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  1. We have 2 mini lops too and we also have foxes. I know they may not like it at first but for the bunnys safty we have to shut them in at night. They do get used to it and have enough room. Hope this helps.
  2. What colour and type are they? Then I could give you some names.
  3. Hi everyone, my youngest bunny socks has formed a big lump under his chin, the lump has only just burst and a huge lump of pus has come out of it . I won't go in to any greater detail but all i wanted to know was do you think he will need a vist to the vet and some antibiotics Please help
  4. Same problem too but also with snails. When I put them away The hutch is covered in them:vom: . Not in the food bowl though
  5. I have a male and a female and they get along really well. Oh and try to get a rescue rabbit they are really caring and can be bought spayed so I suggest you do that.
  6. I have the same problem, but it's with foxes too. the cat from over the road comes and challenges our rabbits to a starring contest. It doesn't do them any harm though.
  7. My two bunns are both in the eglu and i think personaly they have plenty of room. I thought it was small when i first got it but you will grow to like it just like I did Hope this helps
  8. Hi I have 2 rescue rabbits and they are very sociable, lively and friendly . Just go to a search engine (www.google.co.uk or anyone you think is best) then type in rescue rabbits then click on a result hope this helps
  9. Hi everyone my 2 new bunnies have setteled in very well but I've only just noticed a lump under the chin of my boy rabbit, Socks . It is about the size of a ping pong ball but looks biger due to his hair on top. Is this anything to worriy about
  10. Both my two new buns like different foods and it's hard to get something they both like. Does anyone have any idea what i get them Thanks Lottie
  11. Hi everyone just wanted to say that I have now got two new rescue rabbits, socks and fiss formerly cadbury. It lookes like they;re having a great time and are a dream pair. Thanks lottie
  12. Hi, My rabbit, cocoa, died yesterday. She got out for a few hours in the but we found her in the end. Somthing must of happend to her because she died shortly after. Does anyone know what happend to her
  13. Hi, I have 1 dawf lop eared bunny and i also have the very same problem. She also gets really angry when i try to pick her up and in the end she wins and i can't, so she tries to dig a hole in her hutch and and all the beding sticks to her then she goes and shakes it off outside. She`s a little terror.
  14. Poor bunny. Hope you are OK about it. I'm very sorry for you Good-bye
  15. Hi I was going to get another rabbit to keep mine compamy but we (Me and my mum) thought that it would be to mutch to handle. I can't believe 2 rabbit's are to mutch to handle. But i am still begging her

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