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  1. Plainly fried with rapeseed oil,after one day. Brilliant yellow yoke that stays in a circle in the pan and very tasty.
  2. Thank you Claret. Decided to spray her with anti-peck. My wife sprayed so I stink of it !! May try the bran if things don't get better. Josie Rosie
  3. After laying last week my Miss Pepperpot had a white bottom. It was an obvious attraction to attract pecking from the Gingernut so some feathers are missing. The area is not infected. So what caused the white mess? Should we use anti-peck spray? Any truth in the rumour that vinegar in the water stops the pecking problem?
  4. Had our girls 12 days now, went to see them and found our first egg! It had been laid in the run under the shelter. Not sure whether it was Rosie (miss Pepperpot) or Josie (the gingernut Ranger) who laid it so I gave them both treats.
  5. My 2 arrived yesterday with a Eglu Classic. Both beautiful birds but the Gingernut Ranger pecks at Miss Pennypot even to the extent of pulling out feathers. I know about establishing a pecking order but this seems a bit extreme. Does this UKADEX stop the behaviour? Urgent advice needed.
  6. Thank you miss_spent. We are having a eglu classic with 2 birds. A gingernut and a Miss Pepperpot, they seem to very popular.
  7. As a newbie advice please on giving them greens. Expecting delivery on Friday.
  8. We have thought about getting an eglu for years and finally ordered a classic for delivery in June with 2 hens. Then I got thinking about them roughing up the garden as the plan was to have it on the lawn. Do I get a cube instead and permanently park it on a unwanted piece of garden border or prepare myself to move the classic and run frequently? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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