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  1. So sorry to hear that. What a peaceful way to go. Lots of lovely memories. x
  2. Hi all thanks for your comments. Sandy is Pheobe's 3rd friend so I think she is just a robust chicken! Had a few scares over the years but lucky to have a vet who also has chickens and is always willing to try something. They make me smile everyday whether relaxing or up to mischief!
  3. Hello I've not been on the forum for years. But still enjoying chicken keeping. I only have two due to small garden. My original girl Pheobe who is around 12 and her friend Sandy. Here they are relaxing in the garden with the flamingos.
  4. Hi so this is what happens when I leave my sun lounger unguarded - Storm enjoys the sun!
  5. Thanks. I'm worried it won't be long before they break a window with it!
  6. Hi have been very quiet lately due to house move. The girls have settled in well and are helping to dig up half the garden ready for new turf in Spring. Here they are making me feel guilty for not letting them in! And posing on the steps. Sorry for picture quality taken through window. I've been trying to work out how old Phoebe is (large grey) as I joined omlet in May 2010 and had her and her original companion then. So at least 6, she is lovely and still very busy at all times.
  7. Yes the one they have on the other side of the garden just isn't good enough anymore.
  8. Hi lovely sunny day and I have been watching my three girls all trying to get into a tiny patch of the garden. The small space they all wanted to get into. To be honest doesn't look that great to me. The struggle. Storm gave up!
  9. Thanks - no idea what they were looking at!
  10. My three have to do the same thing at the same time ... even looking in the same direction! Nice to see them relaxing.
  11. Ahh that's a shame; but she lived to a good age. Give yourself a few days and have a think about what to do next. Good luck if you get some new girls.
  12. So I'm sat on the beach when a family pitch up beside me. Young lad about 7 whines 'what am I supposed to do on the beach?' No suggestions for a while but he persists. 'Run around or something' said the Dad. And he does in a circle for 10 minutes until they cart him off to 'do something real.' I'm wondering what that might be! I remember being on the beach all day, whatever the weather with my parents and the same with my son (now 22). There was so much to do and so many fond memories. It made me really sad that conversation. Still I enjoyed the beach ... even swam in the sea!
  13. Pottage - I'm glad I didn't read your guide first ... I would still be fashioning a nest now and attempting to attach it to a tree. Your guide made me smile. Guess we don't often see the 'hunting' side to their nature. Having said that my three are now hassling the life out of a pigeon on the bird table in the hope of getting a few crumbs he kicks off. Poor starving creatures they are - not!
  14. ... worse for the blackbirds. So my day off, let the chooks out and go back to bed with a coffee. A bird flies into bedroom window with a thud. I quickly put on my dressing gown and raced outside, assumed it was a blackbird as a 'mom' blackbird was going frantic on the grass. My chooks were clearly attacking it; a fledgling blackbird. The 'dad' was on the fence. I know you're not meant to intervene but I couldn't have got the over excited and possibly killer chooks in the run so I gathered baby bird up in my dressing gown and wrestled the chooks into their run. Managed to open the shed door and get the ladder out one handed! So there I was up the ladder, in my dressing gown putting the baby on the shed roof. It looked okay but was obviously shocked and the parents were still frantic. I watched from the patio for 10 minutes but it didn't move. I thought maybe I should try and get it to move it further along the shed roof towards the shrubs at the back so got up the ladder again. And it flew away! Yay and phew.
  15. I have had four chickens altogether. Two have been happy to be picked up straight away, one will stay with me until I put her down again the other tries to escape. Of the other two I could catch one if I really had to, but now I have Sandy who is the most evasive creature I have ever met! I'm sure I keep the neighbours amused if ever I need to get hold of her. So basically I have no method, it seems to be luck on my part and the personality of the chicken. Good luck with yours; I do envy people who are able to sit and pet them.

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