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  1. I had a terrible infestation in my 1st floor bathroom last summer, complete with flying ants and everything. I traced where they were coming from & swamped the whole area with diatom (I have 3 cats so couldn't use chemicals) & left it for a week. They evacuated & didn't return!
  2. I'm excited too because my grass seed is growing. Have been slavishly watering it for 2 weeks whilst the sun has shone and now it's a lovely green fuzz! Grass = less giant empty flower beds to weed!
  3. Ooh yes, Somerset! It's not too bad a list, but there are quite a few wanteds!
  4. Some people on my local freecycle group today asking for a camper van and a potters wheel. Thing is, I so know someone who gave away their old Bedford Dormobile on freecycle, so they might get lucky!! Grabby posts are not pleasant, I agree!
  5. Sounds like you have some lovely birds and bugs in your gardens. I've never seen an Egyptian grasshopper. We are very lucky with masses of wildlife in our garden. I do stock the bird feeder well but they are not all birds. The lady who lived in our house was a passionate bird feeder & when we moved in in February 2011 I had to carry on as it was freezing weather. Now I'm addicted! We regularly get bunches of different tits, sparrows, loads of robins, woodpecker, nuthatch occasional bullfinch pair & some others that turned up last weekend with a tufty hairdo. In the pine trees goldcrest and wren. On the ground we get fox, badger, deer, squirrels, the odd pheasant, the pond is teaming with frog spawn (never gets far as the newts eat it), a lovely array of snails on land including plaited door snails and one with a trapdoor that I haven't identified. I found a beetle called a devils coach horse last year. Looks pretty bitey with pincers but isn't! I feel blessed to have such wonder on my doorstep. The bird feeder is constantly active. I was very worried about the birds when we moved in because I have 3 hunting cats but they don't bother with the birds & I've only had one or two get caught, although they do catch the mice. Seeing as the mice keep trying to move into the house with us, I can forgive them for that! We are lucky we've has no flooding & I haven't noticed much change in the wildlife since last year.
  6. My favourite lasagne (though I love them all), is chicken and spinach lasagne. Easy to make and it has veggies in it to offset the cheese overload! I freeze macaroni bolognese which works well reheated. Hope your stock of meals is building up well!
  7. Hhm, I'll let you know on that one!! Yes, teaching is fun but hard work. I'm sure it's swings and roundabout though with all jobs! Hope your daughter is enjoying her role. There are lots of changes happening in school at the moment. I'm glad to be leaving at this time! The children's are so interested in finding out more about the baby. They are only 4 but are asking the best questions such as 'how did it get in there'? 'how will it come out of there'?, 'can it hear me?', 'does it eat what you eat?' etc. They suggested I call it 'Rocky'! Only 10 days to go now!
  8. I am really lucky as I live in same city as my parents and my mum is just bursting with excitement about the whole thing & is desperate to help! On the other hand, my partner works away during the week, so I will be generally on my own, especially at night. I know I'd only have to ask if I needed help at night too though. That's great your older children were keen to get involved. Must have been a great help. Considering I work full time, have 6am starts and an hour drive each way, I think I'm holding out ok! I've only got 13 days left now. I have to keep my countdown excitement at work to a minimum as my colleagues don't want me to leave and I don't want to sound too overjoyed (not leaving my colleagues and class, just the early starts and workload!).
  9. Keyhole Kate - Wow, that's amazing having children over quite a long period of time! Was the experience very different in your teens to thirties? I wonder if I'm more tired or not than younger folk! Grandmashazzie, I've signed up for NCT classes and am looking into yoga, I'd like to do aqua aerobics type thing as well but don't know if i'll get into the class! I've bought a bathing suit just in case. Only got 14 days left at work...not that I'm counting or anything!!! I can see my coffee cup bounce now if I balance it on my belly!
  10. Thank you Valkyrie for your insights! I'm not too worried about excessive hygiene other than when feeding - I fight a losing battle with a coal fire, 3 cats & chooks! The baby clothes I have been given are all white - that should be fun trying to keep them not grey!! I read the dailymail article - funny but I hope it won't be that bad!! I'm good a tuning out background noise & disturbances! I had a practice with a friends 2 month old baby. Going back in a few weeks to bathe & dress him. Oh yeah, and I know what you mean about cats and the loo!
  11. Yes, I'll have a go! I made it up though, so I don't have exact quantities!! I just used whatever veggies I had available, but I guess you could just add anything you fancied! So, it was pretty tasty. I served it with leftover Spanish omelette and a salad. My dad and nan seemed to enjoy it! It served 3 people with very little leftover and was not too liquidy! 1 large onion 1 large carrot 3 garlic cloves 3 large mushrooms 1 packet of cherry tomatoes 3 chorizo sausages 2 large chicken breasts 1 can of flageolet beans (discovered I had no chickpeas, but that was my original plan!) handful of frozen peas Approx 1 teaspoon of paprika 2 bay leaves 2 chicken stock cubes Some red wine ( was just enough to cover the bottom of the slow cooker pot) Olive oil to cook in the pan Salt and pepper to taste I chopped up the meat and veg quite small and cooked it together in the pan on the hob until it was softened. I then put the wine, stock, herbs and beans in the slow cooker, added it all together in the slow cooker pot and stirred it together. I put it on high setting for 8 hours.
  12. Wow, thank you everyone for the replies! Definitely the first baby, & congratulations Couperwife too! Not long to wait. How are you managing at work? I have exactly zero experience of babies! I do have lots of experience of 3-8 year olds being a teacher, but that won't be a great deal of help for the first bit! I'm taking maternity leave as soon as I can (11 weeks in advance of due date). I've decided I would like to have a relaxed build up to the big day. They have predicted 31st May, but I've also been told they rarely come when predicted! I've signed up for NCT course which starts in March. I've also looked into yoga and water exercise classes (anyone done these?). Thank you for sharing with me, its encouraging to hear about those who've chosen to start families a bit older as well!
  13. I wondered if it might be ok to start a thread about this? Because I'm unexpectedly expecting at 37 (yes, I did know about the birds & the bees but even though...) and I'd love to hear others experiences of expecting & being a mummy or just have a chat with others in the same situation! I'm looking forward to starting my leave (in 3 weeks time). We have collected various bits of equipment. Creating a bedroom is well underway. I'm trying to read the 'good news book' as a friend put it, without freaking myself out too much!!
  14. I'm going to make chicken & chorizo stew in a minute. The red wine can go in there! Re rice pudding, there are lots of recipes. I'll just have to take my chances with the liquid quantities. That's a project for later in the week!
  15. Hello slow cooker experts! After reading Cinnamons thread on successful slow cooking, I'm resolved to keep trying mine to get a decent dish! I have an ancient Tower Auto, given to me by my mum. It has a large ceramic pot with lid. As this week is half term, I'm going to attempt rice pudding. Does anyone have any tried and tested recipes for this so I don't mess it up? Or any other nice recipes. I've half a bottle of red wine to use, so wondering what I can use that for in slow cooker! Thank you!
  16. Went to Weston Super Mare today (great day for a beach side walk eh!) . Very cold & very strong winds. Had to buy a child's wooly hat with ear flaps from a charity shop to wedge onto my head as mine kept blowing away. Here its wet & windy but not too bad at the moment.
  17. I have one & I think I did the same thing - put too much water in. Ended up having to put it on the stove to reduce!! I'm going to try again with less liquid. I'm defo going to try rice pudding. Have only used mine 3 times but overall been a bit disappointed. I must experiment! Hope your dinner works out well!
  18. Aw, that is disappointing news that she's not in a position to have a playmate, but great to know she's still well in herself. My parents have always had single cats & worked, but the cats have always appeared contented. As she's able to go out I'm sure she'd find things to entertain her in the big wide world. You'll have to get her some in house entertainment like a fish tank to watch! (Sorry, my silly sense of humour!)
  19. Wonderful to hear the continued good news. I will keep everything crossed for the next set of tests!!
  20. I'm up for decluttering in 2014. We have too much of everything. Cupboards, chests & drawers full of things we never use. Having a baby in May so I need to clear our spare room and garage and move some bits around so we don't have too many things with the equipment we will need. I am glad of freecycle. But I've just done a bit of a naughty & bought a piano. It is a mini piano though & its not 2014 yet! I have 6 baking tins. My mind is boggling as to how there are so many different kinds! Oh yes, and I have to address the issue of all the stuff still left in my parents attic. Not looking forward to that
  21. I have the tall skinny branantia pedal bin, I had the squat one before that. Both work fine. Since moving, our new (ancient) kitchen has a bin that is essentially a rectangular bucket which fits on a frame with hook & is inside the cupboard (attached to door) under the sink. It fits an ordinary carrier bag. I think this is the best bin I have ever owned! The brabantia pedal bin is now used for cat biscuit storage...this does slightly confuse guests though! The squat bin now holds my chickens corn in the greenhouse! When we get a new kitchen I think i will go for another integral bin as its conveniently out of the way!
  22. Thought I'd report back as to my success or failure! No intrusive music in the bedroom for the last few days, I put this down to the purchase of a new box set he has been watching (& me too!). Today we had music so I nipped it in the bud with a reminder about headphones & our previous conversations. The music went off immediately amid a storm of sighs & insults! I'm currently enjoying tranquility with the silent treatment! I'll keep plugging away at it buoyed by the knowledge I am not being unreasonable!
  23. I love to hear about cat antics! It always amuses me the way they seem to work together, especially where escaped mice are concerned. My cats are constantly up to low level mischief & I forgive them for everything. Their newest activity is rug fighting at night. We have a large new rag rug on a shiny wooden floor. They fight & roll themselves up in it & give you the 'what me?' face when discovered!! It's good to hear people can persevere & overcome cat allergies. Thankfully my partner isn't allergic
  24. I am very tolerant anyway, however, I definitely should have said something sooner... Anyway, no sign of the iPad tonight, so something must have got through, fingers crossed otherwise I will donate it to a family member or charity. I appreciate your views that I am not being unreasonable ... Talking of cats, I should rember that actually, he had a no cats on the bed policy. That was a few years ago now. It failed completely and I now have 3 furry friends every night!
  25. I totally agree! I think it shows a lack of respect for me! Anyway, its been said/asked. Lets see what happens now! Hopefully he's off finding his headphones!!

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