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  1. I have just found 4 dead chicks in my growers pen (died overnight) and seen 1 have a bloody poo, My other half has just gone to buy some coxoid. They have been on medicated crumb then medicated growers so wasn't expecting this. Do I have to feed them non medicated now they are going to have coxoid in the water or is it safe to still feed the medicated growers? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. This year I have hatched silkies in blue, black, gold, partridge and white. Cream legbars. Cochins. Bantam lavender araucana and have 52 eggs in the incubator more of the above as well as some millefluer pekins and silver laced wyandottes. Hoping to hatch some cukoo silkies later in the year (if my hen starts to lay).
  3. The new superglug looks the same but doesn't have the nipples underneath. You use it the same way as a standard glug (they drink from the top).
  4. I was wondering the same thing a while ago and found this , http://forums.thepoultrykeeper.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=30066 Hope it helps
  5. I think it depends were you live. We are Norfolk/Suffolk and so many people sell eggs our way we sell 6 bantam for 50p and 6 full size for 70p. We have set our price the same as other sellers in our area. We keep quite a few pure breeds (silkies,cochin,silverlaced wyandotte and cream legbars) so we sell more of our eggs for hatching which does raise the price we get for them.
  6. I will keep my fingers crossed but don't really think you will need it. At day 17/18 the chicks inside the eggs should be fine. They might be a little late though. Hope you have a good hatch.
  7. I am very sorry to hear you lost your girl,its always harder when its your favourite. Lots of people say its best not to keep bantams with bigger hens but I have a black pekin who lives with my big girls. She originally lived with 3 other bantams but managed to get into the big girls run, everytime I took her out she would be back in again in 5 minutes.I just leave her to it now. It is easier to introduce 2 hens than 1 so I would go for a couple of bantams.
  8. I was going to use the upgrade deal but all omlet would offer me was £200 and they take £20 off that for sending it to them. ( and thats if classic was good condition, with run, plastic roosting bars, grub and glug). I sold mine myself and got more for it and just paid for the cube on the credit card.
  9. Love the natural timber look,I've held off doing ours because I prefer it a natural colour. What preservative did you use?
  10. Slightly different to a local anesthetic but my son had 3 teeth (1 baby 2 supernumery sp?) removed last month. The 2 supernumery were still up in his gum (not visible) and he now has a nice gold chain attatched to his front tooth to help it descend, brace being fitted next month. His operation was only a day case, Op at 1pm home by 8pm mouth full of stitches very swollen and sore but the hospital sent hime home with normal painkillers and he was fine. Eating toast as soon as he was back on the ward.
  11. Same here. I found my bantams couldn't reach the bottom. I phoned omlet to ask if anyone else had had the same problem and was told that "Ooops, word censored!"ody else had told them about it . Anyway I was advised to put something in front of it to use as a step this didn't work for me so I went the same route as Luckychickenlover with a similar style feeder.
  12. I'd also remember to keep them off the grass over winter. (my grass still hasn't recovered)
  13. I wouldn't have bought cheap wooden houses (I ended up putting them on a bonfire after weeks of unsucessful mite treatment)
  14. We used to have a small run with 1x1 and rats definitely got through ( I saw it with my own eyes). We now have a large WIR and chose 1/2 x 1/2 just to be on the safe side.

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