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  1. Yea thats the one Sage.... look like they have gone bust! Need a good run built asap..... had a fox attack last weekend.... got in through the roof ... just before bedtime! roof panel blew off in the strong winds last week! so want to know the old one down and build a nice new sturdy one from scratch.... Yes I looked at Cotswold wood Thanks Might go with them...... see what hubby says lol xxx
  2. Hi everyone. I need a new walk in run making... A good sturdy one I have tried avories 4 u but they won't deliver to me... I'm in Merseyside There used to be someone I think Lancashire way too but I can't find them Has any one any ideas Thanks. Love Jos xxx
  3. Hi. Have a look at bevs rare breed poultry. Try googling her She is in south Cheshire.. If you email her and see if she has any eggs... I think she said she is not adding any more to her waiting list for pol hens, as she has too many waiting already.. But she might be able to post you some hatching eggs... I hatched some 8 weeks ago and they are lovely:) and bev is really helpful... If you can't get them from her she will know where to go Good luck Xx
  4. Many thanks . I have now booked St Pauls youth hostle for the week. It's only a few stops on the tube for her and nice and central.. Looking forward to it very much Thanks again Xxc
  5. Hi everyone. I am a bit panicky at the moment.. 17 yr old daughter is booked on a short course ar Central St martins, for a week beginning 24 th July ... Tried to book her accomodation at their student res but the only house that takes under 18 s is fully booked don't know anywhere where she can stay.. I'm not leaving her in London on her own, and thought we could all go as a family ... There would be 6 of us in total... But don't know where to stay at a reasonable cost, and was wondering if any one here could help with any ideas?? I need to get it sorted asap as I will have to book trains. Thanks in advance Xx
  6. Thanks will try that fingers crossed.. They won't arrive till Wednesday then we will have to wait a couple of days to settle so hopefully by then she will get the idea X
  7. Hi all Over the last year I have tried to get my hens out of their broodiness ... Now one of them has been looking broody for the past couple of days .. Pancake like, clucking, not wanting to come out of the nest box... So why does she decide to get up and go out just as I've bought 12 eggs to put under her!! So my question is how do I get her really broody so she will sit on the eggs when they come? I have put fake eggs in the nest box in the hope she will stay They are worse than teenagers sometimes .. Honestly! Xx
  8. Ooops finger slipped again!! Bidding on 6 lavender Araucana eggs.. Thought If OH dosnt notice 6 eggs he won't notice 12! Lol... After all the hen will hide them hehehe ... Must put iPhone down... Now!!
  9. Oops..... Finger slipped!!!!! Just bought some Poland frizzle / smooth hatching eggs from eBay !!eeekkk One of my black rocks is sitting in the nest box this morning ... Flat as a pancake!! She has been threating broodiness for a couple of days..so she said she needs some babies seeing I didn't let her have some last year!! Oh dear what will OH say lol. He's out fishing ! Lol xx
  10. Lol ! The kids have named them.... The White ones are Hedwig and Darcy and the Bluebell ... wait for it ..... Mortisha! Kids ... You can tell what films they watch.. And even though we have a little ballerina in the family Darcy came from my youngest son from pride and prejudice.. Lol xx
  11. Hi. It's lovely to watch your diary it's so exciting.. I would agree with the others .. I went on an incubating and rearing chick course at bevs rare breed poultry in Cheshire.. We were advised to run the incy dry till day 18 then get the humidity to about 55% which we did.. And got 100% hatch! Also stop turning at day 18. We only have a little 7 egg incy.. Amazing to watch. We hatched sabepoot bantams and the first one was out on day 19... Mothers day then the rest 12 hrs later . We have just set another 7 lol it's addictive 3 little silkies and 4 kermingcham browns .. Lovely dark eggs Good luck with the hatch I shall be watching your thread .. It's great
  12. New girls.. 2 White stars and I couldn't leave a gorgeous bluebell We are all really pleased with them can't wait to get them all together with the others in the cube
  13. Hi. That looks like the bird that swooped into our garden a few weeks ago It swooped right into the chickens free range area and took a wood pidgeon! Luckliy the girls were ok. Didn't know what it was till now! Never seen one before so close. We live in the outskirts of Liverpool.. It's like wildlife on one in our garden this last few months .. Rats.. Foxes and buzzards!! Xx
  14. Really excited that we are getting at least 2 new hens today.. To replace the ones mr foxy got.. It's been very empty here without them so looking forward to getting the flock back to normal .. 2 White stars on their way 3silkie eggs and 4 Kermingcham brown eggs too for the incy well it would be rude not to and the incy is very cold and lonely .. Will post some pics as soon as Xx
  15. Hi everyone Just to say it was our WIR the fox got into.. Not the cube run. Still dug under the concrete under the fence! It's all been reinforced but I'm still jittery when I put them to bed.. It was definately a fox as the neighbour saw it

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