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  1. I have found 2 places into and close to Crawley, both under £9 a bale. The one in Henfield delivers locally for free. 20kg is a bit too much to get posted regularly. Plus my postie would hurt his back and it wouldn't fit his bike basket! Caroline
  2. I live right on the edge of a NewTown in what was one of the original villages and I sometimes hear an Owl calling at night when he's looking for a mate . I'm quite surprised that "Ooops, word censored!"ody's complained about him yet! Then there's the foxes barking at all hours of the night. The allotment holders complain about the deer. Who was here first - us or the wildlife? Which came first - the chicken or the egg? Whatever happened to live and let live I moved from the other side of town to have access to all this and LOVE all those night sounds. Good luck with the move - they don't deserve you.
  3. I've just seen the first fox in my garden in 18 months - a month after I got my 4 girls . It was a young fox, this years batch I guess. Do they hunt in numbers? A neighbour told me that the council took away a mum and her ltter a few weeks ago (she thought that they would attack her kids - sorry but please save me from ignorant people paniced by the media ) but we back onto allotments and the fields are a short walk away. I've been letting them FR when I am home in the evenings fairly unsupervised. I guess that this will have to stop. What now? Do I invest in a WIR or continue with them in their eglu & run + 1m xtn. They seem happy enough in the run but they just LOVE to FR . Its just not worth the risk though. Any advice is most welcome. Caroline Betty Gladys Pearl Ruby Maddie, Kitty, Milly the cats
  4. Hi Shoura I meant Hurst Farm on the Turners Hill Road at Crawley Down. Sorry! I guess you probably know it but if not postcode is RH10 4HG. Thanks for the kind offer of support. Caroline
  5. Hey Egluntyne - its a plastic bowl kept only for garden things. I promise I'm not that bad at hygiene !
  6. Hey if you ever get stuck again I live in Crawley and my 4 will happily spare you a cup (or 2) if we have it available. I drive and have car and am always happy to help a friend (which we must be as we both have chickens). Although I work F/T I can generally get places whilst they are open. Marsh Farm is on my way to EG too. Perhaps we should set up mini suppport groups in case of such a crisis? Caroline Betty Gladys Pearl Ruby Maddie, Kitty & Milly the cats
  7. My chickens ate my cats sick the first day I let them free range - until I hurriedly covered it with a bowl and they were NOT happy. So much for keeping them off meat! Please forgive me as this was a week in to having them and I didn't realise they can be a revolting as my cats I now make sure that they don't get the opportunity. I've had them 4 weeks and they are fab . All are now laying although Betty seems to lay a giant double egg every couple of days at the moment (I'll post pics) but doesn't seem to mind. Does anyone know why this is? Caroline Betty Gladys Pearl Ruby Maddie, Kitty & Milly the cats
  8. Hi again I've added a link in my original post to my album. Sorry for delay, I'm struggling a bit with how to use the forum & stuff. Can anyone tell me how I delete the HIDEOUS photo of me that I have managed to add to the front of the chickens album? http://club.omlet.co.uk/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=214461 Caroline
  9. After getting my Eglu via ebay the other week I collected 4 girls from Toni just down the road yesterday and I am in love already. They arrived in the rain and were quite happily exploring their new 'des. res.' with its extended run within minutes. The 2 Gingernuts are more confident than the 2 Pepperpots and there is 1 slightly older bird (Betty) who seems to be in charge. I got soaked and loved every minute. My three cats wandered out at various times but none was more surprised than Princess Kitty whose great big googly eyes were the biggest I had ever seen. I could see her thinking 'they are the biggest pigeons I've ever seen! How will I manage one of you?' (Little does she know eh!) I kept popping in and out but imagine my surprise (despite Toni telling me that 'this one' will probably start laying soon) when I saw an egg in the nesting box less than 4 hours after arrival. Went out to tuck them up (frequently) and they had put themselves to bed by 9.30pm. I took some pics and am setting up an album (pic of me is awful but its the egg you'll be looking at). http://club.omlet.co.uk/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=214461 Caroline Arrived 30/05/10 - Betty 30/05/10 - Gladys - Pearl - Ruby The Cats - Miss Madelaine, Princess Kitty & Millicent Pickle
  10. Hallo I saw Omlet at Grand Designs LIve a couple of weeks ago and I now have a (courtesy of ebay) with an extened 3m run and will be visiting 'Cooped Up' in Surrey at the weekend to get . Wonder what I'll actually come back with I have been thinking about getting chickens for sometime and my neighbour has some so have taken advice. As I am getting four girls shall I invest in a superglug as soon as possible? I've seen other Omleteers say that their birds didn't take to them so thought that if I got one soonest they might adapt to it. Does anyone have any advice for a novice (albeit a very excited novice ) I hope that they can eventually put my 3 cats (Maddie, Kitty and Millie) in their places in the garden pecking order. I am rather worried about Brer Fox as well as I back onto allotments and farmland is close and I'm out all day working. Oh gosh, this is worse than when I got my 2 rescue cats (Millie is their (unrelated) naughty little sister)!
  11. I've been on escitalopram for 7 years (I can't believe it either) and it is my happy pill, keeps my moods level. I upped my dose last year because of work stress and bullying by my staff and now feel ready to drop the dose a bit as things have moved on. That is a first for me. I don't mind taking it as I feel normal with it, I can function, I'm me again. I too had issues after my partner of 12 years & I split and one day everything came tumbling out of the cupboard in my brain where they were locked away. I've had a big clear out and now the doors shut quite nicely thanks! I'm lucky that my employer offers excellent support and a fantastic counselling system (the NHS said I wasn't ill enough for counselling). My counsellor had an even better analagy than the diabetes - she likened depression and to Parksinson's Disease as the effect on the brain is apparently similar (messages not getting through). She told me that no one tells a Parkinsons sufferer to stop taking their medication or to'pull themselves together' do they. Please don't be offended - that's what she said. My doc recommended taking my cipralex at night as if I'm going to get drowsy that will help with sleep (ByTheWay a friend recommended Valerian - a herbal remedy - it helped me and I didn't get that 'Nytol hangover' with it - but ask your doctor first). The one thing my illness has helped me do is understand others (including my staff at times) who also suffer. Try and and if you can't then I'll do an extra one for you. By the way, I got one of these last weekend from a super couple in Hertfordshire Herts again) and I'm going to get this weekend. I'm so excited I do hope Maddie, Kitty & Milly (my 3 cats) love them as much I'm going to... All the best to everyone

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