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  1. I'd be really interested to know how people have/will prep the outdoor areas because of this - we have four rescue girls, an Eglu Go Up with a run extension and a small fenced outdoor area for them. The Eglu run has a full length cover on it already but I'd be interested to know if anyone's added tarpaulin / clear plastic sheeting / any other cover successfully to an outdoor area? I don't think our girls will be too impressed at being kept indoors for potentially months, though if that's what has to happen we will do that! :) Becki
  2. I thought of some more, but I think they might be a bit naff Eti'hen'ne Stott Mo Feather ( ) Victoria 'Hen'dleton 'Bock' Adlington I agree with the no-food-related-names thing. We're all vegetarian in my family anyway so it would just be totally unsuitable! The best names I came up with for my hens (when I still had them) were Weem (named after the little broken spaceship thing in Batteries Not Included, because I had to assist her out of her egg), Damien (female, born 6/6/6), and Florence (after Florence and the Machine, because she was a red chicken and Florence Welch has red hair)
  3. Hi everyone! My mother's getting some new ex-batts and we're trying to think of names for them. I thought it'd be good to take a topical approach and name them after Olympics-related people/places/sports/equipment etc. 'Jessica Hennis', anyone? Does anyone have any suggestions, please? Becki
  4. Thanks for the help guys, said friend has now been told by one of his friends that it's a nightshade so given the response on here I think it's fairly safe to say that's what it is! He'll just have to wait and see if it turns into anything edible won't he? Thanks again Becki
  5. Hello all, Hoping you can help with a plant identification issue! A friend of mine planted some sunflowers a while and this plant has appeared, and it's obviously not a sunflower! Though it looks vaguely tomato-ey I think it might be a pepper instead, or something similar? Any suggestions would be gratefully received Becki
  6. Thanks Plum! Cathy, I use a vector drawing programme and a laser cutter It's all very cool and James Bond-esque!
  7. Aw, thank you Cathy - a handbag charm is a great use for it, I hadn't thought of that! I don't feel very talented as I drew it on the computer and cut it out with a machine... I have RSI, a huge lack of manual dexterity and an inability to cut straight which don't help me with being crafty!
  8. Made this today and thought I'd share it with you all. Whilst I (and probably you) do like a chicken-themed trinket, is it just a bit too weird to have a cameo necklace with a chicken on it? Becki
  9. I saw this as an alternative Easter foodie treat and thought of you lot! I'm definitely going to have a go at making at least one chick Chicken Egg Family
  10. If anyone's interested I was at Ikea today and purposely bought an extra four Nackten shower curtains in case anyone on here wanted me to send them one! PM me if you're interested Also does anyone have any advice on how to affix the aforementioned shower curtain to the Eglu run?
  11. Don't know if anyone's posted this video before but I stumbled across it on YouTube the other day and thought of you lot! Turn the volume up and enjoy Techno Chicken Becki PS Also found on YouTube!
  12. Not quite a chicken question but I didn't know where else to put it.... Three months after acquiring some new chooks following our previous (assumed) fox attack, she's killed the newbies. They were kept in their run during the day but we'd started being 'nice' and letting them free range of an evening when we were around. My bro spotted the fox strolling across our patio on Sunday evening by which time she'd already got both chickens I've managed to get two more new chickens who are settling into their new home. But I happened to look out at the house at about 6-7pm yesterday and the small vixen was there trying to pull the run with her teeth to get at the chickens. I got my dad to go and chase her away and she wiggled through one of the squares in our stock proof fence (the same place she was seen to go out at the weekend). So it seems she's got the idea that there are tasty chooks in my garden! Now the chooks will be in the run all the time, except perhaps letting them out for 5 mins when I'm cleaning them out, and we'll be getting a walk in run to give them a bit more space. I have to say I was v impressed with the foxproofness of the Cube, knew all about it of course but had never seen it in action! I've read about getting the males of the household to 'scent' the garden by weeing in it. Obviously as I'm a girl it probably wouldn't be very effective, but my dad (and bro) are going to take some persuading. So, do you think it works? What are your experiences? Thanks! Becki
  13. Gotta love anything with a chook on it! It's lovely
  14. I've found some time (inbetween running the marathon and doing lots of fundraising) and I've made some more bracelets! CMYK Rhino Monet's Waterlilies bracelet Button Rainbow bracelet Spring Daffodils and Blue Skies bracelet And last but not least, Mr Blue Rhino beaded bracelet I'd be interested to know your thoughts on them and which one(s) you like best Becki
  15. Glad you like - more to come soon once I get time to take the pictures. Any colour scheme requests (other than the purple and green)? I've done one in what I think is a daffodil-and-blue-sky scheme, a rainbow and... I think that's it until more jump rings arrive

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