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  1. Still no joy so I ushered them in with the help of a broom. I feel so mean! They were looking very wary of their new house and didn't seem keen to voluntarily get in themselves so I didn't have alot of choice in the end. I don't want to annoy the neighbours on the first night with lots of defiant noise They are in their chattering to each other and you can hear them moving about a bit but hopefully they will settle down soon? I think I should get a cup of tea and chill!
  2. I'm a newbie so I'm not quite sure how the whole 'mite prevention' works. I bought some red mite powder and some louse powder today but it's not very clear on the tub as to whether I put it on the chickens or in the house. Also, it's not clear as to whether you should dust it around as a preventative or if it's just a cure! Too many things to take in at the mo. My poor brain is fried! Horses are soooo much easier
  3. So.... I got my two new Gingernut Rangers today. They are both very sweet but I'm finding it a bit stressful as I'm a first time chicken mum! I'll feel alot happier in a week when I've got used to them being around and when I know what 'normal' is. At the moment they are making me feel guilty as they keep pacing up and down the run wanting to come out! Only 4 more days! Anyway, my question is... when will they go to bed? It's nearly 8.30pm and they are lively as anything! Also, I'm not sure they have drunk any water today (they have eaten their tea though). Should I be worried? I don't like the thought of them going to bed having not had anything to drink.
  4. 'Scats' sell Hemcore and garlic granules/powder. I'm not sure if they have a shop near you or not but they sell other various bits and pieces for chickens, including feed, wormer and mite control etc. I manage to get pretty much everything from there apart from Bokashi Bran. I can't seem to find that in a shop anywhere! It only seems to be available online and the P&P is always really expensive!
  5. Thanks for the link. There's some great chicken runs in amongst the pics! I'll make sure I keep the link so that i can refer to it when we come to constructing a WIR.
  6. Hiya Thanks for the help. I think I'll stick with 2 for now and when I finally find a new house that I like (I'm far too picky) I'll probably want lots more chickens and will have the space to do so. I did consider bantams but as we have a jack russell, but I thought it best to go for a bigger bird that he's more likely to be cautious with. it will be interesting to see how he reacts. He's generally not too bad with birds, it's rabbits that are the problem! I also foster animals for the RSPCA as well, so I shouldn't go too chicken mad or my OH might start whinging
  7. Wow, loving the pink palace! I love pink but I don't think my OH would go for it I think I'll go for the see through shower curtain as I have an Eglu classic. it's great to see pics of what peoples chicken set ups look like. I've had a look at some of the pics from the albums sections but there isn't one specific to 'Chicken Housing' which is a shame. I've picked up alot of ideas from looking at peoples set ups and think it would be helpful to others if there was a pics section specific to chicken housing sp you can see what others have done and how they've solved various problems.
  8. Hi I've ordered an Eglu Classic including the standard run with 2 chickens. I'm now wondering if I should have gone for 3 chickens? This is the first time I would have owned my own chickens and it made sense to start off with 2 but now I'm not so sure. So, what do you all think is best? I'm a little concerned that the standard run won't be big enough for 3 chickens anyway, which in that case, dilemma solved! Either way I need to make a firm decision as they are being delivered on Friday and it may be too late to add an extra anyway! They will be kept in the run most of the day whilst I am at work and will be able to FR for a bit in the afternoon most days. When i finally move house I will construct a WIR but as I can't find a house I like at the mo, the WIR will have to wait.
  9. For those of you that have runs, do any of you have some kind of canopy over the top of the run instead of actually covering the run itself with a shower curtain or similar. I want to keep the run covered but I'd like to be able to see the chickens at the same time and wondered if some kind of canopy would be better. My concern is that a canopy wouldn't give wind protection and possibly the wind might take it away!
  10. Thank you for your suggestions. I think I'll go with the paving slabs and excellent house keeping Eventually I want to construct a WIR but as we've sold our house and haven't found a new one yet, I'll have to stick with something a little more temporary until we've moved. I've only ever seen one rat here and that was a good few months ago, but as they are supposedly never more than a few metres away, I'm sure they are lurking somewhere!
  11. One thing that might be worth trying is a spray bark collar. Of course that will only help with the barking but it definitely calms my Jack Russell down (he chases everything!). I use the citronella refill spray with mine, which he hates and after one bark he soon stops and runs back in the house! You can get two types of spray collars - the remote control collar and the bark activated collar, I have the latter. They can be quite expensive but I got mine from Amazon for about £30. The best £30 I've spent!
  12. Hi I'm currently prepping an area in my garden for the Eglu classic with standard run attached. My garden is split into two tiers, the first being grass and the second being a stone chippings area, which is where I intend on siting my Eglu. So, my question is..... Would it be sensible to pull back the stones and put down some weld mesh the width and length of the run to keep out rats etc and then pull the stones back over the mesh before putting a thick layer of Aubiose on top? I intend on covering the run with corrugated plastic or similar to keep the rain out and will put some kind of skirting around the edge to keep it as dry/windproof as possible. I don't intend on leaving food in the run at night or sprinkling grain on the floor of the run but I'm wary that rats may still attempt to get in! I'm not in what you would call a 'rat infested area' but they are everywhere, so even though I don't see them, I'm not convinced that they aren't there! Any help on this would be much appreciated
  13. Hi I'm another newbie! I ordered the Eglu Classic with 2 Gingernut Rangers yesterday, which are arriving on Friday! I've managed to find my way around and have been pointed in the direction of the 'newbie shopping list' which is very helpful. Now I just need to prep the ground where the Eglu is being sited, put some woodchips down, purchase a few bits and pieces and I'm ready! I've not owned chickens before but I've had various other different animals over the years. The only other pet I have at the moment is my dog (Jack Russell). I usually have alot more animals as I foster for the RSPCA, so it's an unusually quiet time of the year for me! I like to do my research so I expect to be dipping in and out of the forum to pick up as many hints and tips as I can
  14. I've found the list thanks I'm surprised how little you actually 'need'. However, if my horses were anything to go by, I'll end up having a garage full of stuff Thanks again!
  15. Hi I've just ordered an Eglu Classic with two gingernut rangers and a bag of food. It would be great if someone could give me a heads up on what the 'essentials' are that you couldn't do without? I've been researching for some time and have read through some of the posts on here - which were very helpful, but it looks as though you could buy endless amounts of chicken care products and surely you don't need them all?? Any help would be appreciated. I've got a couple of weeks to get all my bits and pieces together before the chickens arrive!

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