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  1. Hello, I'm Emma, I used to be a member here a loooooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg time ago, we have only 3 ladies in our flock. I'm currently waiting for our walk in run. Was going to collect as getting very impatient as as a holiday I'd looming thought it's worth the 2 hr drive lol- but they are not open at the weekends ....... Boo! Xx
  2. Hello, Don't know if you remember a post on chick clinic? about my hen having mycoplasmosis and me having to tube feed her?? well just a small update really, there was no improvement and we had tried her on 3- 4 different antibiotics. so I made the decision to do whats right for her at this time and to have her put to sleep. I'm gutted we didn't win this battle but I know I did all that I could, giving her a fighting chance!! but I guess she had just had enough... I cannot thank the vets who were actually interested in getting her better enough, I didn't once have "its a hen its bets to put her down like I have had in other places I have taken them!! I gave her the best shot, i know that! xxx
  3. no not all of them...... maybe its their age.....
  4. nope they are at most a week old and they are rotten - we have the odd softies but normally the girls get those before i get a chance. have checked all eggs before putting them on the tray and there's no cracks, holes......... they are sored in a cool place away from direct sunlight emma x
  5. Hello As the title says really, my girls are laying rotten eggs! either that or they are turning fast!! the girls are bordering 7 years old at most, the youngest being about 4years old. is it their age., are they ill? has anyone had this happen themselves????? Thanks in advance Emma
  6. she has been seen by the vet and is on antibiotics, it was the vet who has told me to tube feed her I just cant remember what the condition was he said - but she has fluid on her lungs.
  7. Hello, as the title says, I have another poorly hen... the poor girl has fluid on her lungs and is having to be tube fed as she is literally skin and bones- she is picking at some bits but not enough to keep her going, shes also living in a dog crate in my conservatory. I was wondering other then pellet porridge, supplements and medication is there anything else that might help put some weight back on her? shes being tube fed twice a day at the mo as I'm on night shifts at the mo and depending on how she copes will move onto 3 times so her fluid levels will also be higher.... any suggestions welcomed thank you xxxx
  8. Thank You for your replies, she seems to have improved, shes walking on it. I have Vaselined her legs to the point that they are all gloppy as she does has some scales that are raised. it is possible she has landed funny...... Now the fun bit - re intergration! - although I might keep her in a little longer just to make sure she is ok Emma x
  9. Hello, I have been away over night and have come back to a lame hen (shes about 5 + years old so it might just be her "time") there's no sign of injury nor a break... but shes limping, at the mo I have her sitting in the front room in a huge dog create with food and water in front of her (which shes not showing any interest in. her crops empty too.) I'm thinking about putting some mashed pellets and poultry spice in just so she has something in her crop in hope she has picks up.... I have tube fed hens before (advised by the vet). I cannot work out what she has done to her leg, any ideas of any illness etc that she might have if there is no injury or break??? Many thanks Emma xx
  10. and about time too lol Yep the Qute is here and it still in its box lol... I do need to get it out and check its all there but hay, one less thing to worry about lol chrimble shopping all done yaaaaayyyyy
  11. Ok, I called omlet, they didn't know why its not on the shop page, have assured me there is no problems and orders are being dealt with today and tomorrow and going out on a 2 day courier................. still worried as it rather close to chrimble and they not showing on the web site other then the home page!!! xxx
  12. Hello, Ive just emailed omelet to enquire about an estimated delivery date as I'm yet to receive one... its making me jittery as its a gift for christmas (don't normally spend that much on the kids!) has anyone who has ordered one received a date for delivery yet?? Emma

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