me. Clicked on her profile and saw the very sad news. She will really really missed - she added me on Facebook after searching my name from this site and I like to think we became good friends - even if it was only Facebook friends. Very very shockin and sad time Rest in peace justine tenant teeling - you will be dearly missed x
  2. Well i finally bought a sewing machine and made my first ever cushion! I love the fabric... does anyone have any useful websites to get sewing projects from as I am a complete beginner!
  3. Ah great thanks it's £180 in Lewis with areoccinni or I can get it off amazon for £105 and then pay the extra £45 for aeroccini so I'm gonna go for it. Plus I've checked with nespresso and amazon is a valid retailer to qualify for the £40 credit woop Just wish they did hot choc capsules for me as I can't stand coffee lol
  4. I've been asking oh for years if he wants a coffee machine and always get told no. Then in John Lewis before he saw a nice nespresso machine and wanted to buy it. We had the demo etc and it seems fab. He wanted to buy it there and then but I said no its too much £££. So I'm thinking of buying it for his birthday next month. Does anyone have one and would recommend it? Not a coffee fan myself but I think they should do hot chocolate capsules
  5. I was just wondering if anyone has one of these? The development we live on has 10 streets of modern houses but non really with gardens. We have a community group on Facebook and posted about our eggs and have had lots of people buy them. Would it be daft if I got a sign for my front window for passers by? Lol - for people who aren't on the Facebook group! I worry people may just think we are odd as they know we have no garden and would think we are a bit mad - our girls are on our allotment! I really like the following sign.... Hmmmm http://www.etsy.com/listing/92920654/chicken-coop-sign-fresh-eggs-for-sale-18?ref=cat_gallery_11
  6. First thing I would check is if they have any qualifications and what they are. You don't actually need any qualifications to call yourself an accountant so unfortunately you can get people who just start to be an accountant. A chartered accountant is the best and ACCA qualified but are usually more expensive but you know that they will do they job right and have the relevant qualifications. What exactly was it that was getting you in a pickle last year? If you aren't VAT registered you will want to check if they are or not. If you aren't then ideally you want one that isn't VAT registered otherwise it will cost you more as you can't get the VAT back. The questions you should ask are what types of clients they have, i.e. are they all small like you or large firms. If you are small you want one whose client base is small as they will have a greater understanding of the work needed. With regard to fees this is always a hard one as each individual has different requirements. Speaking from experience the prices can range from £150 - upto £400ish obviously the higher end are those businesses who have lots of records and have done no bookkeeping at all so it takes longer to do the work. If you have good bookkeeping, preferably on excel and all of your records are in order this should keep your costs down. I think what small businesses like, is the relationship they can build with their accountant. In summary, weigh up what it is you want, cost vs quality and what level of service and contact do you want. I.e a huge shiney office full of accountants or a small one who will give you a good level of service and support. Hope that helps, sorry I don't know any in Kent. ste
  7. stehaggan

    Bee progress!

    Ok we did our first full inspection on wednesday - the one which was noticeably weaker - really hasnt survived well! There is only really a handful of bees in there My other hive seems to be doing really well and I will be putting on a super on the next inspection to prevent any swarming etc. So this is my first year - have now gone from 2 colonies to 1. So it looks like one will be standing empty until the other hive builds up more and i can split it Unless anyone has any recommendations?
  8. I would have loved an yellow cube but they didn't exist hmmmmmm.... wouldn't omlet people be nice if they did me a free swap
  9. Ah thanks... ill have a good look when i next go - maybe I am just being blind lol
  10. Ive got both varieties in different places - i kept the cards on them so I'd know which to cut so cut down the autumn ones. The summer ones I just left as they are as they were quite small really so didnt want to cut any off. As of yet I don't see any new shoots coming up though so didn't know if thats right as everything else seems to be budding and getting leaves on already! I think i planted them about june/july time - as i said it was late but i wanted to try and get them established for this year
  11. Quick question about raspberries.... last year i planted some cains, too late for anything to really grow on them last year. I cut off the old canes as it said on the instructions, I was wondering when I should start seeing them regrow? thanks
  12. stehaggan

    Bee progress!

    Hi, well we got our bees late on last year - early august I think so we didn't really do much with them other than build up the stores. Both colonies have survived the winter (so far). One (which was the strongest) is now noticeably weaker - on the days its been really sunny, hardly any are out and about whereas the other one seems to be doing really well! The hive was buzzing with activity today. This is our first year beekeeping so I was just wondering how everyone is doing and what you are upto with your bees at the minute. They have stores still as I check when the weather is nice but we haven't done any full hive inspections so far. We are on holiday until 27th March so am contemplating doing it about that time.
  13. yes thanks claire she was very helpful and gave me support for the nest box... it definitely seems to have worked as she laid so soon after going in it. Think I will leave her in it for a few weeks just in case there are more.
  14. Well I made her a special nesting box and within a few hours laid another one. I kept checking on her but unfortunately she smashed the egg before I saw :-/ She may or may not lay others as they lay between 2-5 per clutch so will update on anymore ;-p

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