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  1. Just an update: She seems to have passed the stones and the vet can no longer feel stones on stones in her gizzard, but her intestines have become swollen, he thinks it could be bruising or from the natural contractions but obvioulsy they weren't able to do their job because of the blockage. Her crop still isn't completely empty in the morning and she isn't eating or drinking. The vet has given me anti-inflamatory and I am giving her Nystatin to stop full-on sour crop and she is now on Critical Care to keep her going. Vet said to just let her insides recover and she will decide to eat once it is all sorted. I am just letting her sleep inside during the day and getting her up every now and again to walk about and poo! Droppings are looking much better than Thursday and she is obsessed with perching on my baby gate! She is still brigh eyed, so I am hoping that rest will help her mend. Sadly she isn't a happy Chicken at Easter!
  2. Hi all I am after some advice and to see if anyone else has had a similar issue. Cilla has been just not right for a few days, crop not emptying at night, not really eating and very little, but watery bubbly poos. I took her to the vet last night and he got some black gravel out of her bowel and said that he can feel more stuck along her intestinal tract - I think in the gizzard. He said there is no swelling around her organs and that she wasn't hot, although she has of course lost weight. He advised to give her vegetable oil and yogurt to pass the small stones/gravel. She passed a very small amount last night, but so far none today. Sandy kindly gave her liquid parafin this morning and we have given her some Nystatin that I had left over from a previous sour crop, as although the crop isn't yet properly sour it hasn't emptied properly for several days. She has eaten a small amount of maggots but that is it today. Has anyone had this before? Any other ideas on how to help her pass the gravel?
  3. Just an update, Audrey is looking really good, so conclusion is that she is fine despite the lack of eggs. Today I have opened up the Eglu to find a lash (which Cilla ran off and ate as soon as I prodded it! ) and a soft shell, so I think that she has got out anything that has been troubling her now!!! I wanted to photograph the lash, but sadly wasn't quick enough!!!!
  4. Thanks Sandy. It was Cilla that had been laying soft shells, Audrey (who was ill this time) had been laying perfect shells up until then. Cilla's shells are back to being great now. Still no egg yet, but she doesn't seem ill. She is perky, busy and eating and pooing normally. Her body doesn't seem anywhere near as hot as it was when she had the shell stuck. The fact she hasn't laid anything (no softy evidence, or white - which is what I found last time) makes me think she is just getting back into it after the 'trauma'. Well fingers crossed anyway. I am not sure when I should start to worry!!!! Will keep you posted!
  5. Thanks for the response The Dogmother They had both been on extra calcium and cod liver oil for a week before this happened, so I was a bit surprised to be honest! I gave Audrey neat Calcivet infused grapes last night to give her even more and try to get a normal egg out. No egg yet according to OH, but she was certainly perkier this morning and ate nearly all of the calcium/CLO breakfast to herself!! Audrey likes her food!!!! I am going to carry on with extra calcium and keep a close eye on her - they will both come inside again tonight. Droppings are back to normal and her tail wasn't down or bobbing this morning, so it seemed that she had improved.
  6. My Miss Pepperpot hadn't laid for a couple of days and wasn't quite right, exhibiting some Eggbound symptoms. I took her to the vet last night and he removed a collapsed shell from her oviduct. I kept her in last night, and have put her back out today. She seems better and is digging about more, but still not right. She still seems to be straining slightly and her tail is still slightly down. He did say that he thought she had another soft egg on the way. - How long should the next egg take to come out? The offending shell was removed less than 24 hours ago. - Should I take her back to see if there is another shell stuck? I haven't seen any evidence of egg yolk and white, although her droppings seem slightly green. - Could this just be the soft egg? How long before I should worry and take her back? I know how time-crucial these things are. Thanks in advance
  7. My Cilla and Audrey doing a grand job of modelling!!
  8. Could it have been another Quail? That sounds exactly how my Quails was injured by one of her own
  9. I did wonder if they might be younger than I thought. We only have one now as they had a fight and one was too badly injured and died. The remaining one is definitely female from the noise she makes, and hasn't laid yet, but maybe recovering still as she received a head wound and possibly only has one eye now. I don't mind if she doesn't ever lay, but might have expected it in this weather! 1 egg seems a bit of a poor show!
  10. xScrunchee - how did you one with the damaged eyes recover? I have said in another post that one of mine has an injured eye from either a cat attack or a fight between my 2 quails. My 2 quails, if they did fight, have spent most of the time since cuddled together so I am not sure what has happened
  11. This is interesting. I got home last night and one of my quails had a bleeding head, and seems to have lost one of its eyes in the attack. I have cleaned it up and they both seem fairly happy, despite their injuries, and have now survived 24 hours. The other one had a chest wound. I know one of mine is female as I have had 1 egg from them. Could a female have attacked an over-zealous male? Until I read this I had assumed a cat had got them through the wire somehow, especially as they have been cuddled together as normal.
  12. I have had my quails 2 1/2 weeks. One I know is female from her colouring and the other I am not sure about as it is a white colour, but I was told it was female. I have had 1 egg from them in 2 1/2 weeks (on day 1). They are eating budgie leftover seed and layers pellets with occasional greens. What could be stopping them from laying? They seem quite lazy and spend a lot of time sitting in their 'nest' - a rabbit nest thing from PAH!
  13. My dad has found a Lovebird that was trying to escape the magpies who were chasing it. It is quite tame apparently. Have searched online and can't find anyone in the area missing one, and have no idea how far it could have flown. It is going in one of our big spare cages, which only yesterday I told the OH not to put in the shed, "just in case"!! I checked online and it can't go in the aviary with the budgies, so will have to be our inside bird What a collection we now have!
  14. The Eglu Go has one large door at the back to collect eggs from and get chickens in and out of

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