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  1. We have a multi fuel stove and have been using the 10kg bags from homebargins (the offer is permanent £3.99) and find them really good, 50kg a week burn. I have been looking round at other brands and such like to find cheaper/better alternatives, can't burn wood as in a smokeless zone. Now I have read that Homefire Smokeless Coal the hexagonal one is the best selling brand and gives out the best heat, but is it worth the extra money over a pillow shaped one? I can get 50kg of Newflame for £17.50 Or Homefire Hexagonals £24.26 Big difference!!! Thoughts?
  2. Thanks for the replies, we normally just get one from each.
  3. Ok, we have 3 chickens 1 amber star and 2 black stars. This morning I took out 4 eggs!!! Just now we have got back from being out and there is an other egg!!! 5 eggs from 3 chickens !!! Is this common? I thought they only laid 1 per 24 hours? Not that I am complaining more is better, but unusual I think.
  4. Ours jump on the super glug as well. It gets so dirty quickly. I think it could do with a cover of some sort so they cant climb in it. As for the food I agree that the food needs changing not just topping up. It will go stale and in the heat (I have read) it looses it nutrient value.
  5. Thats the one we use, works great.
  6. Are there cheap plants out there that hens like more than ones you would normally have in a garden? Ours eat a lot of our plants and I was wondering if there are any cheaper alternatives.
  7. Do normal chickens like being out in the rain? Ours love it and dont want to go in the coop. Can they get too wet and ill from it?
  8. One of ours goes to bed early the other two dont want to go to bed. Last night it was 10 o'clock and they were still up. We had to "assist" them getting into the coop with the help of a rake. Hopefully they will start getting the idea soon as its a right pain.
  9. Should the poo be a blacky White colour? One of ours is doing a yellowish coloured one. Is that bad?
  10. We (John & Andrea) *waves*, are new to this we are getting an eglu today and 3 chucks. I was wondering what is the best item you have bought that makes keeping chickens easier?
  11. We are getting an eglu on Monday and we are looking for a few hens. One of the staff at Omlet told us that there is a recommended place called Barmy Bantams near Loughborough. Does anyone know where Barmy Bantams is as I have looked on the net and can not find it. Thanks John

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