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  1. Hi mollie, Many thanks for that Debbie x
  2. Hi everyone, Im hoping to be moving in a couple of months from North Wales to Nottinghamshire(Newark) in the Midlands, and I would like to ask if anyone knows where we can get the feed from, We get the feed from Farm and Pets Place at the moment, but there isnt any of these stores in England, so need to find out in advance. We feed our girls on a complete meal and layer pellets, and they are laying great, 6 eggs guaranteed each morning lol. The girls are going to go stay at my dads in a few weeks so they are settled before we move. any help will be greatfuly appreciated Many thanks in advance Debbie & John and ofcourse the girls : Cluck, Chickadee, Doris, Alice, Babs and Flo
  3. My eldest chicken Cluck, started laying a egg every 48 hours, and we got 6 eggs from her, but she has stopped now, can someone let me know why this has happened and what can we do, she is eating and drinking and still as lively as usual, so not sure what to do.. many thanks in advance Debbie xx
  4. Hi everyone, I have just joined and would like to say hello. We got our girls 4 weeks ago, they are Lohman Brown and was about 18-20 weeks old when we got them, the oldest has started to lay and she is laying 1 egg every 48 hours at the moment. The all have colour coded rings on thier legs so we know who is who, but in the 4 weeks we have had them, we can see thier personality coming out lol Cluck is the oldest and has a purple ring, Chickadee has a green ring, Doris has a red ring, Alice has a orange ring, Babs has a pink ring and Flo has a yellow ring. in the 4 weeks we have had them , 2 of them have been poorly, Chickadee had a muck bath and got grit in her eye so had to bathe it and its fine now, and Flo well she has been off her food, we found out she had gape worm so got some wormer and treated them all. We have had to hand feed flo and give her water and the breeder we got them from, told me to give her boiled egg, so she had a mix of mash potato, thier feed and a boiled egg chopped up fine, and the folowing day she was so much better, well over the past 4 days she has got stronger and stronger and today she has started eating and drinking herself, so we are so proud of our hard work and nursing her back to health. so going to introduce her back into the coop and run tomorrow and see how they go. We know to put her in at night time to get them use to each other and to put vaseline on thier crowns to stop pecking. we also think that Flo may be blind in one eye as its slightly white so think she has a catarac, but im sure it wont cause her any problems. hope to chat some more soon... Debbie x

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