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  1. My three new chicks arrived at the post office this week. Chocolate covered egg layers: a welsummer, a blue splash marans, and a partridge penedesenca. They are in a brooder in the garage. I don't look forward to introductions to the eight large hens when they are feathered out but they are too cute. Renee
  2. Pine needles are lovely if you have them. You can hose them down and send poo to the bottom. I love rice hull horse bedding for nest boxes and I love to use it in my wir but it has a roof so not sure it would do well in rain. Renee
  3. They do less damage if only free ranging a limited time each day. Of course they will destroy the grass in the run. But I put turf protector down under my lawn which prevents them scratching up the roots and the lawn has done fine since. I keep the flowers veggies and herbs behind omlet netting. This works beautifully. They keep the borders weed free and do no damage to established roses....I let mine free range 8 hours a day most days and it looks great. Also you rarely have to mow as they trim the grass. Renee
  4. To get them to try the swing, could you use a clothes pin or such to attach a treat they could only get by perching on the swing? Renee
  5. I use pine needles in the run and as they break down it is porous and drains well, not muddy. Renee
  6. A feral cat recently adopted me and my flock despite my giant German Shepherd's ire. At first she hung out behind the run and spied on me and the girls, yowling a lot. I started feeding her on top of the 7 foot block wall and then on top of the secondary coop. I put an old dog igloo up there and bought her a heated cat cushion and posh cat bed for inside the igloo. She is lovely, black and white. I named her Zorina. She sits in my lap and follows me like a dog when I work in the garden. I took her for shots and neutering and it turned out she had already been neutered, so I think she was abandoned. I don't let her in the house due to Hank, my dog. But I have never been a cat person and she trained me well! She and the girls wander together, and occasionally she goes into the run but not the cube! I don't let Hank out when the girls free range and during those times she surveys her domain from her heated cat mat. She is even starting to stay up there when I put the girls in the run and let Hank out! I am hoping she will nab any rodents attracted to the area. Renee
  7. Most of my girls seem to be starting their first molt, feathers everywhere. Also, urine-like watery stools, and not as many. Do the two go together? Or should I be worried about what is causing the seeming urine and < bulk to stools? What might it be? Thanks for any help. Renee
  8. I see the Omlet walk-in run is on special this week. Can anyone who has one give me feedback? Kind of pricey but I am tempted. Renee
  9. My Speckledy mounts my Salmon Favorelle and there is an appendage that comes out when she does so. The Favorelle is bottom of the pecking order. The Speckledy still lays eggs. I have heard chickens can morph when there is no roo. Renee
  10. Generally the girls are good about laying in the nest box....but yesterday found a softy in the fountain! Thank goodness it is cooling off here in Arizona, getting down in the 70's at night and only up to 104 in the day. I was able to turn off the swamp cooler behind their cube, and they are looking much happier....me too! Planting the winter garden. Renee
  11. The only thing that worked for my broody was to put frozen gallon jugs of water in nest box every night for several nights completely blocking it. By the time I got her to snap out of it she was very run down, and she died at only a little over a year of age. Very sad. Renee
  12. yes the poo in the trays goes up and that in the garden decreases; here in Arizona where the hens are more stressed by the heat in the summer and love the pleasant winter days, our egg production goes up in the fall and winter! Renee
  13. run the sprinklers frequently for a short time...good luck! Renee
  14. I say sing all you like good for you, makes you smile. One of the reasons why animal lovers are healthier is no doubt that they let us express ourselves without judgement. You don't have to be Idol material to enjoy singing! I sing to my dogs and chickens. And my voice is such that at age 4 my daughter said, please don't sing to me, Mommy....during bedtime rituals. Renee
  15. I got the fly predators online here http://www.arbico-organics.com/category/fly-control-program never yet a problem with stinging....have used another wasp for years to control tomato horn worms, got those from Gardens Alive! Very effective, no stinging. Fun to watch in the garden and help pollinate the plants. Not sure where you would get them across the pond! Renee

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