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  1. If you can convince the planners that it is not operational development then they can't have any control over it. Probably the run that you applied for needs permission. I hope your neighbours come round. Most of my neighbours love the eggs and when I told my next door neighbour that I wouldn't get any more chickens he was really disappointed. Glad you are enjoying The Planners, it is very realistic and well balanced. I used to work with John, the Conservation Officer. He is a really nice guy. Good luck - the planning system is often extremely frustrating.
  2. Permitted development rights do not exist for listed buildings. However, if you are having problems with the Council you might like to consider arguing that the chicken run does not constitute operational development. This might be difficult for a walk in run but if it is of a temporary nature (not fixed to the floor, collapsible, moveable, etc.) you might be able to convince them. I am not aware of any case law in respect of domestic chicken runs but this approach is worth consideration. You could certainly try it with the Omlet run. I don't know what your run is like so I can't advise on that one. The main issue in your application is likely to be the impact of the run on the character and appearance of the listed building. I would have thought that your average chicken run would not have a massive effect in this respect as it is only a very lightweight garden structure. Good luck. I am a planner so I know how hard it can be!!!!
  3. Mystery solved. The farmer makes them into chicken casserole so he gets a cheap meal.
  4. I think Olly is right. I don't mind what she did really. It would have been hypocritical of me to criticise her as anyone who eats eggs or chicken clearly contributes to culling in some form or other. However, I suppose I am just a little disappointed that her chooks have met their end.
  5. Just that really. I can't see any reason why a farmer would do this but a friend of mine reckons she took her chickens to a farmer who gave her 50p for each of them. Perhaps she didn't like to tell me that they had been despatched. My mum says that they would be made into animal feed (she is from a farm).
  6. My girls were free ranging this afternoon and when I looked out of the kitchen window there was the biggest, fattest fox I've ever seen in my life! I immediately ran out, yelling and grabbing a wellie as I went. As I got out the fox just stared at me so I chucked the wellie and then a football, still shrieking "There's a fox in the garden. Boys, get out here and help me!" Luckily, my boys came out as the fox was running away. I told them to guard the rear of the garden whilst I got the hens into the run. A few seconds later, and I'd have a different story. Phew! No more free ranging
  7. Amazing how animals are treated with so little thought and respect in some societies.
  8. I hope this never catches on here. What do they do with them when they grow up? link
  9. I had this problem. I bought some hard, plastic eggs from Pets at Home and that sorted it out. Ouch!
  10. She had a great year thanks. Loads of free ranging and eating grass. You can't get much better than that
  11. Thanks Christian. I had her PTS as she seemed in quite a bad way and after watching that video I thought it would be cruel to prolong her life. Her abdomen was so swollen it looked bare and trailed on the ground. She lived for over a year after her rescue so I guess she did OK.
  12. I found this video on Google. It is a vet extracting fluid from a hen with egg peritonitis. It made me feel rather queasy. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5886172048737508337
  13. She doesn't seem too happy today. She is hunched and very slow. I had to put her in the run tonight. Looks like a one way trip Thanks.
  14. One of my ex batts has been walking like a duck for the last few days - sort of squatting with bottom near the floor. She seemed OK but I notice that she did not run over for sweetcorn this evening so she must feel unwell. I don't think she has laid for a few weeks (I only have one regular layer). Does it sound like egg bound or peritonitis? She has been chilling out in the sun on the lawn so she seems relaxed. Thanks.
  15. It is not your fault. You did what you could. Cancelling the family holiday for a chicken would have been absolutely ludicrous.
  16. migsy


    I noticed today (and this was not the case a couple of days ago) that one of the chicken's feet are really swollen, red and nodular. I have checked the bottom of her feet and they look fine (no injuries, scabs, cuts etc). The feet are smooth. I don't think it is scaly leg or bumble foot. I'm wondering if it is gout. Has anybody out there had a chicken with gout?

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