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  1. WOW. They made it into the express today, they are famous !!! http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/284197/Daffs-ducks-our-crazy-weather
  2. Thats more like the info i was after, cuz i will want to take the eglu off and tip it upside down for a good hosing off, That is how its done, thanks for all your answers
  3. So, does the door stay attached to the run or does it pop off the house? I've never seen an eglu close up thats my problem sorry to be a pain
  4. I have 3 ducks they are half runner and half khaki campbell, do you think they would be ok to go into an eglu ?
  5. Hello, I'm fairly new to eglu's, Not new to chickens though, and I have a question, I'm thinking of getting a used eglu and i was wondering how do you guys get the chickens to stay in the run when you need to really give the eglu house a thorough clean out/hose down etc.? Is there a wire door on the open part of the run that you can close, or do you use a make shift wooden door to shove in the hole, as far as i can see there doesn't seen a way to isolate them, can anyone please shed some light on this matter for me many thanks sarah
  6. Does anyone have any ideas on how to convert a mk2 rabbit eglu into a chicken one? it has no nesting box or roosting bars. has anyone done this as a diy job? Any tips etc, thanks
  7. We had a fox snooping around or chickens when it was colder, we chased it off with sticks and rocks, later we found it dead it had panicked and ran onto the road, problem solved,,,,oops But i don't have an eglu, I have a standard chicken house. I am seriously considering getting one as i'm hatching some silkies which i think my bigger chickens will bully. Its the fox thing that worries me, are eglus secure or not. can you go out at night, and perhaps come home late, with the chickens safe even with their pop hole still open? or can a fox turn it all over and trash the wire and get in. I would like to hear more before i buy one

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