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  1. PS Chicken deficient ... sorry to hear about your dog. I hope all is well now, and that your face is recovered No wonder the bees are dying ! It's very worrying isn't it.
  2. Thanks Suebee and Chicken deficient for your replies .... (I've got a horrible picture of my garden littered with dead sparrows now ) Yeah I will check what brand it was a try and contact manufacturer. But I agree with you both and think its best to keep her off neighbours grass for at least a few weeks. I do have some netting I can put up although I'm not sure how long it will survive their golden retriever !!! Have tried it before when he was much younger but he just trod it down. Unfortunately the fence came down some years ago and due to the length of garden its been proving too costly to replace. Anyway on a different note (in case you thought I was odd only having one hen) ............ Elsie is a lone hen but she was one of four ex bats, and one by one they have gone to chicken heaven. Elsie has always been an independent girl, once escaping one evening and reappearing the next day in front garden seeming very unperturbed !! And when Doris (the last hen to pass away) died, I was very worried how Elsie would fare on her own but knew she would not be very welcoming to any newbies. Anyway she seems much more content on her own (very strange I know for a flock creature).
  3. Hi ... I've not visited the forum for some time but hope someone is able to help ??? My neighbour has treated his lawn with "weed and feed" on Sunday, but there is no fence between our gardens. So when I let my hen (Elsie) out - she visits their garden. He did tell me he was going to do this and I in my naivety thought it would be OK after 3 or 4 days, but now I'm thinking it wont be ?? Any help please ??? Thankyou
  4. My beautiful ex bat Val has been limping quite badly for 2 weeks now. I've taken her to the vets and been given Baytrill in case she has an infection in her joints as vet doesn't think it's Mareks. Val actually looks the picture of health although due to her decreased appetite she is getting thinner. I've been doing my own research and think she may have gout has anyone out there ever treated a chuck for gout ?? NB ... can I give her a small dose of aspirin ??
  5. Hi Gitwit ......... I've had a few of these in the last few months and they are strange things aren't they. When I've read up on "lash" I was led to believe that it marked the end of the hen in question's laying eggs - like a "henopause" !! This seemed to make sense as my 2 older ex-bat girls stopped laying about 6 months ago.
  6. Hi Cinnamon ... 1 of my girls (Doris) started pecking 2 of the others a few weeks ago now. It was awful - Elsie came off the worst with quite a nasty wound on her vent and Gert (who was a bit poorly with her moult) did try to fend her off. Anyway to cut a long story short and after trying separation in different ways, I had to resort to a bumper bit I felt (and still do feel) very cruel. but I couldn't let her carry on like that. It's all settled now but I'm leaving the bumper bit on Doris until Elsie has got some more protective feathers around her vent (Gert now seems to be getting over her moult). Doris does seem to have got used to the bit very quickly although I do have to give her her sunflower seeds out of a cup rather than off the ground
  7. So glad you posted the update, especially the photos She looks like she's coming on a treat .. what a character. I don't know who's the luckiest to have found whom PS .. My 2 new ex-bats are also called Doris and Elsie (after 2 late Aunts !!)
  8. Thanks very much for that ... After reading about "lash" and seeing the photos I think you are right. The one I found did look very egg like but the descriptions of some others sound exactly the same. It must have taken some time to form from the look of it though. Anyway the main thing is that all my girls are fine Once again thanks for putting my mind at rest
  9. I don't know if anyone can help me out with this one ... but here goes .... I was just cleaning the nest area of the eglu when I noticed a strange object. It is like a small oblong egg but a yellowy colour, it feels rubbery. When I've cut it open it is solid with layers inside. I cant post the photos I took as I dont seem to have the capability. My 2 new ex-bats lay every day so I dont think its from either of them. But my 2 old girls have not laid for about 5 months. Do you think that it could be an egg that has been stuck for a while ? Gert has not been herself for a while but has perked up in recent days. Any ideas anyone please ???
  10. I give my girls corn and they enjoy it but usually leave some on the grass (the wild birds must eat it up 'cos its not there the next day !). Just recently I thought I would try sunflower hearts (seeds without the husks) because I wasn't sure if they could have them whole, and they go bananas for them and don't leave any for their wild friends
  11. Just wanted to say .. its lovely to see your new girls. Its great that some more ex-bats have got their freedom Doris and Rosa remind me of my 2 new ex-bats ( they've been with me since July). It took about 4 weeks to integrate them fully with my original 2 girls, but now they all get on well. They are so funny, and their new found freedom gives them an excitableness that makes my 2 originals seem very laid back You may find that they do not get all of their feathers back, but on the other hand they might end up looking like show birds. I say this because out of my original 2 ( I did start off with 3 but sadly Edna passed away in June) Valerie looks like she has never seen a battery cage in her life, her feathers grew back beautifully, but Gertrude has never grown new feathers on her face or tail or bottom !!! But I love them all the more for their quirkiness and brilliant personalities. You will have so much fun watching them discover the joys of freedom
  12. Lovely to hear Xena's update ... I've been checking in checking in regularly cant wait for more pics

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