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  1. We have been suffering from the same sorts of problems, one chicken has a skinhead and the other looks pretty oven ready, we told we could fix things by introducing new chickens, so went out and bought two more. Now we have five unhappy chickens, so have purchased chicken beak clips and fitted them last night. Our oldest chicken 'Sandwich' was very unhappy about this but this morning, is carrying like she always worn it. Looking forward to everyone growing some feathers and laying eggs.
  2. Thanks! We got the chickens on some probiotic yoghurt (mixed into the chicken feed) Our dog Jake was jealous, and I'm pretty sure that Chickens cannot lick the bowl clean... I'll let you know how we get on.
  3. Hello Omlet lovers! New chicken keeper Shannon here. We got Sandwich and Curry on the 28 April, everything appears to be going well, they even laid an egg on the first day! They have an exclusive hen house and have decimated most of the garden, and then rather oddly one of the started doing horrible poos, fingers crossed its nothing to worry about, I'm waiting for Barbara to come back to me. We are getting one a day of average I presume from the chicken who isn't pooing bright orange. It would be lovely to hear from others, if only to reassure we are doing things right.

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